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Untold Universe
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Multi-player
May 29 @ 7:25am
Jul 23 @ 9:16am

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Release date: Early 2015
Untold Universe is a space voxel sandbox MMORPG about colonizing and shaping a huge and uncharted universe.

The idea
Untold Universe intends to add over the cube-based voxel game concepts a social component thanks to the MMO part, and a strong gameplay giving players a goal and a role to play in the global colonization effort of the universe.

When connecting to the game the first time, you will be a pioneer freshly arrived from the known universe. You will discover the Border, a part of the universe that does not obey the same rules as ours, and is still to discover and tame. Equipped with only your ambition and the Valhalla Digital pioneer starter pack, you will have a chance to start back your life, and become one of the most reputed industrial, commander, pilot, pirate, or anything that could make you rich, powerful and respected by your peers!

The game's multiple small planets are made of cubes, that you can remove to harvest resources. Resources that will be useful to craft goods and build new factories, spaceships or many other structures that will prove essential to colonize and protect new worlds. Those who prefer action to building will be able to buy spaceships and weapons directly from those who produce them, and work at defending assets and convoys or to actually attack each other!

This are the global features we are targeting:
  • Massively Multiplayer Sandbox: Play with people from all around the world, team up to be stronger and shape entire worlds all together!
  • Explore an Infinite Universe: Land on planets of different types, then explore and exploit them! New ones will be added as more players enter the universe.
  • Build and Trade your Designs: Gather resources and use them to build anything from factories to spaceships then sell or use them to your own benefit!
  • Choose your role: The game will not limit you to a particular skill. Want to be good at something? Just do it!
  • Jobs system: Colonizing worlds alone can be long and hard. Those who want to make quick cash and meet new people to work with will be able to take jobs generated by other players corporations. Defend assets, find a place to mine, build infrastructures, many jobs will be available to improve in your favorite field!

Current progress and future
Currently, Untold Universe is in private Alpha. The game still is in a very early build, and does not contain many features.

But we are progressing fast, making new versions and adding new features on a regular basis. Along with new updates comes batches of Alpha keys, allowing more and more players to enter, test and help us build the game! We, indeed, are very interested in our players feedback and opinions, and are trying to adapt our development to these. Also, to be sure that we are building a game that the players will love, we are submitting the next feature choice to a players vote!

The game should enter a private Beta stage after summer, when more features will be implemented and the servers will be more stable.

The goal is to have a stable and pretty complete game early next year. This is what we intend to distribute on Steam. This means that if we are Greenlight, some time will pass before the game will be available on Steam, but when available, the game will actually be playable and well tested.

Alpha subscriptions are closed for now, but feel free to visit our website and come discuss with us on our forums for more informations or to share opinions and ideas!
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ryanjamiebrennan Oct 14 @ 5:38pm 
the game is really good, i've tried the demo version and all I can recommend is better graphics, an option for square blocks only for faster building, and sound. Hope full version comes out soon!
mireille Oct 12 @ 1:45am 
One big difference with minecraft is that this would/may be free-to-play. Another big difference is that this would include space travel / colonization.
Enough for me to eventually support the development of the game.
If moreover there can be an adventure mode similar to Tove or Starbound... with deep underground exploration.... on top of that of space!
best wishes
sarthosjacruga Oct 8 @ 9:04pm 
In my opinion, it does look a lot like Minecraft, but, then again, Minecraft did benchmark most everything you would come to expect from a sandbox game. Just like how you could say modern COD is a copy of Halo, or Soul Sacrifice is a copy of Monster Hunter. I say, i would definitely give this game a shot. Looks great, and more importantly, looks like something you could spend a lot of time on, even if it is just Minecraft with Space elements, becuase what would be wrong with that?
Shafylus Sep 28 @ 4:37pm 
Benzer345 Sep 28 @ 3:30am 
looks pretty good, but I think it might be a liitle too close to minecraft, try venturing out a bit - not everything has to be a cube!
StanislavZ Sep 26 @ 1:04pm 
Minecraft+Space= The best game ever, very good combination! :D
Neohanja Sep 26 @ 11:45am 
Great concept, but what makes this better than any other minecraft clone out there? I'll vote yes, in hopes to see something ground breaking.
Alexinawe Sep 25 @ 5:43pm 
love it, bump the graphics (textures) up a bit and it's a sure buy
Jack Booted Thug Sep 24 @ 12:40am 
Just upvoted.

Hope it gets on Steam. Relaunch the Kickstarter with a large marketing push before hand.
♪ Redix ♪ Sep 23 @ 3:18pm