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Giants and their clubs:
This is a collection of all the giants clubs mods that there are here on steam,
Just for laughs, It could be called 'The ultimate giant club collection'
But it's also of some interest.. The sheer number of giant club mods...
I've now added all the giant related stuff at the bottom of the list. Mods that Increase in size/strength/appearence of giants, Quests, races, dungeons and other giant related mods ;)
It's worth the scroll to the bottom of the list, where theres some unusual Giant mods.
Don't forget to rate mods individually, Often the playable Giants club is someones first mod, getting to grips with the creatiion kit. That is commendable.

Items (76)
Twelve Giants
Created by G20
Located not far from Whiterun twelve giants refuge in a place of power, they weild twelve giant clubs of the ancient giants. Defeat them and take their clubs. Fitting trophies.

These giants are in Secunda, the entrence is located just south of secunda's...
Giant Club (Usable) - Updated
Created by Elsker
Ya thats right....ITS USABLE!

You can find this awesome two handed weapon on the floor infront of the chest at the sleeping tree camp.

If you Like this mod please rate and tell other people about it. Your help is always the best!

Report any bugs s...
Giant Club
Created by Flawlessl
A giant club that you can use located at the Riften Blacksmith....
Leeroy's Big Stick Mod
Created by Scarfaze44
This mod adds a number of things to Skyrim. It was mostly created to just add the giants club as a playable weapon, but i decided to expand it and add a few more things.

What comes in this mod:
1. The giants club is now a common drop you get from killi...
Giant Hammer with knockback enchantment
Created by James.shubrook.may
Giants will now drop their hammer, which will knock enemies back about thirty feet. It can also be disenchanted to add the knockback enchantment. Add it to your bow for hours of Muahahaha.

Any giant should drop the hammer. Be careful, they will hit hard...
Kill A Giant, Get His Club!
Created by Captain Sisko
Just hit subscribe, and play your game (after hitting play in steam, let mods load, then hit play to go in game)

Now you can pick up a giants club when you kill him. I did not change any of the stats or size. I did make it Craftable in the forge.

The Boner
Created by antstubell
A Giant's Club which can be used by player as a weapon.

It can be found at Sleeping Tree Camp. Images will guide you.

Any modders out there who can help me with the impact sounds please let me know. At the moment the impact sound is random between a ...
Giants Clubs
Created by halfstache0
This mod allows the player to wield those massive clubs that giants use. They are by far the most powerful weapons in the game....
giants club
Created by Smallheadbob
this mod add a usable giants club on the bed in breezehome in whiterun...
Giant Club
Created by Polllyyyyybrah
This adds an playable Giant club to in Warmaidens in whiterun I have heard of a giant club all ready in the game but this one has Damage points to suit it's size...
Usable Giant Clubs
Created by Sartorius
(Before commenting; this mod is no longer supported as I no longer play Skyrim. It took literally three minutes to make in the CK, and really isn't worth your while.)

Makes the clubs of giants equippable. Searching a giant will get you two clubs (I'm no...
The Giants Club 2H
Created by Heipådei
Hello all Skyrim fans!

This time, the mod i made was The Giant`s Club. It was already in the game, but you couldnt use it, or pick it up at all. So what i did was that you could use it... Yeah....

UPDATE 17.04.2014: Made it so every giant drops one. ...
Equip-able Giant Clubs
Created by Chesney
Type: coc UnownedCell for your giant clubs!...
Giant Club Looting
Created by Blackwayv
Take the life of a giant, take their clubs, take over the world!

This mod allows you to take Giant Club's from the dead bodies of Giants. They have a large range of attack, and the higher leveled ones do amazing amounts of damage.

Made the Giants' Cl...
Giant Club With Easy Access
Created by Fetish for Grapes
A Giant Club inside Dragonsreach...

You have to steal it but its pretty easy, the key is upstairs on the table with a map. The knockback is pretty bad. This was just a test mod to see how I did and have a look at the Creation Kit....
Giants Drop Clubs
Created by MrBrenan
===================== English ===========================

Description :

Giants Drop Clubs is a simply mod that makes it so you can loot giant clubs from the corpses of giants.

How To Install :

Juste drag "Drop_Giant_Mass.bsa/esp" to Data flo...
Giant's Club
Created by Space Pope III
Ever wanted to smack people around like a giant? Now you can!

This two handed weapon can be found outside Whiterun. It sends people flying just like real giants!...
The Giant's Club
Created by Captain Boaby
NOTE*** : ignore the image title. CBA to change it.
This club was crafted by a single half-wit giant, then stolen and offered to you.... this weapon is an entirely new weapon based on the daedric warhammer. With massive damage and reach allowing to mas...
Giant Club (Riesenkeule) [German]
Created by Hans
IMPORTANT: If you want the english version visit my other Mods! I've uploadet it some hours ago!
fredfredburgs giants club
Created by Fredfredburg
i made this playable and also a one hit item to get it subscribe play skyrim and press ~ then type player.additem 000461da...
giant club wieldable
Created by Willywonka34
This is my first mod i just figured that it would be fun to be able to equip giant`s club.I hope you enjoy!...
GiantClub- Riesenkeule
Created by FREQUENCY
Wer wollte nicht auch schon immer mal mit der riesenkeule spielen? :D
here you can play with the giantclub...
Usable Giants Club
Created by Golf Wang
Giants drop their club for you to use....
Usable Giant's Club
Created by smtol
This is my VERY first mod that I uploaded. I know, there are a ton of giant's club mods, so don't go telling me I'm copying them or anything. It's just a very simple mod that I decided to make. It only took about 5 seconds. All I did was tweak the settings...
Playable Giant Club [DE]
Created by Ludilu
Riesen droppen ihre Keule, die absofort spielbar ist....
Playable Giant Club [EN]
Created by Ludilu
This mod makes the giant club playable.
It can be found in the giants inventory....
Giant's Club Usable by Player
Created by Dagran
just a quick tweak, now the Giant's Club is usable by the player....
Craftable Giant club
Created by ZedIsDead
this allows you to craft giant clubs...
Created by hauteur32
Hello This is one of my first mods but the first one I posted.This is a giants club that has 99999 damage and a very quick speed. it has some bugs like if you have a shield or a sword with it they will merge is found in the riverwood trader on ...
A Useable Giant's Club!
Created by BigUglyBoy
This is my first mod so leave me any suggestions for improvements and ill see if i can do it.
Sorry theres no picture of me having it equiped i dont know how to take screenshots.
Located in the fireplace in J...
Giant's Homerun Club
Created by Momizi
Another personal mod i desied to relese to the puplic
what this mod does is combind the Giants Club from Skyrim with the Homerun Bat from Super Smash Brothers

now anything you hit will basicly go flying

(yes it even does the ssb homerun bat *PING* s...
Giant Club Mod (Craftable and Usable!)
Created by FutureInventions
This mod allows you to pick up and use the Giant's Club1 There are a few modifications which are listed here:

-Giant clubs can be picked up by the player and used!

-Giant clubs are heaver! (30)
-Giant clubs have a specific price/value
-Giant clubs...
Usable giants club.
Created by LordTouchMe
use this godly killing machine in youe journey when your stuck or want to have some fun! please download subscribe and like. The club is in dragonsreach and must be stolen, just move it to the kitchen out of sight. WARNING; teleportation device just aim on...
The Death Club/ Giant Club Two Handed weapon
This Mod adds a useable Giant's club to the world of Skyrim. Created with a metallic substance, The Death Club was made. The next time you enter Breezehome, There should be a man that attacks you with the club. I advise that you are very well prepared to f...
Wieldable Giant Club v1.1
Created by Tom'o
This is my first Mod, and it simply adds a player-usable version of the Giant club.

. I have left the majority of the base statistics for it, but have changed the enchantment to a fear06 enchantment, which I think more apt.

To get the club, open the ...
Usable Giant Hammer (German)
Created by Gramding
This mod alowes you to use the hammer of a giant it ist now dropable and one can be found in Jorwaskr in Whiterun
hope you enjoy it.

Dieser Mod erlaubt es euch den Hammer einse Riesen zu benutzen und ihr könnt einen in Jorwaskr in Weißlauf finden
Created by Beastin

This is a mod, that allows to take giantclubs. It also allows to fight with it.
The club is a twohanded weapon, which inflicts a lot of damage.

So that you would not look in Skyrim, I placed a club in Whiterun. Enter Whiterun and on the sto...
the club
Created by doopler
my 1st mod so hope u like it is one handed weapon...
Giant Club
Created by Lemonload
Ever wanted to wield the incredible power which is the Giant Club? Ever looked at a Giant and thought "Gee, I wouldn't mind one of those."? If so, this is the mod for you! It adds the Giant Club to the game with no console commands needed! Simply kill a Gi...
Useable Giant Club!
Created by Ruvaakdein
With this mod you can pickup and use giant club in skyrim!!...
Equipable Giant's Club
Created by clFarmer
You can finally use a giant's club! You will find this weapon in front of the Jarl of Whiterun's throme in Dragonsreach....
Useable giants club
Created by Xstorm125
Adds a useable giants club to the world of skyrim

to find you must open the console and type coc QAsmoke it will be sitting on the floor...
Playable Giant Club (Warhammer)
Created by Hans
Did you have always the dream to play with the Giants Weapons?
Now you can, with this Mod!
I didn't change the Power of the weapon, but if you want i can do!...
Playable Giant Club
Created by TinRobot
This is a playable Giant Club! You can obtain it by going to Whiterun then going into Warmaiden's. It should either be right inside or behind the counter.

40+Dragon Damage
and an extra 10+Dragon Damage
Damage: 66

The Giant Slayer Pack: Playable Giant Club and More!
Created by Cade
*NEW* Added two new giants to the game: A friendly Skeleton Giant and an enemy Skeleton Giant. Both can be found in Whiterun.
This is a basic mod that I made. It enable the player to use GIANT CLUBS! It also adds an awesome preset to the Nord Class that m...
Giants Gear v3.25 - For When You Just Gotta Go Big!
Created by splynter
This mod contains the Giant's Club in which the handle has been modified to fit the players hand. It also contains a plethora of custom weapons including giant staffs that were modeled after the giants club, a giant warhammer, a giant stave, a...
Billy the happy child giant
Created by Dachel
Adds three small children giants that are happy to whiterun....
Peaceful Giants and Mammoths
Created by Yuki Tsukihana
If giants are supposed to be peaceful, why do they attack you if you go near them?
This mod aims to fix that.
Giants and mammoths will no longer attack you or any followers with you unless you attack first.

Mod includes:
Neutral Giants and Mammoths t...
Creatures: Bigger Giants
Created by SUPER_KING
Part of a sub-category of mods aimed at improving the fantasy lore and overall experience of Skyrim.

-All giants increased in size by 60%
-In combat HP regeneration
-Quest: Investigate Treasure Hunter camp NE of Bleakwind Basin

Next ...
Friendly giants
Created by chazzee23
Here it friendly giants, Im not sure if its been done before but here is my version. Let me know if any thing is wrong and i'll see if I can fix it....
Giant Giants and Mammoths
Created by Thumbless Terror
Makes giants and mammoths giant and now increases the health and strength of the giants
Malgor the King of Giants
Created by terrorcode22
Malgor has made his home near Riverwood. Want a challenge? Come prepared for he is no minor enemy to defeat.

Malgor the King of Giants is still in testing. Will be placed in a future quest and locations moved. Until then have fun :)...
Jogen The Giant
Created by Andriel
Giant Follower. (Requested)

Warning. He does not keep up with you well. so you can lose him really easy. Takes him a few seconds to start to follow you. He does not run unless you draw your weapon. You will find him behind The Drunken Huntsman in White...
Real Giants
Created by Jaldisaric
Just makes giants a more traditional size
does'nt change there difficulty

the mod i am useing is a mod i am curently working on

please enjoy and give feedback...
Real giants
Created by Fyre
Makes All Giants 2x Taller.
Made this in spring 2014, was a simple mod really. I had some really good times talking to a couple of people who used this mod and looking back now im glad I made this. This mod is the definition of "the good old days" for me ...
Friendly Giants
Created by Jiro Yakuza
Are you afraid of giants or do you just hate them,
Then this mod is for you!

With this mod Giants are afraid of you
They try to avoid you!

There are 3 giants in the hall the death in Solitude!!!

Please rate and leave a comment!...
God Of Giants_Big Giants
Created by RUZ
-This version should only be used after completing the main story (because it could carry forward the main quest)
-I recommend the mod "Door To Heaven" ( ) to reach Sovngarde.
-Follow me...
Giants One Hit Kill
Created by Eidolon
This mod will make you extra careful when visiting giants...

Changes Include:

* Giants One Hit Kill Anything


* This will not affect you if your using god mode

* Should only be used by confident giant slayers...
Skyscraper Giants 1.0 - WG
Created by G0el
Makes giants 3x bigger.

Version: 1.0
Author: WarriorG0el

I love clear feedback, good or bad! Let me know if there's anything else you'd like to see in this mod, or any bugs that I can fix.

Release Notes:

1.0 (Release) - Giants' size increased ...
Playable Giant Race
Created by
This mod lets the player play as a giant.
I got a recommendation so i decided to create this mod.
I also changed the size of the giant from extra large to large to fix any door problems you may or may not have.
Giants also have +10 in smithing,archery,h...
Hardy Giants 1.0 - WG
Created by G0el
Makes giants 2x bigger and increases their health by 2x.

Version: 1.0
Author: WarriorG0el

I love clear feedback, good or bad! Let me know if there's anything else you'd like to see in this mod, or any bugs that I can fix.

Release Notes:

1.0 (R...
Buffed Giant (Companion Encounter)
Created by Snackrat
Tired of Aela ragging you out for not helping to kill a giant that was dead before it rendered?
Though the giant's health is only half that of most you encounter, the gaggle of warriors fighting together is more than enough to bring it down in seconds. An...
Fee Fi Foh Fum Giant Killer Mod
Visit the Giant's house as shown on Map, near Windhelm Bridge. Enter the Giants House somewhere up there in the clouds using the Lift, but check the contents of the chest first....
Frankie the Giant follower!
Created by ~Marc~
Frankie the giant follower!! My first non-animal follower,and fully functional follower.Located in DragonsReach just as you enter.

Note to all:THE HOT GIRL IS NOT PART OF THE MOD! Get Frankie to move few steps to you,so he maybe be able to follow and ex...
Tiny GIANTS 1.0 - WG
Created by G0el
Turns Skyrim's giants into midgets. Great for a laugh.

Version: 1.0
Author: WarriorG0el

I love clear feedback, good or bad! Let me know if there's anything else you'd like to see in this mod, or any bugs that I can fix.

Release Notes:

1.0 (R...
Bigger Giants and Mammoths V1
Created by 「MH」BEHEMOTH
This mod Changes the Size of the Mammoths and Giants so the Giants look really like Giants and mammoths look really like Mammoths
"get it"?
Giant Giants and Mammoth Mammoths
Created by ThirteenOranges
Giants and Mammoths are larger, size will vary slightly between enc objects.

1.1 Patch

- Mammoths are a little smaller again.

- New title image.
Conjure Giant (Read Desc.)
Created by  Kekadoodle 
This mod adds a spell to anyone who sells spells that allows you to conjure a Giant. I would go to Farengar to get it. What conjuration mod should I do next? Leave your idea in the description below :D...
Hawkeye The Legendary Giant (Skin Retexture)
Created by GhostReconMC
By Downloading This Is Will Replace All Giants In Skyrim With My Texture
There Is A Armour Mod I Am Currently Working On Right Now So If There
Is Any Questions I Will Try To Answer Them As Quick As Possible
==ThanksGhostReconMC== ALSO You ...
Playable Giant Race
Created by Big Bad Jack
Important: Read Full Description
The Nexus version is more frequently updated and has more info. Check it out here:

Now requires Dawnguard and Dragonborn, and there's no way arou...
Quest: The Bigger They Are
Created by ThirteenOranges
A great hero of the Companions lies dead before he could defeat his greatest quest, the slaying of the great giant, Barlok'Gosh. Take up the arms of Holfir Giant Slayer and travel dangerous roads and caves to find Barlok'Gosh and finish what he started.
The Giants Secret
Created by Big Digger
This mod will allow you to use the giant mortars to grind the mammoth tusks into the finest powder. For this purpose you will definitely need giant pestle that can be found in the chests at the giants' camps and on the dead giants.

Optional requirements...
Fire, Ice and Storm Giants!
Created by sp0ckrates
Fire, Ice and Storm GIANTS! adds three new giants to Skyrim, which you can encounter at each giant camp. The new elemental giants have the behavior of giants and the magic attacks and visuals of Flame, Frost, or Storm Atronachs. If your character is...
Baby Giants(New Creature. spell, and weapon)
Created by Austin1298
I haven't made a mod in awhile. This mod adds a new creature, location, spell, and weapon.
-Baby Giants
-New Location
-Conjure Baby Giant
-Giant Slayer

There were some rebellious young giants who were contatcted by Molag Bal. They ...
Gift Of Clavicus Vile
Created by ryco117
A mod that adds a power to polymorph into a giant for a limited amount of time, along with a simple quest to introduce it!
Extract this in the Skyrim folder for the quest and giant spell to work prop...
Дубина Великана
Created by Bun_Taby
С этим модом вы можете получить дубину великана. Но, она вам не достанется просто так, для этого вам надо убить Скъярда Победителя Великанов. Который находится к Северо- Западу от Вайтрана

Установка обычная. Скопировать файлы в п...
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AlphaGarg Apr 25, 2015 @ 7:19pm 
Would'a be awesome if someone made a mod which made giants stomp more frequently to make it more lore friendly.
Nicolas Jul 15, 2014 @ 4:21am 
Hey guy's i made a stable list of mod's i use. I also included a method to bump up the Ugrids from 5 to 7, without hardly any game crashes. I am playing Skyrim with 120 mod's on Ugrid 7 for two weeks now and maybe had 2 CTD's. For people who dont know, raising the Ugrids value enhances your field of view.

If you're interested check out the link below:

All props for raising the Ugrids go to Shenson, dont forget to give him your fist born!
Imperial Watch Jul 7, 2014 @ 7:38pm 
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Just three more green thumbs for some stars :)
G20  [author] Jun 15, 2014 @ 4:57pm 
Grey-Wolf Jack
You were the inspiration friend ;)
Grey Wolf Jack Jun 15, 2014 @ 9:38am 
Finally someone grouped all 482 of them together!
BigUglyBoy Jun 14, 2014 @ 8:54am 
cool :3
Ludilu Jun 14, 2014 @ 6:06am 
Thumbs up! ...especially for the picture
Fayde Jun 14, 2014 @ 3:03am 
...and I thought 'twas only me lol
Fayde Jun 14, 2014 @ 3:02am 
Yeaaaaahhhhhh :) lmao