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Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
May 13 @ 5:42pm
May 13 @ 6:43pm

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Release date: FALL 2014
Solipsis is an intense Full 3D side-scrolling stealth platformer. Traverse the mysterious caves of the ancient world within 20 levels in order to fulfill your hero's destiny. Run, Cling, Climb, Blink and more to gain an advantage over unknown foes and obstacles within your journey through the temples of the old world.

- 20 Levels of varying difficulty
- 2D Sidescrolling with Full 3D graphics
- Run, Jump, Climb and Blink your way to victory
- Original In-game soundtrack
- Easy to pick up, tough to master
- Supports Gamepads
- Level Creator
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Otterbug Sep 11 @ 10:58pm 
[BlackXS] Aug 29 @ 4:35am 
i like this game, and very like adventure game's like this, voted YES!
~N Jul 27 @ 7:24am 
So, where's the Stealth gameplay? Hard to see from the trailer.
"Frosst"Time Jul 27 @ 5:07am 
GOLD Jul 10 @ 4:12am 
Good game, Voted!
Earlich Jul 9 @ 6:03am 
NincoleteUP Jul 8 @ 12:27pm 
It needs an improvement to the graphics, but, seriously, have you ever seen a kind of super mario with abilities like teleport??? I think Nintendo would throw every project about it and buy this game immediately.
ACEclipse Jul 7 @ 10:04am 
It sparked my interest. Would want to play it though.
Zoltok Jul 2 @ 11:17pm 
doesnt just look cool it looks fun too! Nice mechanics and simple graphics is very relaxing
Housecarl1066 Jul 2 @ 10:53am 
Looks cool. Voted. Good luck.