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Endless Reach
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Jul 5 @ 8:44pm
Aug 2 @ 2:14pm

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Approved on Oculus Share!
VR 2.1 Beta Release is now available!
The 2.1 Beta includes a number of feature additions, improvements, and bug fixes! Some of them are listed below:

Watch the 2.1 Beta version update playthrough on YouTube


Lock-On Targeting via head tracking
Missiles can now be fired at locked on targets by pressing "B". The only targets currently available for tracking are turrets and the boss.
Boost mode
Hold "Left Trigger" to initiate. Initial boost shockwave will destroy all enemies in a small range. Movement speed is increased. Boost power is limited to a meter, and a new pickup has been introduced to help replenish the available boost power.

  • DK2 support!
  • Force feedback added to 360 gamepad
  • Firing control has been moved to the "A" button
  • Purging control has been moved to the "X" button
  • A UI object has been introduced to prompt the user when to purge
  • HUD has been modified and relocated
  • FPS counter can now be toggled on and off with the "Left Shoulder" button
  • Movement dead zones have been tightened for a "snappier" feel
  • Full 3D physics have been implemented
  • Turrets have been relocated, and now rotate erratically in order to be unpredictable.
  • Turret and Boss laser colors have been changed to be more visible
  • A number of visual effects were modified
  • Trail effects have been added to the player's engines
  • Probably some more stuff that I'm forgetting

We hope you enjoy playing Endless Reach, and we'd love to hear your feedback! You can discuss the game here on it's official subreddit, r/EndlessReach, or follow us on Twitter @Soverance[twitter.som]

Release date: 4th Quarter 2014
Endless Reach is a fast paced arcade shooter that places you in control of a powerful starfighter charged with cleansing the Reach of an evil alien race.

Visit[] to play!

This game is available for play on these platforms:

VR BETA : FREE on our website[]
PC : FREE on our website[]
Android : $0.99 on Google Play
Windows Phone : $0.99 on Windows Phone Store[]

Free versions are available on both mobile stores to try before you buy.

  • Oculus Rift DK2 Support
  • 5 visually stunning fire modes
  • Limit Breaks, Overloads, and secondary missiles
  • Boost mechanic for speed and desctruction
  • Targeting via head tracking
  • 10 exciting levels, each with a unique boss
  • 6 different enemy types
  • High quality techno soundtrack by local Atlanta artist, Shiny Baubles[]

Endless Reach features a dynamic spawn combat system; such that the more enemies you kill, the more enemies get spawned. Basic gameplay has you avoiding enemies, for the most part, until you begin collecting power-ups. Each power-up will increase your fire rate, up to a maximum of five times. Collecting the fifth power-up triggers Limit Break mode, a 15 second firing frenzy that not only destroys everything in it's path, but also provides you with a shield that prevents all damage. Limit Break mode comes at a price, however, as after 15 seconds your ship will begin to overload, requiring a purge. A successful purge will release a massive explosion, destroying all enemies in the blast radius. Fail to hit the button at the appropriate time, and your ship will collapse into itself, ending your mission!

These features have yet to be implemented, unless otherwise noted
  • Rare loot from bosses to upgrade your starfighter
  • Starfighter repair and upgrade hangar

We'd originally made Endless Reach to target Windows Phones, as a submission to the Microsoft Unity Game Developer Contest 2014[]. While the winners of the contest won't be announced until August, the game is currently available on Windows Phone, and we recently ported to Android as well.

However, our true passion at Soverance Studios has always been PC gaming. We're extremely excited by recent developments in virtual reality, allowing us to develop an entirely new build of the game specifically designed for the Oculus Rift headset. You can download the latest VR beta demo at our website: Our ultimate goal with Endless Reach is to bring old school arcade shmups to virtual reality, providing players with a game that fuses familiar action with an alternative perspective that helps launch a cherished genre into the future of games.

We want to bring the classic, beloved shmup genre into a new age and create a shmup unlike any before it. And we want to do it with the justice shmup fans deserve. A version of Endless Reach with more gameplay features, smarter AI, better sound effects, full 3D models, all new animations, and special features specific to virtual reality. We can do it, through your support and feedback. If you like what we're doing here, vote us up!

Soverance Studios[] was originally founded in 2012 by Scott McCutchen and Matt Whitt, two friends from an early age who simply dreamed of making great games. Our passion for gaming was fueled in part by Final Fantasy XI, a major MMO that we had spent many years playing together, and later modding - before turning that passion into a non-commercial fan game Final Fantasy XI: Fighter.

It was not long after that when our imaginations were captured by advances in virtual reality, and we ordered one of the early Oculus Rift dev kits. Today, we work to bring unconventional experiences into virtual reality through the innovation of popular genres. Our first original IP, Endless Reach, aims to help bring arcade shoot 'em ups into the next generation of gaming.
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Space Marine Aug 6 @ 1:52pm 
Soverance  [author] Aug 2 @ 2:23pm 
VR Beta version 2.1 is now live and available for download from the official website[]
Soverance  [author] Aug 2 @ 8:19am 
new playthrough video for today's version update, shows off new targeting and boost features! Check it out on YouTube!
Sheba Jul 31 @ 9:17pm 
No problem.
Soverance  [author] Jul 31 @ 8:53pm 
thanks guy!
Sheba Jul 31 @ 2:13pm 
Upvoted. Favorited. Followed.
Soverance  [author] Jul 27 @ 9:55am 
Check out this preview video of the upcoming 2.1 Version Update!

We're adding a few new features, including targeting via head tracking! Also a ton of minor bug fixes and polishes that make for an overall better experience. Look for it later this week!
Titus Lebronicus Jul 25 @ 4:54pm 
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Soverance  [author] Jul 24 @ 12:54pm 
Oh man, I loved that toy when I was a kid! The things I'd do in VR with that license...
STVR Jul 24 @ 5:27am 
Endless Reach: The Tale of Stretch Armstrong