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Fire With Fire: Online Tower Attack and Defense
Jul 14 @ 7:51am
Sep 2 @ 11:47am

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A Balance Update
Fruit Based Stat Boost System

As mentioned above, we have started work on the stat boost page. Between matches, players will be able to spend seeds to grow fruit and splice them onto the tree(s) they may use in a match. Each fruit has their own special stat boost or ability. Here's a rough draft of the page.

We have the system fleshed out, but are still working on a name. Right now it's between Arboretum, Orchard, and Grove. Leave your vote on what our tree splicing page should be named in the comments.

The Power Planeteers Stream!

Most appropriately we will be on the Power Planeteer's stream Wednesday about 10:00pm East. This group is always there to help raise money for various causes through their stream but they also love and support the indie game community. Because of our work on an environmentally aware indie game, I'm proud to team up with a stream like theirs for a night!

Watch here:

One last thing, we're on the top of the list for's Kickstart This! The Common Creative Wealth Edition[]. Check it out.

Write Up Round Up - Status Report
Beta Status

We have held two success full beta tests so far, each with more players than the last. If you haven't played the game yet, consider backing our Kickstarter![] The servers are still online. In the next update I'll be making changes to how creep leveling works, and adding an Invite a friend feature.

Indie Galactic Game Jam

I attended the Indie Galactic Game Jam[] this past weekend, It was amazing! About 100 devs came out to create a space themed game in 48 hours Even personnel from NASA showed up to consult on the more realistic space simulators that we're coming out of the jam. I decided to go a different route with my teams entry. Together we made Skeleton Crew! We made this game in 2 days, imagine how great Fire with Fire will be, after 2 years!

Download Skeleton Crew Here[]

Write Up Round Up

Many of the editors I reached out to came through with some amazing pieces. Each has their own spin, and specific information to share. So if you are looking to learn more about Fire With Fire then visit one of the links below!

Indie Game Mag
Luke Siuty of IGM is much better at explaining the game than I. This is a really well thought out read.

Previously featured on the Kickstarter round up, we now have a full Questions / Answer write up. This piece really delves deep into how Fire with Fire came to fruition and the future of our studio.

The Bit Pulse
I was suprized to find us featured on The Bit Pulse, but here we are! An article that really knows what they are talking about in terms of the flow and feel of the game.

Short and sweet, this happens to be one of my favorite sites to browse for very fresh indie games.

Pretty cool website, they really listen to you.

Indie Retro News
The latest free games, indie games, retro games and Kickstarter.

Release date: Late 2014
Environmentally aware two player tower defense with an offensive twist and online cross play between all ports. Protect the Trees!

A refreshing spin on tower defense with an ever expanding library of Towers and Creeps. Build Towers to defend your camp while deploying waves of Creeps to attack your opponent, all set against a backdrop of vibrant visuals and dynamic music progression on every map. Counter your friends' strategies in heated one-on-one online matches, or increase your arsenal through the single player campaign.

Core Features
  • Our own system improving on traditional Tower Defense elements like tower unlocking and upgrading.
  • Player vs player matches, opponents choose and deploy waves of creeps at each other.
  • Combining the above features allows for strategic competitive play and ranked leader boards..
  • Eye Candy, The game is visually designed to erupt into a huge variety of combined fiery particle effects when creeps clash with towers. "Each wave is like watching a fireworks display"
  • An Immersive single player campaign, players can unlock new abilities and content through achievements in the single player mode.
  • Achievement based leveling system, players gain xp points by completing unique challenges, completing single player maps and by defeating opponents online.
  • Cross-platform online matches. Play a match with your friends regardless of your operating systems.

A Story Driven Campaign
Re-unite the factions of a dystopian earth to extinguish the flames of war before the planet is thrown past the point of no recovery. Fire With Fire hopes to inspire environmental conscience in our players through our single player campaign.

How Does PVP Tower Defense Work?
This is mainly an online game, so we start by logging in and searching for a match with another player.

Before a match begins, players form their strategy by choosing 3 Tower sets and 4 pairs of Creeps from their personal roster, for a total of 15 Towers and 8 Creeps, some of which unlock as the match progresses.

Protect your tree(s) by building Towers to elongate the dotted path that enemy Creeps must follow. Each Tower built grants a Tech Point, which you may spend on leveling up built Towers or unlocking more advanced Towers from a set.

Every 60 seconds, players can queue up Creep waves to attack their opponent with. You may queue up more and more waves as the match goes on. The Creeps you choose and the order you queue them will determine how close your Creeps come to burning down your enemy's tree(s) and winning the match.

Pay close attention to which Towers your opponent is building, and how they are placing them. Each Creep has its own strengths and weaknesses.

The more you use a Creep, the more experience points they gain. They will level up the more they're used, eventually unlocking the other Creep in a given pair and allowing for new strategic options.

Achievement Based Leveling System
After every match, players gain Seed Points and experience for leveling up their personal profiles. Seed Points can be spent to add Tower sets and Creep sets to their personal roster. Seed Points can also be spent to grow Fruit, which add abilities and effects to your trees during a match.

Players will also receive additional Seed Points by completing specific achievements, such as:
  • Burn a tree using a certain Creep
  • Win a campaign map while only using basic towers
  • Defeat x number of a certain Creep
  • Win a map while only using 2 Creep types

The experience and level of a player unlocks more slots on trees to grow Fruits, reveals new campaign maps, and reflects player skill within the game. This also assists our match making system to pair players with similarly skilled opponents online.

Progress and Status
We are launching beta testing along side our Kickstarter and Greenlight campaigns. The game will feature two maps only playable via one on one online matches. Currently 20 Unique towers and 10 Creeps are completely finished and ready to play, we have 10 more towers and 4 creeps along with player profiles in the pipeline for beta. Looking forward to making changes and adding to the game based on player feedback.

Please visit our Kickstarter page for more information on Beta Access.

Why did we choose to make Fire With Fire Free To Play?
Fire With Fire relies mainly on online one on one matches. We need a consistent player base to do so. To help foster a community we decided to remove the barrier of entry (Money) In hopes that more people will play helping to maintain our online experience. Convincing your friend to play a match with you will not require them to buy the game. Just make an account and play!

How will we avoid the pay to win business model? With every once of my being! A Significant amount of the game content is free, All creeps and towers are unlock able through achievements, the single campaign, or by just gaining points playing online matches in the same way a paid game would have you level up and unlock more content as you progress though the game.

We plan to fund this mainly through Aesthetic sales. That is battlefield skins, and other graphic embellishments. Fire with Fire will set an example of how to make an honest free to play game. I'd like to make a point of that.

The Team
Theory Georgiou @theorygeorgiou
Design + Programming
Hi! I enjoy all forms of art and programming, I consider programming an art too. By day I'm a web developer / designer and by night I challenge myself with game design. It's a game in and of itself, which is probably why so many indie's love it. I've been making game prototypes for about 10 years now. Before learning to code I filled notebooks with made up game stats and characters. I love it, I can't stop and now we have this game!

Brian Shepard
Design + Graphic Art / Animation
Brian Graduated with a Bachelor's of Fine Arts from the University of Florida. He Immediately began showing his artwork through mobile game graphics. He's an unending well of graphic style and we're glad to have him on this project.

Stephen D Gibson
Musical Score
You may know him as Esgee from his Sunday night internet radio show the R9Cast. I understand hes a talented music/video editor. He will be creating our soundtrack, the music he has already produced for us is better then we could ask for.

Risks and Challanges
Creating an independent game with only 3 key team members is difficult; so much so that mostly every indie out there stays far away from the huge complexity of online play. We have spent the last 2 years embracing it. The game engine is fully functional -- it's up to the team to fill our game with quality content, and for all of our backers and friends to help foster this wonderful online community by sharing, tweeting, and holding a conversation about fire!
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Jul 15 @ 9:58am
Fire with Fire Kickstarter Campaign
Skull Skill Studios
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victoralice2002 Sep 9 @ 3:13am 
looks good
ETbate Sep 4 @ 11:02am 
good game,add this!
AvaTheMutt Aug 30 @ 8:03pm 
Nice twist on TD games, having an actual opponent instead of a CPU adding even more strategy. What sold me was the stream video, showed the gameplay which I was confused about. Looks great and I look forward to playing it.
buster3mc Aug 23 @ 4:44pm 
Looks amazing. Really looking forward to playing.
[D:F] ** Tobeass Aug 18 @ 10:29am 
I think it will be awsome !!!
LegendaryMilkshake Aug 14 @ 1:16pm 
Awesome game! Definetly +1 :)
Skull Skill Studios  [author] Aug 14 @ 8:08am 
Thantophobi Aug 11 @ 8:38pm 
Here because Bruisedlee and the awesomeness you guys made! Thanks for letting him Stream it!
Gabriel Orlandelli Aug 11 @ 8:21am 
Got a chance to see your presentation @ Indienomicon and have to say that you guys blew our socks off.
The mechanics of the game bring a new form of playing Tower Defense that could be a great comeback to the genre, mostly by the fact that you can create your own path,
To complement the gameplay, you guys have an awesome art-style that will help make the game unique.
Looking forward for the release!
quickdude1 Aug 7 @ 3:33am 
i love the art in the game because it looks simplistic but it compiments the backrounds and covers what each tower is.