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dAb titan
Platforms: PC, Mac
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Jun 8 @ 6:50am
Jun 10 @ 2:53pm

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Quote from 100%Indie
"We’ve been talking to indie developer Steven Teague about his superb Samsung Apps title dAb-Titan, which nails this tricky demand of sci-fi gaming perfectly. “I used to love the docking stages in Elite and space games where you use timing based projectiles like in Missile Command,” he begins, casually breaking our hearts by dropping the names of two of the most beloved science fiction games ever made."

dAb Titan : Space road trucking ;) , Deliver cargo by matching the rotations of automated space stations around the system while fending off pirates that want to steal your cargo in this unique 3D space combat arcade game.Avoid the cargo bombs, snake like explosive devices , aliens and battle cruzers all designed to fire missiles to brake the connection of your cubes - These float off and are collect later by pirates - you will be charged a percent for losses.

Many levels with a progressive curve and practice of passed levels.
Modest PC requirements ( Runs Great on my BayTrail Tablet windows 8.1 PC, Laptop and destop) .
Mac OS

The screen shots show the touch interface, is it a mobile port ? depends how you look at it really, sure most touch devices are mobile but I see it as a game first with a touch / KB/Mouse interface- but it was developed in visual studio and played mostly on a PC with a keyboard and mouse ( and plays slightly better for it too ).

But like most gamers I have a wide range of tastes and that includes touch arcade games. PC tablets I believe gotten quite good, so I certainly wouldn't mind seeing more of this stuff on steam.

Whether or not my logic is sound - is not for me to decide :-)

Thanks All !
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[FL] Hardcore Od Sep 13 @ 12:42pm 
what IS THE SONG!?
STVR Jul 22 @ 8:20am 
"Quote from 100%Indie" ... "Samsung Apps title" seems like they'd certainly be an impartial review source. :(
Клац-Клац Jul 21 @ 3:42am 
Just mobile shooter-timekiller. Continue scrolling.
Nod Jul 8 @ 12:49am 
no linux = no vote
Creatures Lie Here Jul 2 @ 10:39am 
We don't need another mobile game on Steam.
dreamॐ Jun 30 @ 10:20pm 
I'm interested in beta also, I've never beta'd a game but I would like to do so with this one!
Seems like a visual treat, and the ui seems cool too.
my email :
Sgt.Psycho Jun 20 @ 11:34pm 
joystick-breaking flashbacks intensify
IKAEs97 Jun 15 @ 11:29pm 
Hi, im interested in your videogame and i want to play a beta and test it. If you want I can describe the bugs and help you in the development of the game. Email:
Жирная мамаша Jun 10 @ 7:23pm 
Жирная мамаша Jun 10 @ 7:22pm 
nise game)