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Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Jun 26 @ 9:36am
Jul 26 @ 4:02am

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Starwalker Wiki
What's your character skills and attributes?
Release date: Summer 2015
The year is 2016 and we have made contact. You wake up in a devastated city with a headache and bad bruises, not sure about what happened. They came and destroyed everything, every city. Now, Earth is lost and you need to leave the planet. In this RPG, you'll need to find your way out of Earth using alien technology, exploring new solar systems, finding plants, animals and minerals to colonize a planet of your choice - swamp, ruined alien city, forest, desert and even an ocean biome. Once you've settled, you'll rule and build a city, a military force, always with the ultimate objective in mind - to retake what's yours. This multiplayer RPG will set players against each other or in cooperation and they'll be able to trade, battle among themselves - on ground or in spaceships - or just sit in a bar and roleplay.

- 8 attributes: Strength, Aim, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Computer, Engineering, Charisma;

- Over 50 skills to choose, including: Bargain (Int) - Hack System (Com) - Hack Panel (Com) - Long Shot (Aim) - Headshot (Aim) - Knock Down (Str) - Evade (Dex) - Open Lock (Dex) - Reprogram (Com) - Program Robot (Com) - Handle Explosive (Eng) - Detect Trap (Dex) - Bluff (Cha) - Persuade (Cha) - Intimidate (Str) - Resist Poison (Con) - Resist Mutation (Con) - Hold Ground (Con) - Crack Code (Int) - Resist Virus (Con) - Craft Explosive (Eng/Dex) - Remove Poison (Dex) - Decypher Language (Int) - Tame Animal (Cha) - Tame Creature (Cha) - Steal (Dex) - Detect Life (Dex) - Investigate (Int) - Cause Chaos (Cha) - Create / Install Virus (Com) - Stealth (Dex) - Develop Program (Com) - Build Robot (Eng) - Build Ship (Eng) - Craft Armor (Eng) - Craft Weapon (Eng) - Tailoring (Dex) - Torture (Str) - Heal Wound (Int) - Laboratory (Int) - Create Solution (Int) - Develop Mutation (Int) - Cure Mutation (Int) - Create Virus (Int) - Analyze Ground (Int) - Find Resources (Dex) - Pilot (Dex / Int / Com) - Mining (Str) - Farming (Dex)

- Also, vehicles, spaceships and space exploration with wild alien life and plants to collect.

- Our experience system is based on your Intelligence. Being a high level won't make you stronger, it will just give you more options to solve the problems.

Key features:
  • Fully detailed and customizable space ships
  • Hundreds of weapons, melee, two-handed and ranged (laser or ammo)
  • Old school rpg with attributes, skills, xp and level
  • Real-time galaxy simulation (Solar system and beyond), limited only by your computer's capabilities
  • Races, species, factions and guilds to choose
  • Open world sandbox, you are in control of your fate and you can change the world you live in
  • Exploration and colonization: build your colony in a planet you discover and raise your army or become an economic power
  • Detailed economy simulation with resources, trade routes and more (In Development)
  • Epic space combat
  • Seamless planet-space transition
  • Permanent death until you build a Cloning Facility

    Current features
  • Missions and objectives in a sandbox of planets and galaxies.
  • Open world.
  • Several skills and perks to choose from when leveling your character.
  • Face the aliens that destroyed Earth, each having a different set of behaviours.
  • Choices and consequences. These will be much more visible in the later chapters.
  • Crafting, barricades and explosives.
  • More than 20 melee and (rare) ranged weapons.
  • A few NPCs to talk, trade with, complete tasks for, or kill.
  • All planets in the Solar System ready to explore. Visit Pluto and beyond! All based in accurate data from NASA.
  • Three types of fuel: gasoline, uranium and ununpentium. Use different types to reach different speeds, travel beyond the lightspeed.

Planned features
  • More of everything! Characters, enemies, loot, skills, events, locations, you name it!
  • New sectors to explore beyond the Solar System.
  • A probable overhaul of the crafting system.
  • A better, prettier, more efficient lighting system.
  • Optimization.
  • Lots of other stuff that might come up during Early Access!
Visit our Wiki at
Random Wiki Page:

Hack Panel Skill[\b]
This is the table for the Hack Panel skill:

Build a simple ship or droid.

Build an armored space ship or armored droid.

Build an Ao Fighter or armored droid.

Build an Ao Fighter or Ao-Mech 17

Build a Mothership or Ao-Mech 17

Build a Mothership or Ao-Mech 1700

Build a Space Station or Ao-Mech 1700

Build a Space Station with two Ao Fighters in hangar

Build a Space Station with two Ao Fighters and Ao-Mech 1700

Build all above without destroying panel.
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Jul 1 @ 1:21am
n1ce game
Jun 28 @ 4:27am
< >
ozturkani 9 hours ago 
Looks like a nice game
AnonymousWon 22 hours ago 
voted yes
OpaIon Jul 31 @ 2:21am 
I really would like to try out the beta, because the game looks epic and i like the game-mechanics
DjSF Jul 30 @ 7:29pm 
Thanks for the beta invite. Tried it for a little bit and there is definitely a lot of room for expansion, and loads of potential in this game. The character creation will be very, very fun once it's become more fleshed out (especially with the addition of races). There seems to be a lot of different playstyles and roles you can create for yourself.

Music score is pretty good, adds to the atmosphere.

I was wondering if there was a way to increase the brightness in-game, it is a little hard to navigate even with the flashlight turned on.

Will keep playing.
DjSF Jul 30 @ 1:17am 

I am interested in trying out the beta if possible - I have sent a friend request to Mundi Project to inquire further. I enjoy reviewing games (attempting to review every game in my library; as shown on my profile), and would give an in-depth one for this if given the opportunity.

katana4zuzu Jul 29 @ 11:15am 
Looks a fun and challanging game with plenty of planned content. I REALLY hope this game comes to fruition, it certainly deserves to!!!
danny_ramlogan Jul 27 @ 11:13am 
Looks interesting. Let's hope for controller support and a rich vibrat world that feels alive.
Johnny Jul 26 @ 1:01pm 
For those interested in this game
DJCOol130 Jul 26 @ 5:53am 
hey can i try out the beta this looks good
maddogreilly999 Jul 26 @ 4:52am