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Mass Vector
Genre: Casual, Puzzle, Arcade
Platforms: PC, Mac
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Jun 4 @ 3:01pm
Jun 7 @ 8:50am

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Slight delay on Mass Vector Release
Release Information
Mass Vector is a game of skill and patience designed for the PC.
In fact it's really 2 games in one with 50 speed levels and 50 trial levels.
The Speed levels are against the clock and are designed to reward the fastest players. These levels may look simple but when you are racing to get the fastest time you need to keep your cool.
The 50 Trial levels on the other hand are not timed but they will require skill, patience and perseverence to complete.

It allows four player profiles to be used so you can compete against your friends. The game also has full Xbox controller support too if you dont want to use the keyboard and mouse.

You control a small ship with a big thruster. The idea is to collect the various shaped blocks and place them on the green platform. How hard can that be I hear you say. Well by hovering your ship over the block and attaching the tractor beam you will pick up the block. But the blocks are different colours and weights. The Green and Orange ones are easy to move without an extra boost but the Red and Blue ones are heavy and will start to drag you down.

Some of the Trial levels are dark, so you will need a spotlight. This can be added as an upgrade to your ship along with some other useful things.

Check out the screen shots.
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Jul 2 @ 7:09am
Demo Feedback
Moving Pixel Games
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Jes†er Jul 20 @ 12:17pm 
I don't know why this sticks out at me, but I REALLY like the menu. The layout, the color choices... everything about the design looks great. I realize that it has little to do with the GAME part of the game, but I thought it deserved some extra attention.

Level design looks to be a convergence-based exercise in patience rather than a test of creative problem solving. Since I only saw a small handful of the 100 levels available, it's likely that some of the other levels have multiple solutions that challenge the creativity of the player as much as the patience. I'm going to assume that if it isn't in the initial release, it'll be covered in an expanded level pack.
M|O|O|N Jul 19 @ 10:09pm 
looks great
Moving Pixel Games  [author] Jul 16 @ 7:21am 
Thats a fair comment thanks. I had thought about redoing the main trailer as it happens :)
STVR Jul 16 @ 4:27am 
The trailer needs to get to the action a lot faster.
jc Jul 8 @ 11:52am 
Looks nice, sounds great. Can't wait to play it.
Jack_B_Quick Jul 7 @ 7:48am 
Reminds me of some aspects of an NES game called Solar Jet Man. Can't wait!
Moving Pixel Games  [author] Jun 24 @ 6:52am 
@KDStudios Thanks for the kind comments. The demo can be found on our website . We hope you enjoy it. :)
Century Jun 23 @ 3:38pm 
KDStudios (Dan) Jun 23 @ 2:49pm 
This game looks incredibly fun to play, love the mechanics and I love the way you can actually choose which peripheral you wish to use to play the game, be it K&M or a 360 controller. That's great.
Really looking forward to playing the Demo when it's available!
Actually, kinda excited :)
Who knows, may even make a video of that too.

Good luck!
It's a Yes, Favourite and Follow from me :)
μ'Ene Jun 15 @ 5:50am 
looks nice