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Jul 2 @ 3:18pm
Jul 2 @ 3:24pm

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Release date: As soon as it passes greenlight :)
"Shattered" is a 2d horror game which will change the way in which you see 2d games. This is not a regular platformer everyone is so used to seeing. The main idea of the game is for the player to find an exit from a mental hospital in which he somehow has arrived. The main character has no idea how he ended up in this empty and dark place therefore you, as a player will have to try to do your best in order to unfold the mystery of the place. But, that is not the main challenge of "Shattered".

The hospital just seems empty at first... but as you start playing you will discover that you are not alone. As the place is dark, the only light source you have is a candle which of course will eventually run out, therefore you will have to look around every single room really carefully in order to find some more wax for the candle or replace the old candle with a new one before the wax runs out and leaves you alone in the complete darkness...

Your ultimate goal is to find the exit from the hospital as well as unfold the mystery of the place and the creatures inside it ..

We really hope you are going to love it! (it is also free to play!)

The game also has a Co-op mode which will allow you to discover the dark secrets of the hospital with 3 of your friends! :)
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Aug 18 @ 3:31pm
< >
Milenko 12 hours ago 
waiting for video
Clown Goon #1 Aug 26 @ 9:35am 
It looks so good but I'm not going to vote up until I see a gameplay video.
AvaTheMutt Aug 25 @ 7:23pm 
Looks like it would be scary but gameplay videos would be nice especially the co-op. None of the photos show co-op either, curious to how it would work.
Mecatro Aug 24 @ 10:25pm 
I wanna see what are you hidding, that is a good strategy
Woh woh woh no gameplay video? Screenshots that are mostly blackness? Are you trying to hide something here?
Seretti Aug 22 @ 11:53am 
No gameplay video? The screenshots are also very dark so I'm not sure what I'm supposed to see in them... It would be quite nice to know what exactly I would be voting on.
Derel Aug 21 @ 5:54pm 
You can't see anything! Yea that can help make it scary, and i like not being able to see. . . To a degree. This is way to much. Make it so I can see more, and I'll vote yes.
Coges94 Aug 20 @ 1:01am 
ah it's like gmod slender game but in 2d execpt you do not play the mother hunker of stalker in this gloomy metal hospital of the damned and forgotten. sure i will thumds up for this game :) i hope it will be a video not a long not a short but a short trailer of it.
Colenzo Aug 17 @ 5:38am 
The Yellow Mento Aug 16 @ 10:42am 
I like it's a horror 2d and it looks great and i really look forward to it 1 like from here :)!