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Jun 26 @ 1:36am
Jul 11 @ 11:02am
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Release date: TBA (2015)
Parcel is a multi-character cyberpunk puzzle game where your goal is to solve interlocking laser puzzles by using the unique abilities of different characters. The game can be played alone or cooperatively with friends. The final game will feature over one hundred unique puzzles and a level editor which enables the amount of playable content to grow to unpredictable numbers. A puzzling future awaits!

Drawing inspirations from classics such as The Lost Vikings, Sokoban and Super Metroid but also some more unexpected suspects like The Legend of Zelda, Brave New World and the Rubik’s Cube, Parcel aims to be a memorable ludological and narrative experience that will make players think and leave them thinking afterwards. The story of the game, which follows the adventures of a 22nd century postage company, touches on subjects such as post-humanism (pun very much intended) and virtual reality, with the full intent of boggling your minds with philosophical questions about the future that we, as humans and as gamers, are heading into.

  • Over 100 levels of a puzzling adventure divided into numerous distinct sectors
  • Single-player and co-op - play the entire adventure alone or with friends!
  • Several unique characters with their own interesting personalities and special powers to help you solve even the hardest challenges - or to complicate things further
  • A multi-layered, meaningful story about a not-so-unlikely future and its peculiar inhabitants - and a box
  • Gorgeous environments with moody, colorful visuals
  • An extensive level editor with endless creation possibilities – make your own puzzles and challenge the world!

Parcel aims to deliver its players a fantastic puzzle game experience like no other. We hope that you will help us get on Steam by spreading the word about our Greenlight campaign to your friends. The more attention we get, the faster you’ll be able to enjoy Parcel on Steam! Once there (err… here?), we aim to take full advantage of the Steamworks platform - we’ll integrate everything we can from cloud saves to trading cards and achievements.

Once the game is released, you can expect periodical add-ons in the form of new characters, levels and editor content that expand Parcel further as both a game and a service. Community features, such as allowing our users to request editor objects, are in plans. We firmly believe that harnessing the creative spirit of the community is essential for Parcel, as there are literally millions of different mind-boggling puzzles that can be created with the character and level object combinations!

Planned additions:
  • Full online multiplayer co-op with all available characters.
  • A highly polished story campaign featuring interesting dialogue and intriguing plot twists
  • Additional level tilesets and new gameplay elements
  • Community features (level sharing, editor object wishlist etc.)
  • Enhanced visuals, fully optimized for PC
  • Porting the game to additional platforms

For more information on Parcel, visit the official website at

"Jännän näkönen toi peli."
- Antti Ilvessuo, Creative Director of RedLynx (Trials Evolution, Trials Fusion)
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