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Ninja Guy
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Jul 1 @ 6:58am
Jul 1 @ 7:36am

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Release date: Imminent - In the next few months!
Become Ninja Guy in his epically random quest to prove himself to the Holy Cow Sensei and bring down an evil Minotaur!

Ninja Guy's bizarre and humorous Ninja Action Adventure has now come to the desktop after generating a cult following on mobile! The Ninjaverse has never looked as awesome with realtime dynamic lights and shadows, more than twice the amount of enemies on screen and totally revamped gameplay to allow for super fun action on the Joypad or the Keyboard / Mouse!

From a peaceful training village to a hell-like demon world, you become Ninja Guy. You must prove yourself to the Holy Cow Sensei and bring down an evil gargantuan Minotaur! You are Cow Sensei's last hope and final student .. Will you finally attain your Ninjaness? Ninja Guy will have you laughing along to his almost never-ending supply of dim-witted Ninja catchphrases, such as the classic "2 + 2 = NINZAAA!" and "Ninza Sense, Tingring!!" Remember, Gun's don't kill people, Ninja Do!

We hope you guys support us here on Steam and feel free to check us out on Facebook! =)
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sierrius414 Aug 26 @ 6:51am 
This is a game I am definately going to be looking forward to.
Immunity Studios  [author] Aug 25 @ 9:03pm 
Thanks for the positive feedback everyone! =)
Luzifrus Aug 20 @ 7:35am 
bot jack Aug 19 @ 10:16pm 
nice game :D
KN Aug 19 @ 2:50am 
nice game.
DARK ANGEL! Aug 4 @ 9:09pm 
Thanks for Linux version.
Sepal Aug 1 @ 2:10pm 
Nice game
Gustavo Aug 1 @ 2:06pm 
ozturkani Aug 1 @ 7:26am 
yes vote :)
Immunity Studios  [author] Aug 1 @ 5:16am 
Thanks for the positive feedback so far everyone! You rock! =)