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Genre: Action, Arcade
Platforms: PC, Mac
Languages: English
Jun 8 @ 2:59pm

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New Trailer + Kickstarter FUNDED!
New Level -- Sandwater Beach!
Release date: Late 2014
Paparazzi is a multiplayer PC game in which one celebrity player avoids the constant pressure of the second player, the paparazzi. It's a simple yet competitive arcade-style game of cat-and-mouse, a test of your focus and reflexes, and a satire of celebrity culture.

As the celebrity in Paparazzi:
  • Run & Dash to avoid the paparazzi's camera
  • Hide behind buildings and crowds
  • Find adoring fans to regain your dignity
As the paparazzi:
  • Aim your mouse at the celebrity on screen
  • Rapidly click to catch photos

The winner of each round is based off of the celebrity's dignity and the paparazzi's money. Whichever is higher by the time the celebrity hits the limo wins!

It's frantic yet simple--you'll dash and click at lightning speeds to keep up with each other. It's competitive--every round goes down to the wire and it hinges upon on who is faster and shiftier. And it's silly--whether you're diving behind a DJ booth or letting your celebrity mullet fly in the wind, we promise to try and make you chuckle.

We're in development of a bunch of new levels, like a beach front, a mall, traffic, back alleyways, and a red carpet premiere! Each of them have different movement to the levels and different theming.
We're also making new playable celebrity characters to run around the levels with!
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