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Jun 12, 2014 @ 1:29pm
Jan 22 @ 1:55pm
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VoidSpace receives 1 MILLION in funding!
HUGE NEWS is coming this month!!
More detail can be found on our official website:

Quick Summary
VoidSpace is a twitch-based MMORPG set in a sandboxed world called The Void that you can play on any modern computing device. The top-down style is similar to Escape Velocity Nova except you are not on your own, you are playing with thousands of other players worldwide. However, it is the invention system that really sets the game apart from all others.

The very first person to enter VoidSpace, upon its release, will see a vast untouched world filled with nothing but raw natural resources. Like Minecraft, players will need to create their own infrastructure to survive. Exploring the world can yield valuable resources that are used to construct inventions that improve your lifestyle in the game. Banding up with other players for protection will not only make the game easier and safer, but it can also accelerate your technological advancement as a group. Player created societies are a big part of VoidSpace.

Utilizing Html5, we will be able to deploy the game on any computing device that supports a modern browser. This means that the game will be playable on desktops, mobile phones, and even some gaming consoles . You will be able to play your character on your desktop and then continue right where you left off on your mobile phone while you're waiting in line somewhere.

VoidSpace affords you a great deal of griefer protection. Player characters are always online and, while this may seem counter intuitive, it is actually the foundation for character protection. This concept, coupled with the fact that when a player is offline their character is controlled by an artificial intelligence, creates additional protection for characters in the game because AI controlled characters will default to defend themselves, their group, and their group's belongings.

Characters are given no significant skills when they begin the game. In VoidSpace, a skill is anything that a character is capable of doing including:
  • Manufacturing an item
  • Performing a special action on a piece of equipment
  • Teaching other characters new skills or ideas
Characters will generally get new ideas for a skill or invention randomly but the algorithm will also take into account other factors like the character's base intelligence, or the character's knowledge in a particular field. A player can choose to try and create a working prototype from an idea and a successful prototype then becomes a reproducible skill for the character. The materials, attributes, and properties of the end result of the skill will differ each time a new skill is created. No two skills or inventions will be exactly the same. Everything man-made must be the first invented by a real player character.

Automation will be a big part of the game, even when you are not actually actively playing. Set your character to work on long projects while you're offline, defend your base and your belongings while you're offline, or set up long trips for the artificial intelligence to follow. This will allow the game to be played by both casual and hardcore players.

Code and Cross-Platform

We are taking advantage of what we consider the "perfect storm" of technology that has come about in recent years. Html5 allows us to create a visually rich game on almost any device and it serves as the foundation for the graphics in VoidSpace. We are also employing a framework called GWT (Google Web Toolkit) because it allows us to share code on both the client and server side. This means that creating objects that simulate perfectly on all systems, client and server, is much easier. GWT allows us to concentrate more on game development and less on the logistics of maintaining simulation code in two different coding environments.

We will also be taking advantage of PhoneGap for creating native applications for mobile phones. PhoneGap is software that allows us to easily create iOS, Android, and Blackberry (and a handful of other mobile operating systems) native applications that you can easily acquire through their respective markets. This means that if you're not comfortable playing a game in a browser, you won't have to. We will even be providing standalone desktop versions of the game using a similar technology.

Why Dogecoin?
  • Dogecoin was founded on the idea that a digital currency should be fun and friendly, and we believe this ideal fits in very well for an in-game currency.
  • Unlike Bitcoin, Dogecoin's value is much less than a dollar, which makes it better suited for a game currency. It just feels better to get paid 1000 Dogecoins rather than 0.001 Bitcoins.
  • Dogecoin transactions are much faster than Bitcoin (~8x faster) and Litecoin (~2.5x faster). This means that putting money into your account or sending money from your account will be much faster.
  • Dogecoin has support from many currency exchanges so you can easily convert Doge into the currency of your own country. However, we would encourage you to check out Dogecoin services online that will accept Dogecoin directly!

Mechanics using Dogecoin

We will be creating an experimental MMO server that allows you to spawn a new character at the cost of some Dogecoins. The dogecoins you pay in will be randomly distributed throughout the game world as a mineable resource. Which means that you can actually make money by playing the game. Not only will you be able to mine Dogecoins in-game, but you will be able to trade them with other players, or even attack players and loot their coins.

We will also be allowing for custom servers to be created where all players who join the server have to pay a buy-in in Dogecoins, and the player who survives gets to keep the coins at the end of the game.

Finally, the standard MMO server configuration will allow players to simply deposit coins into their characters so they can buy things from other players in-game. With this configuration, players won't need to mine the coins first. There will be some limitations on this configuration however. Players won't be able to remove coins from their character whenever they want. There will be a period once the coins are acquired that they will need to stay in the character's inventory. This is to keep players from stealing coins, and then removing them from the game so they cannot be taken back. Coins will also only be able to be removed in batches. For example, if the batch size is 1000 coins, and a player has 1200 coins in his inventory, he will only be able to "cash out" 1000 coins. The purpose of this is to keep at least a small amount of coins on the character available to be stolen/looted by other players. (Keep in mind that 1000 doge is currently worth about 40 cents)

Our Philosophy

We believe the video game industry is lacking in truly organic video games that model a real universe.

Traditional massive online games evolved from pen and paper style games; from a time when there was only so much you could keep track of before it got too tedious to play. But while computers and technology have advanced enough to better model the human experience in a game environment, games have continued idly down this path of game model simplification.

We believe it is time to break this paradigm. Games don't need to have a simple start and end; they don't need to simply simulate one aspect of life. We're ready to experience video games as a true and un-coddled participant in an alternate reality. We're ready to enter a vibrant and active reality that emulates our own, with no excuses and no deception, just the pure and simple emulation of a real world, where game mechanics only exist to ease the disconnect players face in a GUI.

For detailed information on how the game will actually work go to our website at:

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was a good project , just no commitment
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How is your holiday in hawai? You're good spending that million dollar you've received overall? bunch of liars
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Project is dead, right ?
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Been like 2 years why did I get hype over this shit
Sandwichman Apr 4 @ 12:57am 
Unfollowing, unfavoriting, and I wish I could unvote your game from greenlight as I am no longer willing to purchase. It's been years guys and no noticeable difference. You say you've got 1 million in funding but posting on reddit that you're working another job... and no noticeable work has been done on this game... yeah it's been years and no progress.

This game isn't going to get made. Stop stringing people along. This train ride/wreck will end eventually, the longer you wait to tell people the more pain it's going to cause them and you. Commit to making the game or stop now and give people back their money. Or at least apologize instead of continually posting sensational updates then not responding for months. I don't want to say you guys are intentionally scamming people because I think that you are just over your heads and afraid to admit it, but the longer this dog and pony show goes on, the more it looks like this was intentional. Do the right thing here guys.
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Oh great, another great idea set to be ruined by the awful idea of using real money/cryptocurrency for ingame purchases. This is a joke, right?
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Dogecoin? Something wrong with itcoin?
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"Voidspace receives $1 million in funding" - well that certainly was a big announcement o_O
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