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Genre: Adventure, Puzzle
Platforms: PC, Mac
Languages: English, French, German
Players: Single-player
May 14, 2014 @ 7:32am
Jan 9, 2015 @ 2:05pm
Release date: 2015
"Belode Woluk" tells the story of a young girl -Miono- on the path that will lead her to fulfill her dream of adventure and the beginning of a journey. On that path, she’ll have to deal with many simple but strong themes : it’s a story about growing up, friendship, love and hate, win and loss. And all those other amazing little things that make lives feel like heaven or hell.
To some extend, Belode Woluk is more about saving a soul than saving the world.


"Belode Woluk" is a game I always wanted to realize.
For many reasons : cause I wanted to tell a story, cause I wanted to see if it was possible to build something like this all by myself, cause I wanted to tell a story (yeah, really !), cause I love point&click adventure games, and cause I needed something to keep me afloat when nothing else made or makes sense anymore.
As I said in the summary, "Belode Woluk" is more about saving a soul ^^

Maybe I also wanted to show that it's possible to fight against depressions instead of letting them pull you down ? That it can be used as any other energy like joy or pain, to create things and eventually walk on the path of solace ?
But enough personal nonesense !

The game now !

"Belode Woluk" is a deeply personal one-man game, from writing to building the game, rendering everything, composing the music, etc... (eeeeerg XD)
I worked on it during the last 6 months. It took me the first 2 months to determine the ideal setting and storyline, and then, for the remaining 4 months, I worked toward the demo of the game, which represents the first chapter -or day- of the game.

The finished game will feature 6 chapters set in a fantasy world (each one lasting from an hour to 90 minutes I hope), over 20 fully rendered 2D locations filled with details, stories, animations, and humor. Plenty of humor.
Many characters with their own stories and problems. A world I tried to build as credible as possible.
And of course, the most important thing : good old point&click puzzles.

That demo is currently fully playable, from start to finish, and lasts something like 60 to 90 minutes depending of the players enthusiasm, patience or boredom XD But it's still being internally reviewed, so more to that later.

That demo will also help me to gather some feedback, and to see if the concept of the game is indeed interesting to anyone else but me. Cause working on something for so many months surely blinded me regarding it's eventual potential, so any awakening call will be welcome.
And should the concept gather some attention and enthusiasm, any assistance or advice to help me push the project toward completion will be more than welcome ! (maybe even gather some Kickstarter attention ?)
Soo, if there's anyone out there who's interested in helping me out a bit, do not hesitate and drop me a note ^^

See you soon for the demo (or if you're desperately looking to give it a try, just ask XD)

Thanks !


• Regarding addtitional langages : as I'm doing the whole work all by myself, French and German are the only ones I'll be able to add at this time. I could eventually add Spanish, but I doubt we'd go very far with my 10 words vocabulary D8
But if the game gathers enough attention, more langages will definitely be added.
Except Inuit. Sorry guys...

Video is... eeew... done ^^
I wanted to follow wilco64256's advice and hide the whole project til I had an even better video to show, but sadly, for some reason, Steam refused to let me hide it again, so I was kinda stuck in a dilemma : either leave the project up without a video, oooor... rush a video. Obviously I picked the wrong choice, so I rushed the video XD (Why Steam ? Why did you betray me ?! Whyyyyyy ?!)

Thanks Mohammed Shifan for the recording software tip, the one you suggested worked way better than the one I tried before ! But now I shall also apologize for that awful logo I'll have in the top of the video XD

And also, thanks Skoardy and wilco64256 again, for your advices to remove those ugly WIP parts. I initially added those cause these two scenes are the ones I'm currently working on, and as I know they can still totally change, I thought it would be better to display some huge and ugly yellow WIP warning. Which was obviously a really stupid idea XD Thanks and sorry for your eyes ^^
(I liked it actually... farewell, ugly yellow signe... I'll miss you...)

Wasn't a great start so far, and I apologize for my amateurism, thank you all for guiding me in a better direction ^^
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