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Bosch's Damnation
Genre: Adventure
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Jun 18 @ 6:33am
Dec 5 @ 10:55am
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In 1994, the Swedish engineer, entrepreneur and adventurer Malte Stierngranat was buried in a pyramid that he had designed himself. The pyramid was erected almost half a century prior to his death, on a piece of land that Stierngranat bought close to his home. He also had his own personalized coffin built, which he always took on trips, even shorter ones.

Carol is contacted by the cleaner George in the middle of a cold Swedish winter. This leads her on a journey in which she has to delve into Malte Stierngranat's illustrious life and his legacy. George is the cleaner and caretaker of Malte Stierngranat's son, Erik, and his family. The entire family, which is one of the wealthiest in the city, has gone missing. George is left without a job, and without a final paycheck. He's also worried about what has happened to the family.

When Carol believes that her investigations have led her to a dead end, the boyfriend of Malte Stierngranat's granddaughter is found dead in the family's old barn. The police investigation shows that his body has been lying in the barn since the family's disappearance.

  • Bosch's Damnation is the first Carol Reed game which takes place in both the winter and in the summer. It features numerous incredible locations for exploration, ranging from the surrealistic and idyllic to the gritty and filthy.
  • The game is mouse driven and features a classic adventure game interface.
    There is absolutely no need to have played any of the previous Carol Reed games to fully enjoy Bosch's Damnation. The game starts with an interactive tutorial which explains how to play. And don't worry about getting stuck. The game features a hint system which you can consult any time.
  • The game takes place in Sweden, but is in English. All dialogue has optional subtitles.
  • The game contains no graphic violence or strong language. It has no action sequences, and is suitable for ages 15 and up. You can't die in the game.
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Exelent game. And thanks for all great giveaways!
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intresting, using real places for this kind of game,good photos too but i think you need to refine more the interface the pointer rips apart the immersion in my opinion, keep up the good work!
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Nice game
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Good Game!!!
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Lets rock
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good job!