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Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Jun 18 @ 9:14pm
Jun 19 @ 11:44am

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Release date: Late 2014
H2FLOW combines fun WATER PHYSICS and DESTRUCTIBLE TERRAIN with fast-paced action!

Quick thinking and timing is put to the test as players help guide the flow of water through over 50+ intricate and challenging levels. Save every drop by blasting away terrain with BOMBS, altering water flows with BARRIERS, and creating new BRICK paths for water to follow.

Danger lurks everywhere! Landmines, spinning buzz saws, and electric shock mines are just a handful of enemies trying to stop you from freeing the flow! Survive long enough to collect all the water drops and save the day!


iOS Version:

  • Fun water physics.
  • Destructible environments featuring 4 themed terrains.
  • Over 50 action packed levels.
  • Cool player costumes with special abilities like super speed and teleportation.

H2FLOW: Platform decision
H2FLOW began its life as a PC game back 2 years ago. Getting onto Steam at that time required having a publisher and jumping through all kinds of hoops, there was no Greenlight process. Having no guarantee that we could get onto Steam was a scary prospect ... so like many other developers we went mobile. We had no choice but to go where there was an ease of entry and a large audience. Things have changed greatly over the last two years and the mobile market is in a race to the bottom.

Why Vote "YES"?
Just think, you, yes you... you play all those awesome games and one day you'll think to yourself "Hey! I want to make the next DOTA or a cool MMO!" Then once you conquer that whole studying programming for 4 years and art thing you'll be in the same spot we sit at right now. Your awesome idea is at the mercy of the gate keepers... be it Steam or gaming "journalism" sites.

Your "YES" vote will give us a chance to share our vision with the world... and a large audience.

We'd love to bring H2FLOW back to the PC, a platform we are most fond of. This isn't going to be just a straight port. A lot of work needs to be redone to make sure it runs well and looks good.

A PC version would:
  • PC / MAC / Linux versions
  • Convert levels from PORTRAIT MODE to LANDSCAPE mode
  • Redo all level art for higher resolution support
  • Better controls (adding gamepad support) for movement
  • Better custom hotkey system
  • Support for player made levels. You can load any image in currently and it can be a level... a picture of your dog? Perfect.

For more information please visit
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game will support higher screen resolution 1680 x 1050 (16:10) /1920 x 1080 (16:9) / 2560 x 1600 (16:10)? Russian language will be?
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I am not particularly happy that this is now a genre.
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норм игра
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pollepel, its not the same as wheres my water, its much cooler, if a game is similar to another but better then people dont care, if its worse than people call it a rip off, but trust me, this game shows potential
Darkplasmaray Jul 12 @ 5:24am 
WOW this game looks awsome, youv got total support from me buddy!
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Приятная мультяшная графика,хорошая физика. Так держать!!
Crystal Boy Jul 7 @ 8:49pm 
Why is an iPhone/Pad game wanting to be on Steam? Thats been tried and never ends well.
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i can't see the video