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Drew and the Floating Labyrinth
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Jun 8 @ 3:32am
Sep 17 @ 4:44pm

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"Drew and the Floating Labyrinth" Now On Desura!
Now on Kickstarter until August 30!
Release date: September 3, 2014
"I just want to go home..."

A hand-drawn 3D third-person puzzle-platformer for PC, Mac and Linux platforms. Control Drew, a lost young girl trying to find her way back home, through a series of abstract levels requiring you to use clues in the environment to find invisible paths, gaining color to her black-and-white character as you progress.

- Featuring hand-drawn HD frames of animation to bring the main character to life. Drew uses over 1,000 frames of animation to achieve her presence from multiple angles. Only possible using modern hardware requirements, this method inspired from older pseudo-3D games is updated for the current generation, and allows artists to make virtually any game, any genre, with hand-drawn art. Since it is achieved with individual images, this method can bring traditional, stop-motion, Claymation, live-action, and other animation styles in 3D games in a way never seen before.
- What if you played a platformer where the level was invisible? Simplistic yet full of potential, levels will use a variety of visual clues to help the player find their way to the end of each environment, requiring you to look before you leap, and be constantly wary if where to go next. A game of patience and observation.
- The simple narrative will show that Drew isn’t where she thinks she is, leading to an emotional conclusion.

Demo and more at , and Development blog at .
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Dust Scratch Games
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Dust Scratch Games  [author] Sep 10 @ 4:26pm 
Thanks to all of you! Every vote helps!
MartyrA2J Sep 9 @ 6:36pm 
I did a Let's Play on this game! Come check it out if ya like!
Big thanks to the developer for this great game!
Hope you enjoy.
AsteriCorvus Sep 9 @ 5:51pm 
Good luck:)
Wekse Sep 9 @ 8:29am 
Voted :)
harald.kertner Sep 8 @ 12:27pm 
Voted and bought on Indie Royale. Good luck!
kelicottia Sep 8 @ 12:03pm 
hmytos Sep 7 @ 1:22pm 
It looks interesting. I hope the geame will have achivments :) I voted. Good luck ^^
syky_finisher Sep 6 @ 10:48am 
Great game, based on a very good idea. Looking forward to it.
Johann Sep 6 @ 10:23am 
I'm voting yes, but I hope the devs add a bit more ... graphics ... to the graphics. Know what I mean?
CallMeLight Sep 6 @ 3:36am 
good idea.
voted and good luck