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Steam Ninja! Community Companion
By { Beans }
Get an overview with prices of all badges, backgrounds, emoticons, booster packs, and everything else for games with trading cards.
Info & Download
Steam Ninja! Community Companion will help you find badges and give you price information. Also it will show you all items from a game, including prices, give you options to quickly find the trading cards, and even Auto-purchase the cards.


For now, Steam Ninja! is a Google Chrome exclusive and can be downloaded from the Google Chrome Webstore, free of charge.

Download Steam Ninja!
Badge Pricelist
Steam Ninja has a nice feature to search for badges. You can type in a name and it will check if there are any badges available. You can also get a list of all games that currently have badges.

The list will also show you price information, and if you already crafted the badge. The various filters and sorters make this window even more powerful.

Background & Emoticons
On the page of a game and the badge page itself, Steam Ninja! will show you all market information. It will show you the backgrounds, emoticons, trading cards, booster packs, and all including prices.

Inventory with Market prices
Steam Ninja also takes care of your inventory, giving you up to date price information on your items. This makes it easy to sell off your stuff on the Community Market.

Quick Purchasing features
The badge page has links to all the trading cards you do not own yet. With one click you can open all the tabs for the remaining Trading Cards, this saves you a lot of clicks.

There is also an added feature for auto purchasing, this is only optional, and is only for those who are extremely lazy (me). If you want to do the purchasing yourself, just don't use this option.

Wishlist Highlight
Small added bonus feature. When you visit your wishlist, the Games that you already own are Highlighted.

Special Thanks
N7 Regenrek
Supported me from the first day I made this extension public. He also helps with concepts and testing.

Creator of the Badge Collectors group and Trading Card Finder.
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{ Beans }  [author] Feb 8 @ 2:16am 
@alkali ali, add me so we can discuss it. idk yet what the problem could be.
Alkali Ali Feb 8 @ 12:36am 
I occasionally use it, since my main browser is Firefox I don't use it often though and it doesn't work together with Inventory Helper: when selling several cards from my inventory the Ninja is disabled and doesn't show the prices and #of sellers for a chosen card anymore..
{ Beans }  [author] Jan 24 @ 3:31am 
Hey All, there was indeed a bug in SteamNinja, this should be fixed now! Have fun!
da3ouk Jan 17 @ 7:59am 
Beans, can I please have help the app is not Auto Purchasing! When I click it takes me to the agree page!!
schubert_philipp Jan 6 @ 4:48am 
Steam Ninja looks great - thank you!
{ Beans }  [author] Jan 5 @ 4:47pm 
SteamNinja! should be working better now. I am still working on it to improve it a little more, sorry for the downtimes!!
SanSan Dec 29, 2015 @ 5:50am 
maybe steam ninja become normaly nextday?

i think what happen, why Extensions not showing the price..
i reinstall and i install again and again...

and i see [author] say "Yea there are a lot of problems"

and we all sad.
Dreambox Dec 26, 2015 @ 12:12pm 
Is it because of all the problem from yesterday ?
{ Beans }  [author] Dec 26, 2015 @ 12:05pm 
Yea there are a lot of problems, also with the Steam servers. So no Ninja! today im sry!
s_otto Dec 26, 2015 @ 4:15am 
Any new information?