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Leave Home
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Jun 20 @ 12:49am
Jun 21 @ 2:53am

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Release date: Available now
Abstract shooter with dynamic difficulty and metaphorical explosions. Fixed length game session. Score points. Increase difficulty. Split shots. Leave Home...

Steam Version
- I will attempt to get a steam key for everyone who's bought Leave Home already (bundled or not)
- I will add online scoreboards
- I will add steam achievements
- Seeing as I'll be revisiting the code likely extra surprises...

"One of the best indie shooters of the decade"

"Leave Home is not just another clever shooter: it's a place you may find yourself returning to far more than you initially expected"
Edge Magazine [8/10]

"beautiful, weirdly poignant"
The Guardian

"the best shooter you've never played"
Games Radar

"a glorious trip into one man's fractured imagination [8/10]"

Leave home is designed to be a score attack game that is compelling in multiple sessions. The game is randomised and altered according to how well you play. Shooting/destroying enemies and collecting blue chips increases your anger, reflected in the transformation of the player ship. The higher your anger the more you will score and the more difficult the game will become.

You can die an infinite amount of times in Leave Home. Death will not end the game, instead your anger level is reduced and you must wait a few seconds to respawn. The short length of the game is intended, differences between replays can be parsed according to style and competence.

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Jul 24 @ 3:44am
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Jun 21 @ 10:01am
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GVPX 4 hours ago 
Really hurt my eyes to look at. Sorry but I really don't like the choice of graphics.
wutoupal Jul 27 @ 4:14am 
The Humble Harram Jul 22 @ 2:43pm 
That's nice! Good luck with this game!
STVR Jul 22 @ 2:12pm 
Very Galaxy Wars-esque, not that that's a bad thing!
hermitgames  [author] Jul 22 @ 12:23am 
@The Humble Harram: game has totally configurable USB HID and X360 controller support already, steam controller should work out of the box
Youth Worship Explosion Jul 20 @ 2:27pm 
I can barely comprehend the game through all that bloom.
McFar45 Jul 19 @ 5:33am 
Looks like fun!
The Humble Harram Jul 18 @ 4:11pm 
Controller support would help. Looks neat
horsetrainerguy Jul 18 @ 11:53am 
Another classic arcade game...with a twist. You have my vote.
realnagan Jul 18 @ 5:32am 
Looks like a game, I can be defintly into:)