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Naval Action
May 12 @ 9:54am
May 28 @ 11:25am
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Current development plans
  1. Pre-order buyers will be invited to the sea trials soon. Those who want to help the development, will join the ranks of focus testers and will provide feedback on combat gameplay and sailing qualities of vessels in game.

  2. 4 new ships will be added to the game: Ontario and Light Brig will definitely arrive; Trincomalee, Santisima Trinidad arrival is probable, but they could be delayed by storms.
  3. Boarding combat will be added (as a simple abstraction of captain orders)
  4. Mortars will be added as a weapon and a Mortar brig will be launched
  5. Prototype untextured forts will be given to testing (light and heavy edition)

We are also working on the:

  • item system that will support loot, modules and ship captures and transfer
  • basic beta mission system to provide better incentives to participate in events and player battles
  • simple rank based progression.

Prototype open world map needs several things to be implemented before going out for testing, we believe that we can get it done before the end of the year. Initially we will be testing the map size and travel time on the open world. Current size of our Caribbean is 16 mln sq km. It currently takes 30 to 60 mins real time in the fastest ship to reach La Grenade from Guadeloupe.

All the latest updates are also available on our FB page

Exploration gameplay discussions
Release date: End of 2014
Naval action - open world multiplayer sandbox

Naval Action is an exciting, realistic, and beautifully detailed naval combat game immersing players into the experience of the most beautiful period of naval history - when sailing ships ruled the seas.

Long term features:

Beautiful ships – Accurate hull models, sail plans, guns, internal modules and parts, historical speed, turning and heel performance. Ships from trading ships and smugglers to small gunboats to large 100+ gun first rates will allow the player to experience every possible role of the Age of Sail period.

Realistic sailing – Advanced wind and physics model provides for realistic portrayal of ship’s performance in the age of sail. Yard angles, ship angle to wind, cargo, fittings and ship condition affects speeds and turning rates. Correct tacking, boxhauling, clubhauling and other elements of the age of sail sailing are possible. Hidden ship characteristics will allow to gradually uncover potential of the vessel – every ship in game will be unique.

Historical gunnery – Realistic ballistics and cannon performance of the period. Every cannonball is tracked in the air and after it hits the target. One shot can hit the stern, damage the rudder, then hit the cannon carriage, injure crew, ricochet from the floor and hit the opposite side. Listing and wind affects the shooting distance and will require change of tactics.

Weapons: All major types of naval artillery are implemented: from long guns to carronades, and mortars (of course limited by the ship role and its hull). Fort and land batteries will provide support during port battles. Fire ships and branders will also be present in the game.

Damage model: Leaks, splinters, loose cannons, demasting, raking, fires and all other hazards possible in that era. Damaged ship fittings and modules will change behavior of the ship.

No levels or classes: You determine what you will become. Player will get naval ranks and court titles though that will determine his/her income, admiralty or national benefits.

Community driven development. Players actively participate in development and some of your ideas have already been implemented. Content is immediately given out to players for testing and improvement. Share your thoughts in comments or on the forum

Current alpha ship line-up

  • Schooner
  • Navy Cutter
  • Light Brig
  • Frigate
  • 74

Exact replicas
  • HMS Surprise
  • USS Constitution
  • HMS Victory

The game will be shipped in 3 stages.
Episode 1: Multiplayer combat.
Episode 2: Upgradeable ships, crews, ranks, boarding
Episode 3: Sandbox open world, crafting and conquest

Early access content
10 ships
3 maps
These will be available after we get greenilght and get our build approved by Valve.
PC Only. DX11 supported video card required.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.
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Keltix Nov 25 @ 6:17pm 
how do i play the game if i have the early access code and everything?
Balck Nov 25 @ 9:14am 
Pre-ordered. PotBS vet, gave up on that game when they nerfed my first rates. Been searching for a descent age of sail game since. Found it :)
Wilberforce Nov 23 @ 10:52pm 
Ya think?
quenta Nov 23 @ 2:57pm 
There would be many POTBS fans and veterans playing this.
Grim DeGrim Nov 22 @ 2:27pm 
Going to be a good game. Looking great so far. Alot of the POTBS community is on the NA forums.
Claus Nov 20 @ 4:40am 
Cool.. if this Game is released... the Game "PotBS" = R.I.P..... Naval Action rules !
KittenyBunny Nov 14 @ 1:27am 
I might have missed this, but can you sail a ship with a player crew?
kbee Nov 13 @ 7:12am 
why am i only steam level 2 ????
kbee Nov 12 @ 11:51pm 
ChromeDark (OG) Nov 12 @ 8:55pm 
only thing the devs mention on naval action forum is that by end of NOV... they will let people play with the ships for those who pre ordered. Thas it