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CivCraft - Legends of Ellaria
May 8, 2014 @ 5:51am
Dec 2, 2015 @ 12:22am
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#Update 14 - A new name
  • Everyone who have downloaded the Pre-Alpha will still get updates and the latest versions

And as usual, thanks for the support and we're almost at the second version

City life gameplay video + Pre-Alpha information
Release date: Late 2015
About the Game

CivCraft - Legends Of Ellaria is a new game concept of combining First Person Action RPG genre with Real Time Strategy (RTS). You can rule kingdoms, build cities, shape your land, fight epic battles and control magic in a vast and immersive open world.

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Focus on your own story
Go on quests and leave your subjects to expand your kingdom or be the one to rule them in an easy and intuitive management system. Focus on the main story or build your own.

Be who you want to be
Decide your style by perfecting any or all of the wizard, builder or warrior classes and subclasses.

Play the game in your own style to accomplish your own goals
Control an open world, explore and find new creatures, items and cultures, build cities and weapons, fight monsters and armies at your own will.

Shape your world
Experience a new game engine that allows you to destroy, level or shape your terrain. Explore an endless land full of magic, enemies and riches.

Be Creative
Craft weapons and items, construct any possible structure on any spot you desire. build specialized buildings and form cities. manage your subject to build farms, tame animals, chop trees and dig for resources to empower your kingdom.

Rule your kingdom
Manage your kingdom, form cities and manage their economy. rule and specialize your subjects into effective civilians, builders, warriors or wizards. Use your subjects to expand their territory and conquer other kingdoms. Meet other kingdoms and conquer or ally with them in a non-linear sandbox engine.
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Arath Hunter May 26 @ 5:24pm 
I got the link awhile ago earlier this month

Also yes Rise & Fall was epic, my only complaint for that game was the direct control was focused on energy, health and attacks used it up, which made it more limited then I'd like.
FireBurst May 25 @ 4:58pm 
Anyone bought the Early access from their website can tell me how long it takes to receive the DL link?
^0|KLC| ^4E^7L^8oyros May 21 @ 7:21am 
Rise & Fall: Civilizations at war was epic! good example!
Arath Hunter May 20 @ 12:00pm 
that is a cool idea, an idea I myself was planning to do along with this game. But I haven't considered navel combat yet, maybe somewhere along the lines of Rise & Fall: Civilizations at war, where you're topside on the boat, and can directly fight and board enemy ships? That was one of my favorite features in that game, and would be a cool way to acquire new ships for your fleet too! With a dock to fit the captured boats with your designs/colours too, that would be pretty cool.
^0|KLC| ^4E^7L^8oyros May 19 @ 11:38pm 
if you could make the rts part to be more of stronghold like game it will be perfect.
^0|KLC| ^4E^7L^8oyros May 19 @ 11:36pm 
imagine this: you build your castle,your friends play only as heroes,do quest and after some time the "senario" unfolds,you sent troops and go to war,whle your friends are in the battle like in lord of the rings.

btw ships? what about ships naval battles,trade ships and transports ships? imagine to find an island and sent out gargo ship to settle in,you sent your friends to protect and scout the island.while you build the settlment and make trade routs with ships,imagine ships ale barrels and full of items traveling back and forth,and some times with your friends on them,sailing out. cool ha?
Arath Hunter May 18 @ 2:39pm 
Love the new build! Still gotta try the town building aspect as of yet, but I find what represents the combat to be a nice start on the new setup, Optimization is still something that needs work, as it's overheated my gtx 970 a few times, but I'm sure you'll fix that sooner or later somehow. I've died a couple times due to magic and close combat being a bad mix, but I enjoyed using it, starting a new game after dieing however gave me a infinite loading screen, had to restart each time. Can't wait to see more progress!
zammorach May 18 @ 1:10pm 
I can not wait to get and play this.
𝓧𝓲𝓪𝓸𝔁 Apr 25 @ 8:13am 
Larkon Studio  [author] Apr 13 @ 1:11pm 
We're still working on it, and will have a new version by July for our supporters, but we don't know a release date on Steam yet.

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