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InSomnia RPG
Genre: RPG
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Players: Single-player, Co-op
Jun 23, 2014 @ 5:04am
May 2, 2016 @ 2:01am
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InSomnia status update
What we up to right now

Currently we are finalizing all the dialogues, descriptions and names for English translation which is going to be a starting point for all other localisations. We are talking about 3.5 millions of characters here, so you can imagine how important it is to properly handle such an amount of text. After it's all done we will pass everything necessary to the translators so they could deliver this vital chunk of the game in a proper way.

Publishing matters

One other thing we've been working on for quite some time now is finding a partner who will help us with all the things we are not quite familiar with including distribution, additional localization to other languages, QA, bringing the game to Steam and other similar platforms, and basically everything else that is mandatory to satisfy our backers and make InSomnia as good as possible.

We've already established quite a few promising connections with indie-friendly companies and now internally discussing what would be the best next step for InSomnia. This decision is to be made during February so it's quite possible you'll have an update on this next time we post news on Kickstarter.

Fighting Arena

As you might have remembered we have promised to deliver the Linux and Mac version of this separate combat testing build. This is still a plan and we have a few people in our studio working on just that. Meanwhile the whole thing continues to get updated (check out this video[] on our Instagram).

Digital rewards

And one last thing we wanted to talk about today: if you are eligible for a digital reward such as a custom weapon / NPC / outfit / avatar etc. and haven't contacted us yet regarding this matter - please hurry. One of the things we are doing right now is finalizing all this additional content for InSomnia, so please let us know your suggestions regarding these custom elements mentioned above.

This also applies to everyone who took part in "Fallen of the Object 6" initiative and didn't provide us with the name they would want to be used for their own personal cute (or not) corpse on the board of mentioned spaceship.

Talk to you soon, until next time!

Updated version of Fighting Arena is released
What's new?

Here's a comprehensive list of most recognizable features and mechanics that have changed:
  • fixed AI for all gunner NPCs engaged in close combat
  • fixed animation of rifle attack in close combat
  • sniper rifle is added
  • the impact system has been tweaked: now enemies will twitch when you hit them in the armour
  • Tyrang soldiers armed with sniper rifles / shotguns have been added as possible companions / enemies
  • character movements now look smoother
  • all execution animations became quicker
  • some bugs related to stimulator usage have been fixed
  • interface for planning your fight has been updated: now there's a certain limit of enemies / companions you can pick during one fight
  • new general music track was added to fight preparation area (written by our own artist and inspired by works of Mark Morgan)
  • the effectiveness of using ranged weapons in close combat has been slightly increased
  • middle quick slot can be used for grenades and can be reached by pressing G, while first quick slot can be used for stimulators and can be activated by pressing F
  • both Ctrl and C buttons can be used to sit
  • new types of armours have been added and some fixes to the old ones have been introduced
  • aiming logic has been changed, now you can shoot without actually aiming
  • both general and aiming interfaces were simplified
  • rag doll feature added
  • you can now perform all kinds of actions while sitting: attack, reload, heal etc.

Wait, what is Fighting Arena?

If this is the first time you hear about this, you should probably read this update first. This article is all about what we are trying to achieve with this stand alone build, testing suggestions, and it also features a quick reference to controls.

Give me download link, now!

Sure, sure, here you go[] (Windows only). No 4shared links this time as they proved to be not very user friendly. Let us know if you will have any troubles downloading from this source, and we will provide you with an alternative one.

We will be grateful for any kind of feedback as this will help us improve combat mechanics for the final version of InSomnia.

Until next time!

Release date: 2017 (TBA)
About the game

InSomnia RPG is a severe, ascetic world inhabited by the descendants of a once great nation that has left its planet when it was agonizing in the flames of war. The action takes place on a colossal, half-abandoned space station that has spent the last four hundred years travelling through the void towards the mysterious Evacuation Point.

The long years spent in the stern conditions have defined the character of the society built by the exiles among the rusty iron barrens. The station’s dwellers live according to the strict laws and obey the implacable doctrine of Order, the aim of which is to maintain the unity of the Nomah Nation till the moment when the settlers would set foot on an inhabitable planet and start their history anew.

Main Features:
  • An RPG in a dark, retrofuturist style - The action takes place on a colossal, half-abandoned space station that has spent the last four hundred years travelling through the void towards the mysterious Evacuation Point. Your character will wander through deserted tunnels and moss-covered shafts of long-uninhabited sectors; you shall visit the “space megalopolis” with rusty monuments full of echoes of the perished culture of Nomah; you will have to be on your guard in the slums of reservations whose dwellers eagerly exchange a stranger’s life for a handful of cartridges. The game’s oozy dark ambient soundtrack will help you to immerse completely in the atmosphere of this severe world.

  • Explore and survive - Innumerable secrets of the past are buried under the piles of debris in the abandoned sectors of the steel ark. Explore remote areas, but try to stay alive, for Object 6 reacts severely to those who attempt to disturb its centuries-old drowse. Hunger and thirst, fatigue and lack of essential resources, traumas and hostile environments will be as dangerous as the horrible beasts hiding in the dark of the tunnels of metal.

  • Character development and customization - Develop your character through his interaction with the environment, such as talking with NPCs or real-time tactical fights in single-player and cooperative scenarios. Deep character and item customization system helps to create not just a hero with a unique set of properties, but a living character who has his own story and temper.

  • Open world and random encounters and missions generation system - It’s up to you to decide where to go and what to do. The random events and missions generation system adds surprise to the gameplay, making the gamer’s experience unique every time when you can’t predict who, or what, is waiting for you behind the corridor’s turn.

  • Non-linear, multi-layered storyline - InSomnia RPG is all about branched dialogues, numerous tasks, a complex system of relations with characters and factions, points of no return, and having to make complicate decisions fraught with irreversible consequences in the game’s world.

  • Realistic melee and ranged combat system - The game features unique mechanics of both close and ranged combat. Every armor or weapon type has its own tactical virtues and shortcomings. The multi-level damage and wounds system, as well as destroyable covers, supplement the events with brutal realism.
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Sep 3, 2016 @ 11:29pm
i like the demo
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That Carry Jan 25 @ 10:00pm 
any updates?
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На вк пишут что ранний доступ уже в январе, че правда шоль?
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С Наступающим Новым годом!!!
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Any updates for this game?
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So you will the game released in November you said on Kickstarter. Now it is December and no release in sight
Alexey_Orlov Dec 1, 2016 @ 6:42pm 
К сожалению, проморгал игру на Кикстартере (не часто там бываю) и узнал о проекте чисто случайно....
Побегал в демо - очень понравилось. Жду скорейшего выхода в библиотеку Стима для предзаказа.
Молодцы, отличная игра получается! :)
Haradrim Oct 25, 2016 @ 10:55am 
Runs smoothly, overal great experience and someone called me a "bad dancer" 11/10.
Marcus Avis Oct 24, 2016 @ 1:30pm 
Ооо, годнотища! Ждём :)
samasta  [author] Oct 24, 2016 @ 11:09am 
Как-то так [] :).
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Как продвигается дело? :)