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Nightmare Zombies
Jun 11 @ 7:43pm
Aug 7 @ 7:35pm

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Update 5: Free Pre-Alpha
Originally posted by Victor Espinoza:
CEO & Creative Director of Nightmare Zombies

Update 4: Game Dev - NYPD Survivor
NYPD Cop Unit

We recently acquired MakeHuman software that carries the Creatives Zero Commons License, This is amazing for the game industry, as its royalty free and carries no strings further down the line in development, This software can be used for Steam Workshop models.

We felt that the first model should be an NYPD cop since its an iconic part of new york city, The model is a template and will be refined further as development continues.

The current issues with the models are the Subsurface Scattering techniques, the current model has two meshes Skin & Bone, if Unreal 4 allows both with true SS then we will implement bone and skin together for realism, but if it allows only illusion SS (no bones) they're will be an increase in additional poly count.

The NYPD Hat Shield, and yes the detail will not be lowered when injected in the game.

Few more revisions on the base model, NYPD Shield added.

The NYPD Shield first Revision design.

We are planning on releasing some more content on Steam Greenlight, feel free to tell your friends about our game.

Thanks for reading!

Originally posted by Victor Espinoza:
CEO & Creative Director of Nightmare Zombies

Release date: Pre-Alpha on 3rd Quarter 2015
Free Pre-Alpha Release
We decided to release nightmare zombies for free, yep that's right no cost to you. The current game development will be lead by me, as with current situation with kickstarter not going thru, it was a hard decision on our behalf and we understand that there is not enough gameplay to propose AAA title.

There will be volunteer options to contribute in all parts of the game development. Those who contribute will receive recognition. The game will stay free, and no paid DLC will be added now or in the future.

As i'm writing this update i'm creating a forum to talk about development, you are all welcome to see it!

We are dropping support for MAC systems temporarily, and continuing support for the oculus rift.

• Windows 7 or Windows 8
• DirectX 11 graphics card with 1Gb Video RAM
• 8 Core CPU or better
• 12GB Memory or more
Example 1 (Nvidia/Intel):
• Nvidia GTX 760 or higher
• Intel Core i7-4770k
Example 2 (AMD):
• AMD Radeon R9 or higher
• AMD FX-8350 4.0 Ghz

• Windows 7 or Windows 8
• DirectX 11 graphics card with 12Gb Video RAM
• 12 Core CPU or Nextgen APU
• 32GB Memory or more
Example 1 (Nvidia/Intel):
• NVIDIA GTX Titan Z 4-way Quad SLI
• 12 Core Intel Xeon Processor E5 Server Grade
Example 2 (AMD):
• AMD R9 295X2 4-way Quad Crossfire
• Next Gen AMD APU

We need your Votes & Support!
Without your votes this awesome game wont make it inside steam, Tell everybody!

What is Nightmare Zombies: NYC ?

Nightmare Zombies is a multiplayer open world new york survival horror game that is for (PC) and the (Oculus Rift). The year is 2094 and the outbreak has started in downtown Manhattan New York, you walk outside to see what you can do to survive, its the fall of humanity, your destiny lies within you.

What Features will be implemented in the Pre-Alpha Releases ?

Unreal Engine 4
First Person & Third Person View
Build bases
5 Massive Underground Networks
3 Tier System on Game Items
Print Weapons, Medical Resources, Explosives
Underground Trading Market
Lots of Zombies
P.A.D.D Air Drone with 3D Printer
Gameplay(Single Player, Persistent or 24hr story mode)
Solo Creative mode
Multiplayer (Support in the future)
No Rules / Pure Anarchy (lots of fun)
Zombie Swarm Intelligence
Dedicated High Modding Support (Includes Weapons, Clothing, Props, Buildings on Steam Workshop)
Dedicated PC & Oculus Rift Support

We are working with two game builds, one that will be for (PC) and the other for the (Oculus Rift)
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A tip to the developers:
Jul 6 @ 8:45am
Development Pre-Alpha Models
Bengautti Entertainment
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Mercenaries2009 Sep 13 @ 7:27pm 
ok... I'm kinda confused... I don't have Idea what is this game about. All I saw was some pictures, sounds, a shooting turret. For now I'll go for 'Ask Me Later'.

But I'll keep my eye, so far, the project looks promissing.
Rastypasta Sep 12 @ 8:23pm 
like, looks nice omg
Sniper Melon Sep 11 @ 8:08pm 
When will you kids learn that zombies are out of style now?
Hotage Sep 11 @ 3:06pm 
Stop with those damn zombies...
Armyman336 Sep 8 @ 5:10pm 
this looks like a nice game we dont know what the gameplay is like. i like every thing that has zombies and i really hope this could get on steam. there is a nice trailer so im looking forward to it
(MM) MonsterTurtle Sep 7 @ 5:07pm 
Pretty sounds and models... no footage,no gameplay, nothing to grasp my attention... other than the blandness of your greenlight page :\ Not Interested
pietiebasshunter Sep 7 @ 10:36am 
yo i hope there is some bad ass guns in the game line duel desert eagles, duel swon-off shotgun. o and my all time favourit demo gun " the mini gun "
Matonm Sep 7 @ 5:33am 
I Like
Flea_Friend Sep 6 @ 3:09pm 
I love this so much. A handful of unskinned models, videos of concept art, and promises of features the likes of which haven't even been approached by larger, established developers. Not to mention their recommended specs are for a medium-sized business server. Oh, but no Mac support. Creating a life-size recreation of Manhatten with a "neural network" for the zombies therein, that's totally doable. Making the game run on a Mac: impossible.

I can't believe their $900,000 Kickstarter failed.
TodaMikuLover Of Astora Sep 4 @ 4:42am 
I don't get it. How can someone be interested of a game if you can see only some models of turrest or other stuff? And 8 core? Really?