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The Hit
May 17, 2014 @ 1:12pm
Jun 11, 2014 @ 4:49pm
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New mission: kill the rumour.
Kickstarter is live!
Release date: Fourth Quarter 2014
Take the role of a hitman in a busy online city. A pistol, a mobile phone and a level one security clearance at the mysterious Agency are your tools. Use them well. Stay incognito, or the next hit could be on you.

The Hit is stealth-shooter with focus on multiplayer (though it'll be posible to play offline, single-player). Team up with your friends, or go head to head in tense competitions to find and kill your target first.

Remix Your City
As a member of the Agency, you will be assigned a home city. Use powerful tools to create buildings and interiors, change the rules, and remix the city any way you want. Download free buildings and objects to use in your city.

Dynamic Narrative Gameplay
The Hit is being developed alongside a brand new player-driven dynamic narrative system. A ‘story-director’ AI monitors the player’s actions and the state of the city and can introduce events as needed, and tailor them to the current situation and characters. Read more here:

In-Game Interface
The phone is an all-in-one interface. Use the camera to photograph potential targets, view the city map, or access information on your contract.

Thousand of NPCs
Experience the first online multiplayer game with thousands of NPCs. New technology allows for over 10,000 NPCs in online environments. Hide among the crowds, track down your target and try to spot the enemy agents before they spot you.

Realistic Difficulty
This ain't your regular shooter. Bullets are deadly, and you won't last long in a shootout with the cops. If you're caught, and you can't talk your way out... you'd better run!

Live Role-playing
Run live roleplay sessions, with the ability to change the world around your players, write dialogue in realtime for your NPCs to speak, or even step into the world as a character. Multiple Game-Masters can work together to create the best possible game, and a unique experience for your players.

A Five Year Plan
The Hit will remain in a rolling alpha for the next five years at least. I have a plan for the ‘finished’ game, but it’s not something I can achieve in a hurry, even with the tools I’m building, so I’m developing the game in stages. In the next few months I want to launch the core game, with assassinations, multiplayer and basic remix tools. Then, over the next year I want to improve and refine the core experience, and gradually add more weapons and equipment, driveable vehicles and more. Eventually you’ll be able to create complete, fully playable stories from scratch in a matter of hours.
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Jan 7 @ 1:07pm
Any updates?
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deathapus Aug 4 @ 12:22pm 
I'm so excited!
aDFP  [author] Aug 1 @ 2:33am 
@deathapus I've got two demos almost ready to roll out, one with the detailed graphics you've seen in the trailer (City 1), and one with a fully procedural and editable city (City 0). I'm working on the new NPC system, which should be in the City 0 demo within the next week or so, and then I'll be concentrating on the pathfinding AI, interiors and object/interior editing.

So far then:
City 1: (high detail) Walkaround in an empty city (so far)
City 0: (low detail) Walkaround (including simple interiors), city generation, destruction, NPCs (limited AI), building exterior editing.
deathapus Jul 29 @ 10:54pm 
Looking forward to the demo, what features of the possably final game might you be showing off?
The Wilfinator Jun 12 @ 9:26pm 
congrats on being greenlit!
deathapus Jun 8 @ 2:34pm 
Very nice job on the destruction. And you seem to be updating semi-regularly again. I hope to see a demo soon. Looks good and great progress is certainly being made. Thank you for your time.
aDFP  [author] May 24 @ 5:51am 
I'm genuinely sorry for taking so long, but there's a few upsides to this. Some of the features I had planned for future development are going to end up in the release version. I've written a completely new mesh generation system for the city, which will allow for completely dynamic destruction, plus interiors for every building. Also, editing features will be available from the start, so you'll be able to customise your city, design your own buildings, and some other stuff that isn't quite working yet, but will be soon. Best thing is: the new codebase is far cleaner and simpler than the old one, and will make extending the game a lot easier.

I'll be releasing a fully-useable demo of the city editor on Patreon soon, so I'll make an announcement then.

See you in the city soon!

aDFP  [author] May 24 @ 5:51am 
Hey all. This is going to take a while.

First of all, the reason why I haven't released yet: For various reasons, the game as it stood wasn't what I wanted to release. The codebase was a mess, the gameplay was fragmented and some features weren't working as intended. It wasn't terrible, just not up to my standards, and not something I'd feel comfortable asking money for.

I figured I could either polish it up and ship it as it was, in which case it would probably be yet another rushed, buggy game, and updating it would be like fighting through treacle. Or.. I could take a step back and spend some time with the code, see what parts needed some simple refactoring, and what needed throwing away and rewriting from scratch, which is what I've done.

I intend to keep working on this project for a long time to come, so making a solid foundation seems to be the way to go.
Potato May 23 @ 1:30pm 
Release date?
deathapus May 23 @ 11:00am 
I don't mean to push, but have you got a small idea of a release date? Have you at least been working on it in your spare time or is there just too much stuff happening? Thanks for making a cool looking game demo though!
johnmcgregor Apr 27 @ 9:09am 
Been following this for a while. Hopefully you can ramp up development.