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The Last Resort
Genre: Action, Shooter
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
May 31 @ 3:57pm
Jun 2 @ 6:17am

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Priority Changes
Changing Weapon Models:
Even though most of them look good there isn't a place on them that we can attach the attachments and also mace and tommy gun is a little bit random.

More Languages:
As soon as we figure out a way to implement this we will be adding different languages by request.

There is actually a shop implemented in the game that works but the shop menu looks kinda terrible, as soon as we make a proper menu we will activate the in game shop where you can buy ammo, damage upgrades and new weapons.

Door Control Boxes:
They are currently just soda machines :D

General Info
Currently the game is in alpha phase and it's a First Person Shooter base defense game where the objective is to protect the laptop that is holding crucial information while surviving the oncoming waves of zombies. The map includes a main base scructure with two gates. Inside the base there are several structures and also the building containing the laptop. There are two phases in the game. In the night phase you have to defend your base meanwhile during the daytime you can go outside to find ammo or kill the zombies wandering around to collect easy money. We have alot more things we plan to implement into the game depending on the response we receive from you.

The gameplay is similar to most FPS games. Every zombie killed drops a certain amount of money that you can use to repair the gates. There are crates outside that you can brake to find ammo. The zombies will most likely head for the laptop if they break the gate and if you are not around so be careful to remember protecting the laptop. If you don't want to play with anybody else you can play single player.

If you want to play with other people you can go into co-op to check if there are any servers and if there aren't any servers you can create one and another player can join you at anytime.

Future Plans
If the game receives good responses we have a few things we plan to implement including:
*New Enemies
*More Weapons
*Attachments&Weapon Upgrades
*New Levels
*Different Game Modes
And much more

We are planning to add much more languages but the demo is only available in english.

This version of the game is kinda easy for the demo and you have unlimited ammo on your pistol also there are unlimited waves so you can play as much as you want. Servers might not accept more players after a limit as they are kinda limited for now.

PC Download Link:

Mac Download Link:

Linux Download Link:
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GarryMod 18 hours ago 
Thank's unity 3d, and ufps... still look like ugly, shouldn't be on greenlight
Jacksfase Jul 28 @ 10:14am 
how to test a game ?
Archon Xtreme Jul 21 @ 11:37am 
Now I have to admit i absolutely LOVE zombie games but unfourtunatly im cant justify liking this. The trailer feels like a youtube lets play rather than a legit trailer, the graphics are something from the doom era with a little 3D thrown in and overall the game looks too dark to be able to make any sense at all of whats going on. I have to agree with RAGINRICKY this may turn out to be something amazing but at such an early stage in development i cant vote for this. Sorry.
RAGINRICKY Jul 18 @ 4:05pm 
same old crap, nothing special. semms like some guys spent two hours on unity and created, well, this. if your going to make a game, at lease have some origal ideas and concepts before you start because this game seemed to have none of that. im not saying that this could couldnt somehow turn around and be the most amazing zombie shooter game in the world, but lets be honest, i am really saying that this game is a pile of duck farts with a mix zombies.
STVR Jul 15 @ 8:43am 
Unfortunately, The Last Resort had to file for bankruptcy, not because of the zombies (travelers called them "quaint") but rather the name. It's a bad name for a resort.
Pirata™ Jul 14 @ 8:04am 
[RO"NI] Mazafaker Jul 14 @ 4:52am 
good game
Dragonborn Jul 13 @ 12:35am 
не особо хороша
vlad_ghost2002 Jul 12 @ 2:16am 
you can't really expect for anyone to like this even in a remote way.
Susurrus Jul 11 @ 7:09am 
What the hell do zombies want with a laptop?