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Deep Space Settlement
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Jul 7, 2014 @ 7:23pm
Aug 1, 2014 @ 12:54pm
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First Playable Release!
November Update

Deep Space Settlement[] is a real-time strategy game focused on empire building and grand-scale space battles. It is currently in development.

You are part of a multi-generational mission to colonize distant regions of space. Your journey brings you to a star cluster rich in resources and lightly populated. Or so it seems. Your goal is clear: setup a space settlement and thrive. Whether you choose to make allies or conquer through supremacy is up to you.

  • Build your interstellar empire
  • Gather and convert resources to power your empire's economy
  • Trade resources between star-systems, players and NPCs
  • Random events, RPG style
  • Customizable ships and stations
  • Build giant capital ships supported by an armada of smaller, more maneuverable ships
  • Create fleets
  • Unlock new technologies
  • Unlock new ship abilities through an XP system
  • Defend from invaders and conquer new star systems
  • Single- and Multiplayer
  • Story and sandbox mode
  • High modding capabilities, access, change or replace game content through XML and game logic through the API

Who is behind this?
Deep Space Settlement has been in development by a tiny indie team for 3 years.
After having worked for 6 years in AAA game development, Stéphanie Rancourt has founded Escape Velocity Studios, seeking more independence and more creative freedom.

Doing all game design and programming she has help from Mathias Koehler, an Industrial Designer focusing on Entertainment Design Spaceships and everything else art related.

Our aim is to bring to you the best 4X RTS experience we possibly can, while staying independent and connecting directly with players. We love space and making games, so this is about creating our and perhaps your dream game.
DSS is built from the ground up on a custom engine populated with all original content, which allows us to provide very deep modding support from the get-go.

Support us!
If you like what you see, the best way to help us is by pre-ordering DSS[] and by sharing anything about the game with your friends. Thank you!

Find us
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Leaving DSS
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daan_son 9 hours ago 
when will this be on steam ?
AsidMjolnir Feb 28 @ 11:01pm 
@Tenro, they have the beta access as 2017 on the website. 2 to 3 years of development for a video game is pretty normal for anything but a major studio (major studios can afford to throw a few dozen to a few hundred people at it).
BioshockFreak Feb 28 @ 9:45am 
This game trailer though!
Dark Matter Feb 16 @ 12:29am 
DSS patch v0.0.7 out with support for translate

Quick patch with latest changes:
[*]Added more support for text translations
[*]Fix crash when loading a game from a different player name
[*]Fix Ctrl/Alt/Shift key state not updating when refocusing on the game
[*]Added debug logs while loading data[/list]

I've added a separated xml file that contains texts to be displayed in-game along with an id and a language tag. This will make it easier to translate the game by centralizing all text in a single file.[/quote][code]I've added a separated xml file that contains texts to be displayed in-game along with an id and a language tag.
Dark Matter Jan 31 @ 12:45am 
DSS patch v0.0.6 out
GRAF Jan 24 @ 1:03pm 
Кто нибудь из русскоязычных скажите.Когда уже игра хотя бы в ранний доступ выйдет ?
Dark Matter Jan 15 @ 1:45pm 
DSS patch v0.0.4 is live!

Link for Changelog []

Get the alpha! <3
Dark Matter Jan 9 @ 12:58pm 
Alpha is out, buy now for alpha acces Link []
check is Patch v0.0.03 is out! Mostly bug fixes

Fixed loading savegame causing ship to not behave correctly
Fixed "Add Ai" button when no galaxy yet generated
Fixed "Antialias not supported" bug. Now detect and use a supported AA sample/quality
Fixed Medical gets not Produced at Solarfarm
Fixed UStation.cpp Game Crash
Fixed Factory makes Tiny Rear Engines instead of SSP
Fixed Ion Drive Factory - Job missing
Added "log" in const.tx to turn on/off logs
Include 3DSMax exporter, AseToCmp and DBUtil tools for creating mods with new 3D models for DSS
Tenro Jan 9 @ 9:58am 
How much years it will take to develop?
I'm tired of the endless indie development ...
imandic Dec 28, 2015 @ 1:20pm 
Looks very promising...