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Jelly Wars
Jun 2, 2014 @ 5:50am
Apr 16, 2015 @ 1:24pm
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We are live!
Where are we?
Release date: Live on iOS, Android & WP8!
Jelly Wars is now available for everyone! Download on your mobile device by clicking the icon below:




The war is on!

Fight the Jelly War on an online battle arena with up to 8 players. Use a variety of bombs, teleporting and even shields to ensure your survival and make it out of the arena as the winner. Make sure you have the best set of bombs to fight with by building and leveling them on the bomb work shop, build with ingredients you have harvested and mined yourself. Get ready to challenge your friends and other players found online no matter which device they prefer. Jelly Wars will support every platform from iOS to PC!

The game will be out in fall 2014. Follow the progress and development of the game at our developer blog[].

Core features of Jelly Wars:
  • Free to play
  • Realtime battles for 2-8 players with sametime action (no turns = no excessive waiting)
  • Customizable characters
  • Bomb manufacturing
  • Factory building and leveling
  • Quests to keep your villagers happy
  • Keys to open hidden chests
  • Cutscenes that unveil the story of the Jellys
  • Sharing functions for your customized character pics and epic battle videos

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Who are you?
A: We are Star Arcade, an independent game developing company from Finland employing 25 game-enthusiasts. We have released a couple of games on mobile and Facebook in the past few years that have carried us through the developing process of Jelly Wars up until this point of near release. You can get more info about us and our previous works from our home page[].

Q: Is Jelly Wars just a mobile game ported to PC?
A: Yes and no. We made the predecessor of Jelly Wars (conveniently also named Jelly Wars) a couple years back exclusively on mobile platforms. However, the Jelly Wars coming up has been designed from ground up to work flawlessly on both mobile and desktop devices. Our team of testing has actually found that playing on desktop client can give you a slight advantage in battles due to finer control and bigger display.

Q: Is it just a Worms rip-off?
A: We feel honored to get compared with Worms but Jelly Wars is not a rip-off of anything. Like every great game, including Worms, we’ve had our inspirers from other video games of which Scorched Earth[] has had the biggest impact. Don’t get us wrong, Worms’ influence is there but we feel like calling our game a rip-off isn’t really justified. Think of first-person shooters, they all look more or less alike but the gameplay can still vary immensely between one another.

Q: Can it really be THAT cross-platform?
A: Yes. Our previous games have proven us that our cross-platform technology works beautifully. In practice, when you challenge someone in Jelly Wars you’ll have no idea whether your opponent is using a Kindle Fire, an iPhone, a GTX 780 Ti -powered PC or a typewriter. Ok, maybe not the last one but you get the image.

Q: This game is free to play. Surely it will have in-app-purchases?
A: Yes. To feed our programmers’ hungry mouths and pay the server bills there is a possibility to spend money in the game if you feel like it. For the impatient there is a chance to speed up certain processes like constructing and researching but let us assure you that it’s nothing you can’t do without spending a dime. There will also be some cosmetic products you can purchase much like in Team Fortress 2 or Dota 2. It’s important to us that you won’t feel like we’re hiding something on this or any aspect of the game and we encourage you to generate constructive discussion around everything you feel like knowing more about.

Q: Can you tell me more about your release schedule?
A: The release will be carried out in stages. First we’ll release it exclusively for a small audience in predefined country/countries and platforms. During this period we will polish the game to its perfection based on customer feedback. Once we’re starting to approach the finished product we will add more regions and platforms to the bunch and optimize the game even more but now with more platform-specific approach. We’re not following the common early access trend but we still want to make sure everything is not collapsing a day after the release, hence the staged process. You can expect to see Jelly Wars on Steam as soon as we are Greenlit.
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