Final DOOM

Final DOOM

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Things you can do in DOOM
By Gouldron
As we all know, DOOM is about Hell that attacks humanity, and you have to stop it. The situation can vary, but that's always the plot.
However, there is so much more than that. We have tons of secrets, easter eggs and even cheats exist. And that's what I'm going to share with every one of you.
Easter Eggs
Secrets are hidden all over the game. Every map, every IWAD. More or less. But some secrets aren't counting as secrets, without they're more than you think. For example, in level 15 in both Plutonia and TNT, there is a secret level hidden around the map.

Let's start with TNT's secret level. On level 15: Dead Zone, it can be found by starting from the south-east corner of the building. Take the lift at that side, and go up the stairs. At the top of the stairs, there are two ways to go. Take the left one. If you follow it, you should be finding yourself in a narrow passage with a plasma rifle in the end of the passage (If you haven't already picked it up). At that place, there should be a wall that has a texture offset (Or just spam Space on all the walls. That works, too). That should lead to a secret with a "Berserk". In that secret, the wall to the right (I think) should open another secret with a teleporter inside of it. Go in, and when you teleported, look behind you. There's a button. Press it. You finish the level, and the next map is the secret level: level 31: Pharaoh.

Note that there's a severe glitch in Pharaoh that makes it impossible to finish it without exploiting. However, there is a fix for it lying around somewhere. Just search and you'll find it.

Also, there is a secret level in level 31: Pharaoh, which leads to my favorite level. Level 32: Carribean.
Finding that one is simple. In the end of Pharaoh, there is a big lake that you have to pass to finish the level. Don't go to the end. Instead, go to the wooden building on the right. In there, there's tons of health and armor bonuses. You can pick them up if you want, but that's not what we're focusing on right now. On the other side of the door, there's obviously a wall. Well, you can open it, and you'll find another button there. Press it, and you'll reach level 32: Carribean.

Another secret in TNT is a texture easter egg. It's not only in one level, but are spread out across some levels. If you see a texture with blood on, inspect it for a second and you'll might see that it says "Romero" on it (You can't see it on every blood texture, because all the textures aren't the same).

Now for Plutonia. More specific: Secret levels in Plutonia. On level 15: The Twilight, when you've reached the final part of the level, where you get the MegaSphere (Gives 200 health and armor), there's a teleporter behind the left wall. If you stand on the side, you should be able to see it. If you go to that wall and open it, you can reach that teleporter behind the wall (Because there's obviously no wall there anymore). Go in the teleporter, open the door in front of you and go in that "Plutonia Ending Teleporter" (I call them that because there's no actual name for them). The level ends. A different level loads up. That level is level 31: Cyberden.

I hate this level. Why is because it's so extremely hard. When you're done with this level, this get even worse when you'll get to level 32: Go 2 It. Because that level is the hardest one they got. Please note that if you finished Plutonia in Ultra-Violence, there's still the odds of you not being able to finish level 32: Go 2 It. Because I can't even finish this map in I'm Too Young To Die, and I finished Plutonia in Hurt Me Plenty. That's why I hate the secret levels in Plutonia. Luckily, it's not very likely that you'll run out of ammo, because there's tons of it all over the map. The health, however, will drop to 0 before you even notice. Because the first thing they do on that map is to kick in approx. 25 Mancubus. Now I don't want to talk about this level anymore.
Yep. They exist. But guessing them forth is not really that easy. Because you don't press anything to get a cheat prompt or anything. You just blindly type in the cheat on your keyboard. This is the list of all the cheats in the game:
  • idbeholdr (Gives Radiation Suit)
  • idbeholdi (Gives Partial Invisbillity)
  • idbeholdv (Gives Invurnerabillity)
  • idbeholda (Gives Computer Area Map)
  • idbeholdl (Gives Light Visor)
  • idbeholds (Gives Berserk)
  • idchoppers (Gives Chainsaw, and prints "...Doesn't suck - GM")
  • idclip (Enables/Disables noclip)
  • idclev## (Changes map to ##, where ## is the map number)
  • iddqd (Resets health and makes the player invurnerable)
  • iddt (Use in Automap, toggles Computer Area Map)
  • idfa (Gives Megaarmor, all weapons and ammo)
  • idkfa (Same as above, but includes all keys)
  • idmus## (Change music to ##, where ## is the map with the song)
  • idmypos (Prints your coordinates in hexadecimals)
Using these cheats doesn't bring any side-effects (Except "idclev##", that resets your health, armor ect.). But it's still recommended that you save before you use any cheats.
So, that is for now. If I'll come up with something else, I'll edit this so you can get informed about it. If you know something I don't, please tell me. Then I can add it to this guide (Don't worry, you'll be credited). Hope you'll find this in any use. Because if you do, I will be happy. Also, don't be afraid of saying your own oppinion. For example: What I can change to make you understand better (Please note that I can't understand what you want to be changed if you only say "It's horrible" or something like that, so give me some feedback, too).
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tim.doherty Aug 3, 2016 @ 2:20pm 
Hello, Map 32 is a big challenge, but possible. Check out this video with no BFG used. In-fighting helps to kill many of them.