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Dead Hunting
Platforms: PC, Mac
Languages: English
Jun 12 @ 8:07pm
Jun 15 @ 11:29am

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Almost greenlit!!!
Release date: September 2014
Dead Hunting: A New Approach to Zombie Slaying

The next level of zombie fighting is here: Dead Hunting. Your arena of fighting is a jungle in Vietnam, formerly a place of human experimentation by the military. The water became polluted by a rare chemical agent named Zyfer, which has brought about the zombies. You are a doctor whose aim is to survive for as long as possible; however, this zombie game is different than the usual.
The main focus is not building, Player-vs.-Player combat, or realism. Instead, it is a combination of the best aspects of zombie gaming, such as fast paced gaming and having cooperation between players, like Call of Duty or Left4Dead, but also including free roaming, “open world” gameplay, and requiring care for food and water levels, as in many modern zombie shooters. All together, this results in a totally unique gaming experience.
Dead Hunting will allow you the excitement and fear of a co-op first person shooter trying anything to survive an open world filled with zombies to fight, places to explore, and things to collect and scavenge for.

We wont over promise and under deliver. We know our limitations as an indie developer and I think it is important to be honest. We can't promise you triple AAA graphics or top of the line animations but what we can promise you is unique gameplay. We are fully aware of the competition and the influx of zombie survival games in the market. Dead hunting is one of the only open world survival horror games dedicated to co-op. We merged many arcade elements in the game so that the fun starts now and not hours of waiting for zombies to appear.This is what many players asked for and we only hope we can deliver.

Features of the Alpha Release:

Single Player and co-op mode : Attack the zombies alone, or, if you’re not feeling too daring, take them on with the help of some friends.

Open World Architecture: Designed to give you a huge world to roam in, with large warehouses, secret caves, and much more to take advantage of in your quest.

Survival Challenges: Just like in real life, you need to maintain your hydration and hunger levels by finding and consuming food and water, or you’re dead.

Arcade Elements : Dead Hunting also has various arcade style features to add fun to the game, such as portals and air-drops. You won’t run out of interesting things to find.

Optimized Graphics : We have worked long and hard to provide an immersive experience. Our game can run even on low end Pc's. We worked hard optimizing the graphics so that most people with a PC can play.

Additional features of the final release will include:
  • Dynamic events that will spawn in the map
  • Ability to craft weapons and other equipment
  • Play with friends in a 4 player co-op mode
  • Cars, trains, boats, and other vehicles you can customize
  • Multiple zombie types including zombie animals

Please visit to play the alpha
Anyone who purchased the alpha will receive free updates including the final game or the steam key once it is released in August/September. The price of the alpha will go up as updates are being made. Thank you.

If you want play the alpha,click on this link ----
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Made a First Look/Review of this Game if Anybody is Interested
< >
a4440a Jul 25 @ 8:32am 
Zombies. Nope.
Vuduka Jul 24 @ 11:10pm 
really nice game, hope it gets released
«H|S»MONSTRO Jul 24 @ 7:44pm 
Xellpnz - FFXIV Jul 23 @ 3:56pm 
Only just seen this, sad its being taken down. I hope the best in the future mate.
STVR Jul 22 @ 10:13am 
Interesting to see a Greenlight post where the dev actually admits that their game was a failure. A game like this is hard to make, you should have started with something much simpler.
Balachi Jul 20 @ 7:46pm 
[NoSuave r+] LanLan Jul 20 @ 11:59am 
Mathh ][T.M.O.G][ Jul 19 @ 1:57pm 
gostei muito da ideia do game esta faltando games de zombies iguais a este que qualquer pc rode e tudo mais,os graficos não são tão fodelasticos mas são muito bonitos não e aquela coisa o que importa e que se o game esta te intretendo e não os graficos!gostei quero ver este game na steam
The Black Arrow Jul 19 @ 1:56pm 
Looks cool
ripper3112 Jul 18 @ 11:02pm 
oh god their so terrifiying ahh oh wait no they arnt add runners more powerful adaptations and better zombie texures so you can get that creepyness form the art that you had not just red attachet a human but it dose make open to posibitys plus add music to add erie ness but ill support it