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Genre: Adventure, Puzzle
Platforms: PC
Languages: English, French
Players: Single-player
Jun 5 @ 8:31am
Aug 5 @ 1:04pm

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CATYPH Making Of
Music preview
Release date: Q4 2014
CATYPH is a 1st person slideshow adventure set to be released in 2014, reminiscent of ASA: A Space Adventure.
(You don't need to know ASA to be able to play Catyph)

2062. Your character is an astronaut sent by Terra to explore the solar system, searching for signs of intelligent life. After having gone through incredible events, you finally land on Tytaah, a moon of planet Catyph . You quickly learn that a mecanism called the Kunci is the reason for your presence, and an previously unknown person asks you to get it working. You'll have to explore this moon and its regions to find crucial information.

Catyph has, once again, been envisaged as an experience, an interactive story based on exploration and challenging puzzles.

The gameplay of Catyph is based on traditional point & click games, similar to such famous series such as Myst and Rhem. The game is being developed using Visionaire Studio, which is the engine used by the Daedalic teams (Deponia).
With the help of the in-game data that you collect, and with the support of your AI, you must visit Tytaah and attempt to access all the hidden regions of this moon. Your main mission: understand what the Kunci is. The whole game relies on discovery and exploration.

Here is a free preview of the future OST of CATYPH:

You can also download it for free from the artists' page:

- Discover a new story in the Black Cube series (ASA, The Black Tower)
- Visit new and varied areas with nice graphics and video transitions
- Developed with Visionaire Studio (Daedalic), allowing HD graphics and more flexibility
- Different difficulty levels
- Over 10 hours of gameplay
- And of course, all new puzzles !

Release : 2014
Platforms : PC (Mac & Linux, yet to be confirmed)
Category : Adventure, Point & Click, Puzzle, Indie
Genre : Sci-fi, Myst
Language : English, French (more, to be confirmed)

Links: (news blog for the Black Cube series, including Catyph) (indie artists collective supporting the game)

Follow Catyph and The Black Cube series on Facebook:
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jimmyleg 20 hours ago 
Very much enjoyed ASA. Looking forward to this.
Fantastic game! I added it in my collection of wonderful Greenlight games. Good luck for your game :D
Yumcandycaramel Sep 3 @ 3:04am 
Beautiful graphics!
enginsari Sep 2 @ 4:16pm 
i played ASA, it was wonderful.. i think Catyph will also be wonderful =)
The icehouse  [author] Aug 29 @ 6:57am 
Thanks everyone for the good waves :)
TheSpartanWoman Aug 26 @ 8:14pm 
P.S. We need more Point & Click adventure/puzzle games!!!
TheSpartanWoman Aug 26 @ 8:12pm 
Love anything that reminds me of Myst. Great job capturing the look/feel. Looking forward to it!
KoO^JH Aug 19 @ 8:47pm 
Graphics very good level
Invisigoth Aug 17 @ 8:56pm 
Very Unique Game. It would be an interesting experience playing this game!
Voted 'Yes'.
Colenzo Aug 17 @ 7:18am 
Bilderbug... NO.