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Graphics Update and Preview!
A big thanks to the community for all of the support and feedback.

Over the past few weeks, we have been incorporating "Next-Gen" graphics to our developer models and game pipeline. Its an exciting time for new tools as they are very accessible for Indies. We are very excited to show you the transformation thus far.

As we listened closely, the community stated the color palette was too hard to notice the Bonecrusher. As you can can see the old version below, it was infact very difficult to distinguish from the environment.

Going forward, all of the models will have this "Next-Gen PBR" update as we replace out the developer models. This will also include the environment in an upcoming update. We will continue to listen to feedback from the community! :) More to come!

The Abatron Team

New updates to Models and Colors

Abatron - Galactic Combat Evolved - FPS RTS Hybrid

Abatron is space warfare on steroids. Blurring the lines between Real-Time-Strategy and First-Person-Shooter, Abatron is the next evolution of hybrid game-play. Create armies, then switch to FPS and play any unit at anytime! Truly, get into the battle and turn the tide of war.


  • Play FPS or RTS at Anytime
  • Command Large Armies
  • Dedicated Servers for optimal game-play experience
  • Build Tower Defenses
  • Scavenge & Research Technology
  • Get Eaten by Alien Bugs!

Game-Play Modes:

  • Immediate FPS Play with AutoTech Feature, just join and Fight!
  • Player Lobby with Matchmaking, 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4 ....
  • Play with your own team or play together with shared units
  • Single Player with optional friends Coop!
  • Custom Maps!, You want it, we'll do it! ;)

Shrapnel and flames pierce and singe your armor; your eyes are blinded by the destruction of your defensive tower. As ground forces are dwindled & slaughtered, you discover new technology enabling long range bombardment. You decisively spend resources to create new SIEGE, GROUND, and AERIAL units.

While your enemy advances on the front lines, your flanking maneuver with starships goes unnoticed. Immediately, you switch to FIRST-PERSON-MODE. Now is the time to bring vengeance and rain death upon your enemy!

What is the story of Abatron? Eons ago, two technologically advanced races disputed territorial rights over a neighboring solar system. The dispute turned to widespread war and destruction, killing innocent lifeforms inhabiting nearby worlds.

In the aftermath, the remaining advanced races came together in an attempt to prevent this tragedy from ever happening again by forming the Council of Abatron. Abatron resolves disputes with controlled combat at the galactic level. Each faction brings forth its best warriors and technologies to battle it out, gladiator style, atop celestial remnants of the tragic past.

Pick from several races to play. Get your freak on by launching rockets from your belly, playing as the Haagenti. Spawned from the most distant corners of the galaxy and demon-like in appearance, they believed that guns were better than hands. Thus, using cyborg technologies, they transformed their bodies into weapons of mass destruction.

If Titans and Marines tickle your fancy, choose to play as Humans set in a futuristic time. Recruit today and select from an arsenal of weapons at your disposal. Send orders to build up defenses and find technologies. Then commence a bombing raid by flying a Raptor, or push through enemy lines by driving a Battle Tank, or do both and go get some action!

How long must I wait to play FPS?
Immediately! For each player that is on a team, a unit is given to get right into battle. The way we structured the code, you don't even have to play RTS mode at all! You are able to get technology just by killing enemies. :)

What is your max army size?
350 units are divided evenly between the number of Teams. So 8 players on 2 different teams would have a cap of 175 units per army. 8 players on 8 separate teams would have ~43 units per army max.

Isn't the army size too big for a FPS option?
We believe not. We have implemented special abilities just for FPS mode. In addition, you are able to level up heroes to play.

Can I customize my game?
Yes! You can change the cap size, starting tech, & starting resources. We know sometimes you just want to quickly get to the fight!

Do I lose my Leveled Hero when he dies?
Hell no! You spent way too much time fighting in FPS, so you keep your accumulated level/experience minus a small penalty for dying.

Is it hard to transistion between FPS and RTS?
No, we've spent alot of development working out the flow between modes. You are able to double click on ANY unoccupied unit to take control or simply hit the hotkey to release control. There is no limit or time constraints in changing units. In fact, some strategy is jumping into a unit to use his special ability, jump out, and then immediately take control of another unit. Repeat and rinse as much as you desire.

I'm a RTS player and I don't like FPS.
Well, we thought of that too. You are able to play the game completely in RTS mode. Your advantage comes more in strategy and focused tech upgrades. You still have the ability to build up heroes and enjoy the battle!
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Voted, would definitely like to see this one
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Nice Game, Voted!
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good game
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Sweet! Can't wait!