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Grimorum: 6.81b - 4-1-4 vs Carry
By MrGurimo
6.81b tremendously weakened Invoker's lane dominance. Instead of killing or zoning out your opponent in middle lane, focus on winning creep score and deny runes with forge spirit. This build is especially good against Blood Seeker, and Drow.

Map Awareness is very important. When you are free farming safely in mid lane, clear creeps with meteor, pull incoming creep wave away from tower with forge spirit, and destroy tower with alacrity. Mid tower can be defenseless for an entire minute!

At level 10, focus down your targets with forge spirits and cold snap. Meteor and Sun Strike are your next strongest spell. At level 16, you can start using the Tornado, Meteor, Blast, Ice Wall combo.

Do not attempt Refresher orb Combos until level 23 minimum.
Beware of heavy aoe magic heroes. they will blow up the forge spirits in just a couple of seconds.

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Lightning Bolt Jun 12 @ 7:08am 
Invoker's best spell is defeaning blast but since 6.81b the disarm is dispelled by magic immunity, which is a huge nerf late game.
to much sweg Jun 11 @ 12:23am 
wait a minute is this for mid or lane?
Away for 3 weeks Jun 10 @ 10:46pm 
Cold snap useless at earlier Quas levels? Cold Snap is an amazing spell at any level, dude. Arguably Invoker's best.
Черный Плащ Jun 10 @ 1:39pm 
Насос гайд
eyes on fire Jun 10 @ 11:37am 
<(Night assassin)> Jun 10 @ 10:39am 
laik mi nice
SS'MonstR[>---] Jun 10 @ 10:18am 
EveTater Jun 10 @ 9:15am 
How are you supposed to control the runes with forge spirits when you get quas at level 5? Also one level of quas would invalidate the use of tangos and salve.
{NF}De' HeL Jun 10 @ 8:49am 
nice. i mean very nice...
Chewvy Jun 10 @ 7:02am 
good one