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God of Destiny
Jun 19 @ 8:10pm
Jun 25 @ 1:13pm
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Partners with Perfect World for China market !
Release date: 2nd half of 2014
God of Destiny(G.O.D) is a free-to-play MOBA that features with a rich selection of heroes and fast-pace tactical battles.

The heroes of G.O.D are inspired from Norse, Greek, Egyptian and Chinese methologies. It might be hard to image battling together with Kraken, Zeus, Bastet and Wukong, but now you can fully experience this brand-new adventure in G.O.D.

 25-30 minute 5v5 battles with team-up friends or bots.
 A wide range of Western and Eastern heroes is presented. Every hero has his/her unique abilities specially designed based on each hero’s storyline and figure characteristics.
 Attractive figure art design by Asia Art Master, Chen Uen.
 New free heroes are introduced from time to time.
 Continuous updates and content increment.
 Easy to play and have fun for both typical MOBA players and beginners.

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Jun 26 @ 10:31am
идиот люди
Jul 2 @ 7:49pm
Trailer Video
Jul 9 @ 6:01pm
ki imadja ezeket a jatekokat rajtam kivul
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Mephilis Aug 22 @ 5:58am 
I love Smite, and while the whole Gods at war was their idea first, I will not bash this game just because if that. I only hope they doa good job on Bastet. I will give this game a try liek I do all mobas I come across. I love getting into the new games and seeing what interesting ideas they come up with.
HLZKnives666 Aug 22 @ 1:34am 
Yeah tottaly and asian smite game ... well done not gonna play it ... but i hope at least 1-2 years before your business goes under :/ not to many knock-offs live that long ... I tried a whole range of mobas and watched them crashed after 5-7 months lol
Сгущёнка Aug 19 @ 6:49pm 
dota -100
DsG/->ice ice baby Aug 14 @ 7:25pm 
Vexed Darkness Aug 12 @ 6:23pm 
they should have came up with different names for their gods (kinda took smites idea) will probably try this game out because you can be ursula from little mermaid.
●Eternal™Avenger● Aug 12 @ 9:57am 
Flash_Kiler69 Aug 9 @ 10:42am 
unearthly Aug 5 @ 7:46pm 
*Grabby hands*
Fucking Boss Aug 4 @ 12:20am 
this great
[SKG]PiCarO Jul 28 @ 1:30am