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CivCraft - Legends of Ellaria
May 8 @ 5:51am
May 28 @ 11:29pm
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CivCraft - Legends of Ellaria’s Terrain
Our campaign is canceled but we move on
Release date: Early 2015
About the Game

CivCraft is a full FPS Sandbox game with special features from RTS & RPG game genres to extend the gaming experience and give you a maximum control over your kingdom. However, CivCraft is a lot more than just different game genres combined. CivCraft allows you to chose how you want to play and how to accomplish your missions; whether to attack in first person or with an army.

CivCraft - Legends of Ellaria is a fantasy RPG, where you play in first person, but in CivCraft, you are the king and control an entire kingdom making an exodus into a new and dangerous realm. Your task is to rebuild your kingdom and fight your enemies, and you can build cities, engage in epic battles or explore the mystical land by yourself. Anything in your world is changeable and any building or terrain can be destroyed or rebuilt. CivCraft is also a full sandbox game that doesn't limit you to a set of maps or rules, and is very rich with ruins, artifacts, enemies and resources.

CivCraft - Legends of Ellaria was published on Kickstarter on the 25th of May.

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Focus on your own story
Go on quests and leave your subjects to expand your kingdom or be the one to rule them in an easy and intuitive management system. Focus on the main story or build your own.

Be who you want to be
Decide your style by perfecting any or all of the wizard, builder or warrior classes and subclasses.

Play the game in your own style to accomplish your own goals
Control an open world, explore and find new creatures, items and cultures, build cities and weapons, fight monsters and armies at your own will.

Shape your world
Experience a new game engine that allows you to destroy, level or shape your terrain. Explore an endless land full of magic, enemies and riches.

Be Creative
Craft weapons and items, construct any possible structure on any spot you desire. build specialized buildings and form cities. manage your subject to build farms, tame animals, chop trees and dig for resources to empower your kingdom.

Rule your kingdom
Manage your kingdom, form cities and manage their economy. rule and specialize your subjects into effective civilians, builders, warriors or wizards. Use your subjects to expand their territory and conquer other kingdoms. Meet other kingdoms and conquer or ally with them in a non-linear sandbox engine.
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Obo Aug 28 @ 2:49am 
Very interesting concept, when is due to release?
k2mikita Aug 25 @ 8:41pm 
Mind blown!
andrey201987 Aug 24 @ 6:12am 
๖ۣۜOmbre Aug 4 @ 7:10am 
SamSugab Jul 30 @ 3:56pm 
-IDE(R)- Scion Jul 20 @ 3:48am 
Seems great!
Fikiy Jul 18 @ 2:37pm 
Does the game still on develoupment? This game is awesome
I have been waiting for this a loooong time!
Denchik_Red Jul 8 @ 2:52am 
_I_ Baman _I_ Jul 4 @ 2:38am