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Gravity Core - Advanced Brain Trainer
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Players: Single-player
Jun 3 @ 10:11pm
Jun 17 @ 8:24am

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What if you are too talented to be challenged?
Release date: Herbst 2014
„The superior man is distressed by the limitations of his ability; he is not distressed by the fact that men do not recognize the ability that he has.”
(Confucius, Chinese philosopher, 500 B.C.)

“You remind me of my hamster, which hasn’t much to offer besides fat cheek as well.”
(E.V.E, artificial intelligence, 2132 AD)

  • Anti-Casual Braintwisting Space Shooter: Combining elements of a space shooter with puzzles, challenges to your sense of orientation and perception
  • 50+ levels
  • Hundreds of different obstacles (some of the complexity of complete levels) and enemies needing different approaches to complete the missions
  • 10+ weapon and defense systems
  • Cockpit mode for gamers who have completed all missions and need a very special challenge
  • Full keyboard/mouse, gamepad, joystick support
  • Support for the Oculus Rift, other VR systems and head-tracking systems like TrackIR
  • A story about pride, hope, betrayal and psychotic episodes of an artificial intelligence who likes to talk about the downside of rodents a lot…
  • Complete voice acting of 1000+ lines of dialogue (in as many languages as possible)

Gravity Core is an Anti-Casual Braintwisting Space Shooter focusing on combining the direct training of coordinative abilities with the fun of fighting in a modern space shooter accompanied by a psychotic artificial intelligence.

After 28 years of war, most of the humanoid life forms are close to extinction, large areas of the six inhabited planets lie in ruins. And even though the survivors felt safe after the peace treaty of 2131, the worst threat still lies right ahead. Attracted by their gravitational forces, the debris of thousands of annihilated planets and countless destroyed fleets is moving towards the still populated planets. With increasing speed, they threaten to extinguish all remaining existence.

In a desperate move to rescue life itself, the scientists onboard the spaceship M.O.T.H.E.R. have ordered the highly developed artificial intelligence E.V.E. to create a defensive weapon against the new threat. The result is a force field that is generated by two twin ships and can destroy even the most serious dangers: the Gravity Core.

The player controls a space ship in three dimensional spaces, avoiding the increasingly complex debris, operating rising numbers of weapons and defensive systems and trying to somehow cope with the ever growing challenges of the missions and E.V.E. herself.
The idea to Gravity Core has emanated from a small research project aiming at the software-driven activation and thereby training of coordinative abilities. Since - quite contrary to expectations - the result was a lot of fun and because of the positive feedback from the test persons, we have decided to further develop the project into a complete game including story, up to date graphics and progressive difficulty. We are of course fully aware of the enormous potential of the Oculus Rift and are planning to develop full Rift support as soon as we get our hands on our own version.

WARNING: Gravity Core will be challenging, anti-casual and just as frustrating as failure due to one’s own lack of abilities can be. But in the end, nothing is quite as satisfying as admiring one’s own progress at the end of a mission.

…or as E.V.E. likes to put it: “All he did was manage to press eight buttons in the correct order, and already he's grinning like a stoned meerkat.”

Our testers’ comments:
“Damn!” (Michael, 23)
“Thanks to Gravity Core, I am no longer addicted to Minecraft.” (Jan-Torben, 35)
“Could I get E.V.E.’s phone number?” (Thomas, 17)
“You’ve gotta be ♥♥♥♥ing kidding me!” (Irene, 21)
“Since I started playing Gravity Core, I no longer have to get up in the middle of the night to pee!” (Peter, 47)


„Den edlen Menschen kränkt sein Unvermögen; ihn kränkt nicht, dass man ihn nicht anerkennt.“
(Konfuzius, chinesischer Philosoph, 500 v. Chr.)

„Du erinnerst mich an meinen Hamster, der hat bis auf dicke Backen auch nichts zu bieten!“
(E.V.E., künstliche Intelligenz, 2132 n. Chr.)

Gravity Core ist ein Anti-Casual Braintwisting Spaceshooter, der das gezielte Training koordinativer Fähigkeiten mit dem Spaßfaktor eines Spaceshooters an der Seite einer psychotischen künstlichen Intelligenz verbindet.

Nach 28 Jahren Krieg ist ein großer Teil der humanoiden Lebensformen ausgerottet, große Teile der sechs bewohnten Planeten liegen in Trümmern. Doch obwohl sich die Überlebenden nach dem Friedensvertrag von 2131 in Sicherheit wogen, liegt die schlimmste Bedrohung noch vor Ihnen. Tausende zerstörte Planeten und unzählige zerstörte Kriegsflotten bewegen sich – angezogen von den Gravitationskräften – auf die noch bevölkerten Planeten zu. Mit zunehmender Geschwindigkeit drohen sie, alle noch existierende Existenz auszulöschen.

In einem verzweifelten Versuch der Rettung hat die Forschungscrew des Kreuzers M.O.T.H.E.R. die hochentwickelte künstliche Intelligenz E.V.E. mit der Entwicklung einer Abwehrwaffe beauftragt. Das Ergebnis ist ein von zwei Zwillingsschiffen erzeugtes Kraftfeld, das auch die größten Bedrohungen zerstört: der Gravity Core.

Der Spieler steuert ein Raumschiff im dreidimensionalen Raum, weicht den zunehmende komplexeren Trümmern aus, bedient eine wachsende Anzahl an Waffen und Defensivsystemen und versucht irgendwie, den steigenden Anforderungen der Missionen und von E.V.E. gerecht zu werden.

Die Idee von Gravity Core entstammt einem kleinen Forschungsprojekt, bei dem es uns um die Software-gesteuerte Aktivierung und das intensive Training insbesondere koordinativer Fähigkeiten ging. Aufgrund des entgegen der Erwartungen hohen Spaßfaktors und der positiven Rückmeldungen unserer Probanden haben wir uns entschlossen, das Projekt zu einem kompletten Spiel mit Story, zeitgemäßer Grafik und progressivem Schwierigkeitsgrad auszubauen. Natürlich ist uns auch das enorme Potential der Oculus Rift in diesem Bereich nicht entgangen, so dass wir hier eine Version anstreben, sobald unsere Rift eintrifft.

WARNUNG: Gravity Core wird fordernd, anti-casual und so frustrierend, wie das Scheitern am eigenen Unvermögen eben sein kann. Aber nichts ist am Ende befriedigender, als den eigenen Fortschritt nach einer Mission zu bewundern.

Oder wie E.V.E. zu sagen pflegt: „Da hat er mal zum richtigen Zeitpunkt acht unterschiedliche Knöpfe gedrückt und schon grinst er wie ein Erdmännchen auf Koks.“

Das sagen unsere Tester:
„Verdammt…“ (Michael, 23)
„Dank Gravity Core konnte ich meine Minecraft-Sucht besiegen!“ (Jan-Torben, 35)
„Kann ich die Nummer von dieser E.V.E. haben?“ (Thomas, 17)
„Wollt ihr mich eigentlich ver♥♥♥♥♥en?“ (Irene, 21)
„Seit ich Gravity Core spiele, muss ich nachts nicht mehr zum Pinkeln aufstehen!“ (Peter, 47)
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Jun 6 @ 5:18am
< >
gravitygames  [author] Jul 19 @ 1:46am 
Hi ExpertCheng,

good you ask. Chinese would actually be possible since we have pretty good contact to a team there. It would mean considerable amount of work but if there is enough interest, it could be done. Just tell your Chinese friends who might be interested in the game to tell us. So: anyone interested in a Chinese version - leave a comment here.
[CN]ExpertCheng Jul 18 @ 4:01pm 
great game , but could it get Chinese?
MaRkV Jul 13 @ 12:07pm 
This sounds like an interesting concept. Hope it gets released on steam.
gravitygames  [author] Jul 8 @ 9:20am 
Thanks for the information - I've taken a look at it and even though the concept looks quite similar and definitely interesting, the challenge is rather a different one: while both share a focus on coordination, Gravity Core will focus a lot more on 3-dimensional space when controlling the 10 thrusters on your ship while E.V.E. balances the Gravity Core. Plus: They have a fish and a bird - we have a psychotic AI who likes fish sticks- seems to be a different target group ;-)
annoying pyromaniac. Jul 7 @ 2:20pm 
... a game came out on ps4 almost just like this exept it had a fish and a bird and you dont blow asteroids up.
MrDarkness26 Jul 6 @ 11:22am 
good game :3
Purseus Jun 30 @ 5:18pm 
This game looks really interesting.
NiDiGi | Gunter Jun 30 @ 10:51am 
This game here would be quite an interesting piece of old-fashioned, beautifully-designed space arcade, though it has one bad feature: those ships fly in empty space, void, thus they cannot leave a smoking trail behind. Still, you're doing a great job guys, so you've got my Greenlight!
isuyeon Jun 30 @ 6:03am 
nice aesthetic, interesting concept. i would definitely love to give this game a try. i don't think i would be very good at it haha... but that never stopped me from trying :)
Noobie Jun 28 @ 3:44am 
Definately looks like something different and interesting.. also voice is great haha!