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Music Lover Achievement (Obtain all song scrolls)
By AmBrew
Hello, this is a quick and easy to read guide on how to achieve all 46 Song Scrolls in Shovel Knight. Each scroll will be presented in numerical order from 1 to 46 and will be accompanied by a small description and some screenshots. Please note I have not gone into too much detail on how to reach the scrolls because this guide is mainly designed to just show you their locations.
Song Scroll 1 - 5

The first 5 song scrolls on the list are automatic. The first time you speak to the Bard in the village he will already have the first 5 scrolls on his list to play to you.
Song Scroll 6
On the far right screen on The Village jump on the woman's back and onto the roof of the fruit stand, then one last jump onto the roof of the house. You will be rewarded with the 6th Song Scroll.
Song Scroll 7
In The Village go down the ladder in the shop and into the cellar on your right. If you jump and attack the wall to your left you will find the 7th Song Scroll.
Song Scroll 8
At the Armor Outpost jump ontop of the well and onto the ladder. Then make your way through the blimp and drop down onto the fruit stall roof. Make your way along the rooftops untill you reach Song Scroll number 8.
Song Scroll 9
Take a catapult trip from The Village to The Armor Outpost and land ontop of the blimp. From there you can easily get your 9th Song Scroll.
Song Scroll 10
At Troupple Pond use your fishing rod and grab yourself Song Scroll number 10 along with some apples.
Song Scroll 11
After slaying Specter Knight talk to the woman in green in the cellar at The Village. She's so grateful that she dances a jig for you and gives you the 11th Song Scroll.
Song Scroll 12
In The Village head down to the cellar and break the wall to your left next to the witch. Now speak to Mona; pay her 100 gold to play her game, and be sure to impress her by scoring over 150 points to aquire the 12th Song Scroll.
Song Scroll 13
By defeating the random encounter Reize you will win yourself the 13th Song Scroll.
Song Scroll 14
In the Hall of Champions at the top left of the Hall you can break a wall and see the 14th Song Scroll floating above a chest. Be sure to jump over the statues because the floor is missing.
Song Scroll 15
Under the ladder at the lower right part of the Hall of Champions is a wall; break it apart and head on in as the number 15 Song Scroll waiting for you.
Song Scroll 16
Upon beating Knuckler's Quarry with the Dust Knuckles you will find the chest at the end to have the number 16 Song Scroll.
Song Scroll 17
In the Frigid Flight bonus stage you will need the Propella Dagger found in the Flying Machine stage. Make your way through the level to the final chest and you will see the 17th Song Scroll floating above.
Song Scroll 18
Make your way to the end of the Forest of Phasing stage and in the chest you will find the 18th Song Scroll.
Song Scroll 19
At the Tower of Fate: Entrence after the first checkpoint is a area with falling ceilings and rising floors. Make your way through this area until you come across a small opening next to some spikes. Quickly break the wall there and get yourself the 19th Song Scroll before you get squished.
Song Scroll 20
In the very first level The Plains, after you pass the first sleeping dragon you will drop down a few screens and come to a room with spikes and a skeleton and a beetle. The left wall of this screen is destuctable and will take you to the 20th Song Scroll.
Song Scroll 21
On the first level The Plains; after the 2nd checkpoint you will come across a small green dragon and 2 moving platforms. On the right of the screen is a destructable wall and beyond that wall is the 21st Song Scroll.
Song Scroll 22
After the 2nd checkpoint in Tower of Fate: Ascent you will ride the coolest thing ever. A ice dragon that shoots rainbow! Now ride this fella to the the very end of the area and attack the last chunk of wall to reveal the 22nd Song Scroll.
Song Scroll 23
Upon beginning the level Pridemoor Keep immediatly go left and jump across the moving platforms. Continue heading left until you come across 4 statues and you will find the 23rd Song Scroll.
Song Scroll 24
On the level Pridemoor Keep make your way to the 5th checkpoint. You will find a breakable wall to the left directly underneath the checkpoint. Whack it with your shovel and make your way to the 24th Song Scroll in the middle of the rotating platforms.
Song Scroll 25
Directly under the 3rd checkpoint on The Lich Yard stage you will see a chest. Use the skull a little ways on your right and take it back to the skeleton raft near the checkpoint to get to the chest. Inside that chest is your 25th Song Scroll.
Song Scroll 26
At The Lich Yard stage on the screen after the 2nd checkpoint you will see 2 green plant like things on the ground. Use them to get up to the cliff on your left and carefully make your way to the 26th Song Scroll.
Song Scroll 27
On the Iron Whale stage a couple of screens after the first checkpoint you will start to see some pink tenticles. To the right at the end is a destructable wall, break through and cast a line in the sparkles for Song Scroll 27.
Song Scroll 28
In the room after the 3rd checkpoint on the Iron Whale is a breakable wall up the top right, next to the ladder. Break it open and make your way over to the 28th Song Scroll in the chest.
Song Scroll 29
On the Explodatoriom stage after the 2rd checkpoint make your way right, through the bombing bird part until you see the ceiling. Don't let the bird destroy the last chunks of wall because you need to leap off the highest point and downwards thrust ontop of the bird to land on the ceiling. Now make your way right and drop down on the 29th Song Scroll.
Song Scroll 30
On The Explodatoriom stage at the first checkpoint you will be in a room that has a lot of breakable walls and exploding rats. You need to blow up the bricks on the top right and then blow the rat up at the far right wall to reveal a ladder and your 30th Song Scroll.
Song Scroll 31
On the Lost City stage at the 2nd checkpoint screen you can actually jump over the wall on the right by using the black blocks. Make your way across the lava and grab the 31st Song Scroll out of the chest.
Song Scroll 32

After the 3rd checkpoint in The Lost City you will come across a section where you need to shovel goo into lava. At the very end of this section you will see some large lava steps, knock goo onto it and jump over the wall into the next screen and you will find the 32nd Song Scroll.
A big shout out to Regulith for helping me with this one.
Song Scroll 33
At Clockwork Tower on the 2nd checkpoint screen jump up the twisty things and climb the ladder. You will need the Mobile Gear to get this Scroll which is found a little earlier on in the stage. This is Song Scroll number 33.
Song Scroll 34
Once you get to the first checkpoint in Clockwork Tower go up one screen and you will see a gap in the wall to your right. Head in there and use the moving platforms to gain Song Scroll number 34.
Song Scroll 35
At checkpoint 3 on Clockwork Tower head up one screen and you will need to traverse down to the lower exit on the left. Make your way through the cog room and up the ladder to the next screen where Song Scroll 35 awaits you.
Song Scroll 36
Well after the 4th checkpoint on The Stranded Ship level and on your way to checkpoint 5 you will see the scroll in the air. You need to thrust jump off the back of a flying creature to get up there and collect the 36th Song Scroll. Be careful this area is quite dangerious.
Song Scroll 37
After the 4th checkpoint on The Stranded Ship stage you will come to a place which has a couple of wolves and a wizard at the top left of the screen. Kill the wizard and walk left and you will find the 37th Song Scroll.
Song Scroll 38
Well after the 2nd checkpoint on the Flying Machine stage you come to a screen which has 2 platforms, 2 propellers, 2 big brown blocks and a aqua wizard. Attacking the wall behind the wizard will reveal a ladder which leads to Song Scroll 38.
Extra note: you will need the Propeller Dagger to reach it.
Song Scroll 39
Now in the Flying Machine stage and 1 screen up from checkpoint 2 you can see a small windowed section to the right just above some propellers. Climb up the ladder to the next screen and then drop down to reach the gap. Make your way right and buy the Propeller Dagger for 4k as you will need it to get to the next area. Drop down the ladder at the far right, go for a fish and you will find the 39th Song Scroll.
Song Scroll 40
On The Tower of Fate: Entrance stage after the 3rd checkpoint you and the scenery will be covered in shadow. Run right until you come by the first gap in the ramp. Have a quick fish in the hole to gain the 40th Song Scroll.
Song Scroll 41
After the 3rd checkpoint in Tower of Fate: Ascent you will need to quickly make your way up as the level moves. This one is easy to spot but you will have to move fast to get it and come out alive. Skilled acrobatics will get you the 41st Song Scroll.
Song Scroll 42 - 46
At the final stage (The Tower of Fate: ????) after the blocks fly at you, move right and drop down into a pit of darkness. You will land on some purple blocks and you're supposed to go right but instead we will go left to a section with some lava. Make your way across for the ultimate reward of 5 Song Scrolls, numbered 42,43,44,45 and 46.
Final Notes
I hope you found this guide useful in helping you collect all 46 Song Scrolls for the Music Lover Achievement. Shovel Knight is a awesome game and makes me happy in my pants and I hope it makes you happy in your pants too. I would love to hear your feedback so please feel free to leave a comment and rate the guide =D <3
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OWN3D! Aug 27 @ 12:18am 
ty so much :D
Ellibre_FARVA Aug 15 @ 6:25pm 
Hell yeah! thats a sick one too! Thank you for replying back! :)
AmBrew  [author] Aug 14 @ 10:23am 
@Ellibre_FARVA "La Danse Macabre" is a great track! Funny thing is I would say it's up there for one of my favorites as well along with "Of Devious Machinations". They are both too good I can't decide on which is better :P Thanks for your comment, I'm glad you like the game and my guide =D
Ellibre_FARVA Aug 13 @ 10:50pm 
Great guide! I love this game so much too. One question. What's your favorite song so far? mine is LA DANCE MACABRE. :) hope to hear from you soon.
Chaz706 Jul 6 @ 3:27am 
A note for scroll 41: you can us the propeller dagger to cover the distance faster.
G|itch Jul 6 @ 12:17am 
Thanks for the help man! I appreciate the work you put into this
AmBrew  [author] Jul 1 @ 7:47pm 
Thanks Aethicyn. After a google the minimum is said to be 150.
Aethicyn Jul 1 @ 2:30pm 
#12; Got it with just 175 points so it's lower than 213 at least. ^^
AmBrew  [author] Jul 1 @ 4:16am 
Awesome Regulith thanks a heap! I'll update the guide as soon as works out of the way :D
Regulith - rip computer Jun 30 @ 9:53pm 
It looks like #32 is actually in Mole Knight's stage. In the room that ends in a staircase-shaped lava formation that needs to be turned into goo, if you jump way over to the right you'll enter the room it's in.