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Genre: RPG
Platforms: PC
Players: Single-player
Jun 3 @ 12:59pm
Jun 5 @ 1:26pm

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Devious update #1
Release date: Early 2015
Devious is a turn based RPG focused in story, exploration and a dynamic yet complex combat system.
Take the place of David Doyle, an operative of the agency called CDA.
CDA was founded in 1967 after United States officially halted the project for mind control experimentation 'MK Ultra'. This agency was created with the purpose of analyzing and testing experimental battle equipment and technology in the darkest and most secretive operations.

Your mission will be to capture a former agent of the same company who decided to go rogue: Raymond Clement. A dangerous man, once a Navy SEAL and one of CDA's top operatives.

Use mind control technologies to recruit criminals and utilize any kind of useful resources to fight against this threat!
Customize your base of operations! Explore a big city full of side-quests and unlock tons of secrets and different characters to help you carry out the mission.
Over 20+ playable characters and more than 50 unique missions.

What are Raymond's motivations? What secrets is the intelligence agency hiding? You will soon find out.

If you are interested you can also support this project through Indiegogo.

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Gunstar Jul 17 @ 7:11am 
Looks cool
STVR Jul 16 @ 4:20am 
"Take the role of a government agent"... walks in circles, talks to himself
Lord of Gehenna: Naitsirhc Jul 8 @ 2:45am 
While its nothing new in the mechanics of a RPG, it could have a great story, interesting characters and badass altogether
Corporal Capy Jul 6 @ 5:01pm 
This game looks amazing, and I would definately buy it. I feel its your basic RPG but set in a modern setting, which makes it great
Sweggyswegger69 Jul 4 @ 8:23am 
First game on Steam Greenlight I actually WANT.
Looks and sounds amazing, need it.
NεяЪคร V>Taunt Jul 3 @ 8:16pm 
mattcoopz1485 Jul 2 @ 2:06pm 
Voted - looks slick
Dandy Stripper Jul 2 @ 11:36am 
Seems pretty interesting :)
Exiler Jul 2 @ 12:23am 
Paperthintelevision Jul 1 @ 12:51pm 
looks like the game dev got all of his inspiration from Metal Gear Solid. meh