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Starlight Drifter
Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Jun 27 @ 2:30pm

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Release date: 2015
Starlight Drifter is a large scale epic space opera, visual novel and dating sim game all rolled into one neat package. You will take over as the new captain of an old derelict starship. Create your character, choose your background, hire a crew and seek your own fortune out in a large directed-sandbox universe.

Game Features

  • Character Customisation - Select to be male or female, customise what you look like and decide what your background will be. Then choose your own fate by making the important decisions out in space.

  • Mass Effect style relationships - Get to know the crew, complete missions for them and even build a romantic relationship, every crew character will have their own storyline, personality and upgrade tree with expertise to aid you in your travels.

  • Star Trek style Exploration - Explore a massive universe, help or hinder the aliens you meet, do as you wish with random events, sub missions and a larger plot to unravel.

  • Firefly Slice of Life - Build your own life in the strange, vast hostile universe, take your crew from job to job and mission to mission, explore, build, make friends, start wars, trade and live in a directed-sandbox game where you decide how your crew behaves and the type of ship you lead from mercenary to merchant.

  • Roguelike gameplay - Weighted Randomised missions will ensure each game will be a little different whilst ensuring the difficulty remains steady as you expand and upgrade your ship. The longer you play the harder the game and events will get.

  • Crew Jobs & Missions - In addition to random exploration you will be able to unlock specific missions on the galactic map, by taking jobs at space stations, getting to know your crew or making the right (or wrong) choices whilst in various missions & events.

  • Upgrading systems - As you play, you will find new equipment, upgrading existing systems to be more powerful, or even building new equipment for your ship. These will give you new options within the game, chances to explore new areas of the universe and access to better defences and powers.

  • Hire a crew - You will begin the game with an AI system who controls the ship for you, but as you explore you can hire, rescue or even kidnap new officers, who will bring with them their own experitse and abilities to aid you, as well as new missions, events and storylines to participate in.

  • Ship combat - Some events will require you to command your ship in combat, the viewscreen will show you the battle as it unfolds, with you making the critical decisions to determine the outcome of the battle.

In addition to random exploration and various side questions, sub-stories and campaigns, the game will feature a larger storyline that will evolve as you play, various missions will occur naturally as you play to gradually tell a larger story.

Initially the events will seem unrelated but as you progress further into the game the plot will unfold and sweep you along with it until there will be no turning back and for you to survive you will have to unravel the forces working against you.
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Airam Anede Anej ツ
< >
(Merlu) Sep 13 @ 7:26am 
Joeman9833 Sep 10 @ 7:09pm 
played the demo and really liked it can't wait for full release
KONATAonPC Sep 7 @ 3:32pm 
A game on greenlight that has anime art and isnt just using anime art to leech money? holy shit. i voted
hmytos Sep 7 @ 1:25pm 
It looks interesting. I hope the geame will have achivments :) I voted. Good luck ^^
Fantastic game! I added it in my collection of wonderful Greenlight games. Good luck for your game :D
billgonzo17 Sep 3 @ 9:01pm 
Seems hella interesting so voting yes.
SHION Sep 1 @ 12:28am 
love it.
xhanort7 Aug 25 @ 2:35pm 
you got my vote
Richard Aug 23 @ 3:38pm 
this game looks cool and i can't wait to play this game. but will this game be free and when will it be out in 2015?
HausErdBeere Aug 19 @ 12:24pm 
love it! :D
anime style´s just my favourite ^^