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Ehks - Thee Imps - Couriers Ov Mischievous Intent
Non Hero: Courier
Utility: Imported
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Jul 5, 2014 @ 12:34pm
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Ehks & Ohe - Courier Imps of Mischievous Intent!
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Ehks & Ohe - Couriers Ov Mischievous Intent

A sulphurous smell filled the air, as a luminous crackling of sparks and acrid smoke wretched their way across the air - the rift between worlds cracking open with a sickening screech.

The black, glassy eye of the imp named Ohe peeked through this crack to the netherworld, stretched his arms through, and… yelped out in pain as Ehks dug his claws into the soft flesh of his head, leapfrogging himself through the rift with a maniacal cackle. Ohe thrust his trident deep into the parched ground, wrapping his claws round the hilt and bounded through himself just as the magic waned, and the portal fizzled out. Snapping closed in an instant the rift singed his pimpled buttocks and forked tail with its fiery aether as it ruptured shut. Shaking themselves off and blinking in the light of day, the two mischievous imps grinned their toothy grin as they surveyed the land, their plans to cause mischief forming in their simple brains. A blinding light emanated from their heads, as the two sigils burned into their skulls began to glow - their infernal plans formulating and their mischief becoming incarnate.

That smell of deep sulphur filled the air again – this time not from the chasm between worlds gaping open, but rather the rotten stench emanating from Ehks and Ohe’s behinds, the excitement becoming too much for them as they bounded into the night, ready to leave a trail of diabolical havoc in their wake.


Ehks and Ohe are a pair of mischievous courier imps, hell-bent on leaving a trail of havoc, chaos and disgustingly noxious smells wherever they go! Who said couriers had to be cute and fluffy?!

Dire or Radiant? Ehks or Ohe? Who will you pick?

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