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InSomnia RPG
Genre: RPG
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English, Russian, Spanish
Players: Single-player, Co-op
Jun 23, 2014 @ 5:04am
Jun 8 @ 1:06am
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Inventory, items repair and crafting system

Shoulder bags are very important as they are directly connected with capacity and maximum weight your character is able to carry. In other words capacity and weight parameters means how much items you can keep in your inventory.

Your character can carry up to 150% of maximum weight. The same second you'll pass that mark no more items can be placed in your inventory. Starting with 90% your character will start to feel the negative effect of "Overload" which will get him tired much faster.

Durability of items and repair system

All items has their own durability in game. For example each time you attack someone your weapon durability decreases - the same happens with your armor whenever you get damaged. When items durability gets too low the negative effects will follow and it will be much harder to repair them. So basically it's in your best interest to keep your things in good order.

To fix your stuff you will need special instruments and appropriate skill. You will also need a certain amount of resources (depends on the type of the item and its overall condition) to perform the repairs. If you don't succeed your equipment stays unfixed and you loose all the resources you've used while trying.

Naturally you will be able to repair all kinds of items and not just armor and guns. You will have an opportunity to choose between a number of possible interactions with items (repair, disassemble, modification) depending on their type. For example you could use "Disassemble" on a non-functioning bot, and all three options on any given weapon or armor in your inventory.

There will be other means of getting needed parts other than disassembling things into pieces - just visit the closest junkyard. No additional tools or skills required. You might even be lucky enough to find a bunch of unique items while scavenging!

Crafting system

You will be able to create new items using workbenches of different types: for creating medical supplies; for mechanical objects; for hi-tech objects; for disassembling and assembling all kinds of ammo.

So whenever you'll feel like crafting something, you should send your character to appropriate workbench and use it. This way you'll see your current inventory with all available resources for crafting purposes and a list of items you can build.

The other thing you will need for crafting items are special schematics. Some of them will be available from the very beginning, others will be revealed with your Mechanics skill development. The blueprints for most unique items can be discovered by reading special books or can be taught by NPCs.

PS. as a little bonus we give you a video bit that demonstrates the current look of inventory screen.

The Children of Morach clan story and new screenshots
Clan history

The Children of Morach are one of the oldest clans who began their path in the days of Exodus. The "Morach's Almanac" (a sacred book of clan's legends) says that it all started with the rebels of Taloy city who illegally entered the territory of Object 6. Morach was their leader who united all the desperate people of Taloy into a powerful martial community during the first ellipses after the Exodus. At first they obtained only modest amount of resources with the small territory to claim as their own.

After Morach died his son became the leader of the clan. Borca was as talented as his father but his thirst to rule was even greater. Under his command the former citizens of Taloy were able to withstand the other competing factions and multiply their wealth. It was Borca who built the basis for Morachs Code of Laws and gave the appropriate name to the clan - "The Children of Morach". From now on only the members of Morach family were able to legitimately lead the clan. It is believed that this tradition was never interrupted and the myth lives on mostly due to the efforts of clan's leaders, even though many of them weren't real Morach's descendants.

Keves, the Labyrinth Overseer

During the times of Borca the clan was able to strengthen ties with Urb by supplying all the necessary resources to local authorities. This even granted them the non-official permission to extend their business in this sector with one condition only: no interference with Urb's interests. The next few dozens of ellipses brought a significant expansion of clan's influence. By 200 ellipse this allowed Dunn, the current leader of the Children of Morach clan, to perform a very audacious stunt of bringing a delta-module from Urb by paying a huge amount of money. Dunn submerged himself into the Great Sleep so he could eventually reach the Evacuation Point, which made him a living symbol of Morach clan immortality.

By the time of Zers Morach reign the clan itself began to stagnate after holding the leadership in sector D for hundred of ellipses. A young criminal gang of religious fanatics called The Bea Kera Society starts to grow its influence and drives clan out of the business step by step. Unfortunately for Zers none of his actions lead to any significant results.

A member of "Nails" gang

Being the descendants of rebellious patriots of the Hierarchy, the Children of Morach clan prefer to show this with specific visual motifs in their outfits. While Zers Morach leads the clan itself, his younger brother Kololey has his own gang called "Nails", generally consisting of all kinds of misfits. "Nails" prefer to have a radical appearance and make the life of regular Ghetters a really hard experience.

New screenshots

We have already presented you four fresh screenshots of the game previously, and judging from your feedback we took the right path with our stylistic direction. So basically now we are giving you even more screenshots to take a look at:

Release date: Q4 2015 on PC. Mac and Linux to be determined.
About the game

On a colossal spaceship, a young Noman awakens from cryogenic sleep - unknowingly holding humanity’s last best hope in his bare hands...

InSomnia is a Dieselpunk RPG that transports you to a retro-futuristic space station on a 400-year journey in search of a new home. Explore the world as a Noman warrior - or hide in the shadows as an outcast. Perhaps you’ll be a charismatic leader—or maybe you’ll become an apex predator with bloodshot eyes and a thrill for the kill. Either way, you will have to muster the strength to survive in order to find out why mankind has embarked on such a risky journey through uncharted space. InSomnia offers an epic, non-linear storyline with many ‘points of no return’ (think of them as forks in the road) and deep, immersive gameplay. The fate of the space station’s many inhabitants will depend on your choices.

Join us in the metal corridors and crumbling machinery of InSomnia!

Key Features:

  • Nonlinear Storyline - Embark on rich non-linear quests and missions with a multitude of possible solutions, complex decision-making, branched dialogue, puzzles & lots of Easter eggs.

  • Apocalyptic\diesel-punk stylistics with a dark, ambient musical score - Experience an RPG with the retro-futuristic styling of diesel-punk featuring man-made, apocalyptic landscapes. Explore the mysterious, colossal semi-abandoned space station that has been ominously on course to the mysterious ‘Evacuation Point’ for 400 years. All this underneath a dark, ambient musical score drawing the player in to this universe.

  • FreeDom of choice & Character development - Develop your character through tactical real-time combat & crafting systems. Combine hundreds of skills and abilities for your unique avatar, as well as manage and customize a huge number of items and equipment to produce a distinctive visual look.

  • Single Player\Co-op campaigns - Play through the atmospheric main campaign alone or with friends. Each player’s set of decisions and the choices they make in game will directly influence the main storyline.

  • Only the tough will survive! - Survive starvation, extreme weather, injuries. Uncover awesome loot in secret challenge rooms, so coop will be you of help!
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С PayPal разбираемся, спасибо!
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народ, а где новости и инфа на русском?
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Oh man, I can't wait for this. I hope the mac release doesn't come too long after the pc.
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congrats on being greenlit!
samasta  [author] Jun 12 @ 3:08pm 
We will try to fix the language issue as well. However curently you can change the language on the PayPal page itself by clicking on the first dropdown menu and choosing your country.

Before doing that change "ru" to "en" in the link you can see in your browser address bar ( ) - this will translate country names in the dropdown menu to English so you will be able to find your country.

I know it's all confusing as hell, but this is the only way to do this right now. We weren't aware this happened to people, so thanks for letting me know. Will try to make it easier asap.

PS . to register on the website itself use the "Register" link which is in the header of webiste. Thanks.
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Okay, I've clicked the PayPal link on the page and it's all in Russian, so I'll try again, later.
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I got to this place because the "Login or Register before backing" link didn't work for me, so I'd then clicked on the PayPal link (in hopes that it'd work out that way). Of course, should I back something to which I wouldn't be registered? This is what the page ( ) tells me to do.

I'll check out the link you've provided and see if I can both register and back the game.
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This is our forum board. Have no idea where did you get that link, as we haven't even announced it yet. It has nothing to do with PayPal pledges and the only reason to register there is to take part in the discussion. Thanks for pointing that out though. We have added the English version of the question and according English answers to it, so now it should work.

To pledge via PayPal though you'd have to visit this page []. The new version of the website is WIP but the pledging mechanism should work just fine. Thank you for your support!