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Fly Around D5.2.10
Genre: Racing
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Jun 20 @ 9:19am
Jun 21 @ 8:05am

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Release date: July/August 2014
Balance a flying drone trough a ring track using fast switching between different gear configurations and active and passive specials and stat upgrades, for best time.

you can try out a beta of the game at

The planned features for the game if greenlight are:
- Steam leader boards
- Multiple race tracks per level
- No invisible walls in the levels
- User configurable difficulty setups - upgrades stats, race length, damages and so on
- and any other suggestions which are manageable
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oBerry Aug 20 @ 9:35pm 
I'm having flashbacks to superman 64...
Timothy Leary Aug 17 @ 6:43am 
Mr. Farenheit Jul 28 @ 3:53am 
This gave me memories of Harry Potter quidditch
lucian_xlr8 Jul 25 @ 8:22am 
looks like an addictive game i want it
Vasiliv The Superman Jul 23 @ 2:40am 
Good, want it!
Wild boar Jul 22 @ 10:30am 
Guybrush Jul 21 @ 2:03pm 
agree with kay at his point that this game seems too empty and it needs a lot of work.
Kay Tempest Jul 21 @ 2:50am 
Wow, everyone judging this game just for SuperMan 64? Nice prejudices guys, they are a LOT of good games with this type of gameplay (Harry Potter Quidditch, Crash Bandicoot, Jak and Daxter, etc) with good control/music this can be a nice rhythm game. Whatever... at this time the game seems too empty and needs more work.
horsetrainerguy Jul 18 @ 11:56am 
It's is basically another Superman 64. Boring. Repetitive. Misleading.
☣☢ Apex Predator ☭☈ Jul 16 @ 7:52pm 
It's too objective based and has a mis-leading title. It's titled "Fly around" as in do whatever the fuck you want. Not "Fly through some circles as an entire basis of gameplay enjoy GG no refunds"