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The best CS:GO custom maps from workshop.
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by KMM_Strong_Arm
64 player spawns
Bomb defuse with 2 bombsites
Lot of open area for snippers.
Remake of the css version.

Credits: In text file packed in bsp....
Created by Serialmapper
This is a defuse map created for large servers with over 30 players, and a casual game type. It features 2 bombsites. I made the map initially for CS1.6 back in december 2009. The map it's played since then on many servers around the world. It became more...
Created by Squad
Bomb defusal level set in a mediterranean village.

Additional textures and models by Magnar Jenssen and Rick Underhill (http://missionimprobable.org/)
Additional textures CG Textures (http://www.cgtextures.com/)
Additional models by Cpt Ukulele (www....
Aztec_UA (bomb/defuse)
Created by Invalid nick
UA Abbreviation - Urban Assault - www.UA-clan.com
Reworked version of the original CS:GO level de_aztec, hopefully more T-sided.

- added middle rout between dubble door and bridge room (T-side)
- added connecting corridor at water level (T...
Created by 'RZL
A bomb defusal map designed for competitive play.

The germans are on a vacation in a mediterranean village, but their vacation doesn't last long.
The local seperatists plan to take over the place by destroying important key positions!
Good thing t...
Created by Klibbidi klister
A bomb defusal map set around an old industrial harbour....
Created by FMPONE
A bomb defusal map set around Chernobyl.

Terrorists are bent on destroying the evidence of a massive weapons-cache in the shadows of Chernobyl.

MAPCORE.ORG, will2k, kikette and 3Dnj, the GOSHOW and FIXATION,...
Created by ICS
Callie is a small village at the mountainside. It has been invaded by pirate terrorists and secretly deep undercover SAS special forces have been sent to stop them in the south american area.

Thanks to Niels Gade and Eugenio Roman for bringing up few i...
Cbble ClanGame
cbble clangame.es version....
Created by Skybex
Bomb / Defuse mission
Counter-terrorists have uncovered a plot by terrorists to release nerve gas in Chinatown. Stop them!...
Created by Niko
A modern, multi-gamemode map. Every weapons fits in. Close to Long Range spots.


Executivos estão planejando assinar um acordo que irá inovar toda a tecnologia mundial, esse acordo será assinado no dia seguinte.

Terroristas viram a opor...
Created by Xanthi
Remake of cs_compound, A large open hostage map. Features improved graphics, extended routes and more..

Check: gameconnect.net and mapcore :)

Follow me via twitter: @jvanwerkhoven

Created by :]
De_core is a competitive map taking place in a secret U.S. Nuclear Weapons Facility somewhere in Alaska. Terrorists are trying to destroy a reactor core and a storage containing nuclear warheads.

The map's first release was 2010 for CS:S and in coopera...
Created by ZloyKOTЯRA
Remake of most favourite Half-LIfe map "crossfire"

Features:Optimized for Defuse gamemode
Suitable for all gamemodes
Created by Spoliarium
reworked version of cs_assault

- your comments and suggestion are very welcome....
Created by Un'kn0wn
This is a remake of the well known map cs_estate from Counter-Strike 1.6.
I tried to keep it pretty close to the original one but still visually upgraded to fit the modern CS:GO style.
This map is ready for the latest CS:GO update....
Created by XxXlolgamerXxX
Terrorists have captured the people living in this country house and stole their belongings.
The anti terrorists are on their way to save the hostages.

A remake of a clasic map

max. player: 32

remake by: latingamer/XxXlolgamerXxX
original by: C...
Created by Ztridus
A house assault map. CT spawn near the garage and are tasked with rescuing one hostage from the second or third level of the house. T spawn behind the house.

Note that the map is NOT finished yet as it is currently in beta. In the meantime, feedback is...
Created by UNREAL
Total redesign of good'ol DE_ColdBlow

Like bombs better? Why not check DE_WarmBlow?

Created by Adolphin Hitler
The day before the Belleview private cruise launching from the ceo's house, terrorists decide to attack. They have planned to either destroy the cruise ship or the ceo's safe hidden inside his trophy case....
Created by Ktta
The original author of the maps chose to withdraw from activities related to mapping for personal reasons.
I chose to post those maps for CS:GO players, to continue to enjoy and play on them.
All the credits go to Serialmapper, which I'd like to thank f...
Created by Tanuki
Bomb defusal in a decomissioned base. This medium sized map specializes in corridor fighting and map control....
Created by Tanuki
Bomb Defusal in the Jungle. Fast paced gameplay with a variety of options for snipers and close quarters players....
Created by dżej dżej
1 to 1 chateau port from css...
Created by ds-
Snowy industrial-themed map designed for competitive play.

If you like this map, please rate it!

Created by Sam
A Bomb Defusal map set in and around a convention center.

Complete with navigation mesh and radar.

Supports up to 32 players.

Thanks to the folks at MapCore for playtesting and feedback!

Created by Moo | CALR
Map has been completely overhauled from the previous source version. I listen to the community and implemented everything I could. The layout has completely changed to make it more balanced.

NOTE: This is BETA 1

Things are no...
Created by catfood
A bomb-defuse map based high in the mountains.

Counter-Terrorist motivation: Today we are send on a special mission by the government. We think it has something to do about terrorists getting their hands on leaked information about reopening the abandone...
Created by FMPONE
A bomb defusal map set in Spain.

Terrorists are on a mission to obliterate an oasis of world heritage in Spain.


Read about Crown in PC GAMER:
Created by catfood
*Imported from CS:Source*

map made by catfood

catfood server:

In this map you fight as rats in a dutch kitchen, this time the kitchen counter is the bombingtarget for the terrorists.
The Counter-Terrorists spawn in the kitchen cabi...
Created by | Dru
Not My Map, Purely For Server Hosting Purposes....
Created by [CCG] Heipau

Map author : SPiNM

DieNamenlosen.com only Custom

Server IP:
Created by Dimbeak
Invade a brick building with a bombsite on a rooftop and another in a wooden shed!

Thank you for playing my map!...
Created by marcopixel [AT]
Middle-sized winter bomb/defuse map for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Collaborative project between me (project idea, detailing, optimizing) and Pavle Bodi (defragen1; lighting, gameplay improvements.). Remake of his own map, de_frost for Counter-...
Created by marcopixel [AT]
Middle-sized winter bomb/defuse map for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Collaborative project between me (project idea, detailing, optimizing) and Pavle Bodi (defragen1; lighting, gameplay improvements.). Remake of his own map, de_frost for Counter-...
Created by uPd4t3d Data
This is a remake of de_guerrilla (credits to audizmann) from Counter-Strike 1.x...
Created by FMPONE
The simplified edition of Gwalior -- all the fun with maximum FPS.

Thanks to Kikette for his help with the map's art assets -- and check out MAPCORE.ORG


Please enjoy the call-sheet and youtube video by The CS:GO Show (thegoshow.tv)...
de_industry2002 (beta)
Created by MHB
I made this map for everyone who enjoy de_dust2002 in cs 1.6. Please feels free to comment and tell me your opinion. cheers...
Created by dB4d | MadMax
Classic d00ds map ported to CS:GO with minimal changes.

20 spawns per team, for a total of 40.


Non-workshop version (Updated November 12th 2013): http://www.mediafire.com/download/hrxxukbq5ashkyl/de_lost...
Created by Moo | CALR
Beta 3 of de_mill...Name has also been changed.

Servers will need to change the map rotation txt to de_mill since the name has been changed....
Created by Moo | CALR
This is the Final version of Mill. The name has been changed for the reasons of, people who downloaded Mill from Diff sites will get an error.

Mill-CE Changelog:
--Changed Inside lighting around the entire map.
--Added an entrance to B-Control from SA2...
Created by SacoETrampa
Typical bomb mission map, with 2 bombsites. White walls and the absence of fog make visibility optimal for sharpshooters.

Focused on a simple design with relatively few esthetic features for clear, competitive matches.

Will be fixing any possible b...
Created by Ktta
The original author of the maps chose to withdraw from activities related to mapping for personal reasons.
I chose to post those maps for CS:GO players, to continue to enjoy and play on them.
All the credits go to Serialmapper, which I'd like to thank f...
Created by Ol' ToMoBoBo
Hey everyone, it's Ol' ToMoBoBo!

This map was made for the 2013 Gamebanana Rats Mapping Contest!

A remake of the once famous de_rats_2004_crzy, this map has it all! Ride the train, fly the ufo, or get diced by the desk fan!

Hope you guys enjoy!

Rats ...
Created by Ol' ToMoBoBo
Hello! I am Ol' ToMoBoBo of Ol' Clan. This is my map, Shack. It has been in development for a very long time. Enjoy!...
Created by dB4d | MadMax
Brute's competitive map ported, with some tweaks, to CSGO.

Added to the workshop as a placeholder until Brute produces his own version.

32 Spawn positions....
Created by poLemin
The map is aimed to be a 5v5 competitive map.

Any constructive feedback is appreciated and can be sent to: polemin30@gmail.com...
Created by Ktta
The original author of the maps chose to withdraw from activities related to mapping for personal reasons.
I chose to post those maps for CS:GO players, to continue to enjoy and play on them.
All the credits go to Serialmapper, which I'd like to thank f...
Created by Newti636
Presentation of the map De_Villa
this map was played on Counter Strike:Source
My goal is to make it competitive 100%
I you gives the screenshots following...

Created by Tanuki
Hostage Rescue in the city. This map features high value choke points that need to be controlled to keep attackers at bay....
Created by testoverride
Remake of fy_pool_day2...
Created by q-_-p
A radical group of eco-terrorists plan to destroy a classified refinery under construction in the volatile Persian Gulf region. There are two locations at the site that are known to be targets for the groups attack.

de_gulf - A Bomb-Defusal map design...
Created by FMPONE
A competitive bomb defusal map set in India.

The British are back in India -- and they want their tea! (Also, they'd like to protect historic Fort Gwalior from Terrorists)

Thanks to Kikette for his help with the map's art assets -- and check out MAPCORE...
Created by Blade x64
Terrorists infiltrate and wreak havoc within this undisclosed installation.

Overall, I strove to provide a unique and varied battleground. Designed to give Terrorists a fair amount choice on how to push bomb sites while giving Counter Terrorists good o...
Created by ICS
Action packed hostage rescue map.

Hostage rescue mode map that has lots of ways to rescue hostages and prevent them from rescued. The other hostage is in basement/garage area and the other is upstairs. Still relatively close to eachothers so they can b...
Lite Classic
Created by Anthony
A remake of the classic Defusion map de_lite from Counter-Strike 1.6!...
Created by MDS
Shoot out at McDonald's. Skyboxes are not my specialty but the lack of a detailed skybox is hardly noticeable while you're playing. The building and it's immediate surrounding was my main focus. I'll probably work on making one in the future but for now...
Created by Single
de_lodge (ver 1.10), a defuse map for CS:GO, by Single.

The terrorists plan is to blow up either the safe in the lobby (site A), or the gas tanks outside (site B). The SWAT team got an anonymous tip-off, and were able to make it to the lodge in time to p...
Created by *JaCuS*
Remake of a legendary map. (at least for me)
Redesigned and featuring 2 bomb sites.

Special Thanks to
Anplagd (for doing completely nothing)...
Created by FMPONE
A hostage rescue map set in a Museum.

A creationist terror-squad has taken over the Hurg Museum of Natural History!

Thanks to 3DNJ and PENE for their help with the map's art assets -- and check out MAPCORE.ORG

Please enjoy the youtube video in th...
Created by Skybex
Bomb / Defuse mission
The SAS is on a mission to disarm a local weapons market who have got their hands on chemical weapons in Lahore, Pakistan.

Special thanks to the Mapcore.org community for generally being awesome...
Created by OrnateBaboon
Entry for the 2014 CEVO/CS Banana contest.

-> Defusal map
-> 32 Spawns
-> Custom KV file GIGN V Separatists
-> Competitive design

Special thanks to Mapcore for the constructive feedback, Skybex for being my main "feedback guy", and to RZL and Puddy for...
Created by S!rK
A small Arms Race Map build for a Mapping Contest held by mappingbase.de!

Thanks to incounterstrike.de for supporting me and testing the Map!

Map is now playable in Classic and Demolition-Mode!

The Bombsite is ON the Divingboard ;)

Visit my yo...
Created by 3Dnj
A Bomb/Defuse mission set in a mexican jungle full of Mayan relics.

As a terrorist, destroy one of the two weapon storages, there is one in the temple and one outside.
As a counter-terrorist, prevent the destruction of weapons and save the Mayan ruins.

Created by There can be...
A competitive map set in an industrial facility (original huh), specifically made for the GB/CEVO contest....
Created by SPiNM
After waiting for one and a half years on de_tuscan by Brutesmaps, we decided to create one of our own based on both the source and 1.6 version.


Map created by SPiNM and SpheXion...
Created by Serialmapper
This is a defuse map created by me initially for CS1.6, then ported to CS:S, and now to CS:GO. It has two bomb sites. The map it's designed primarely for large public servers with over 30 slots and a casual game type.
It is optimized to sustain a large n...
Created by Andre Valera
Skyline is a remake of the classic Piranesi map. The goal with this project was to add an element of competitive game play within the original layout specifically for Global Offensive. Giving Piranesi a much deserved visual upgrade allowed for drastic cha...
Created by 3Dnj
Remake of cs_siege, a large hostage map from Counter Strike 1.6.

As a counter-terrorist, infiltrate the industrial complex to rescue the hostages.
As a terrorist, prevent the hostages rescue.

A map created by Moroes and 3Dnj. Origial map by n0th1ng....
Created by ted
A bomb defusal map set in a Greenhouse complex called Season Bio-Research Inc.

The NSA has classified supply stashes in the area that the Counter-Terrorists must defend....
Created by Tanuki
Seaside is a bomb defusal map set in a decrepit port. It is a small map with water hazards. Players can jump over these hazards to create shortcuts and confuse their enemies....
Created by Rambo
Competitive bomb defusal map. Still under development. Please leave feedback to make this map better!

Looking for play testers, http://steamcommunity.com/groups/dedrudgemapgroup...
Created by leplubodeslapin
Remake of the famous "fy pool day" map from Counter-Strike 1.6.

Fight Yard objective (fy_) :
Grab a weapon on the floor and fight !

Impossible mission : plant the bomb.

CS:GO remake by leplubodeslapin
Additional content by Bendix8 ...
Created by 24-23
Aztec League Version - Bomb-Defuse
Modified by Oblivion and Blight
Contact: AndrewMazurkiewicz@gmail.com

Counter-Terrorists: Prevent the Terrorists
bombing the archeological site.

Terrorists: Destroy the valuable Aztec ruins.

Other Notes: There are 2 b...
Created by lexxor
Terrorists tries to break the launching of Keystone IV spaceship.


Map has been updated @ 22-aug-2013!

List of changes:

-added deathmatch mode
-increased ambient color brightness
-fixed player clip issues near bomb place A
-added g...
Created by µVinneri
De_Theos 5v5 Competitive Map

Map is semi-modern demolition map taking place in drug dealers homefarm in unknown location. Police have found the secret hideout and are trying to prevent terrorists from hiding trails. Terrorists are trying to destroy the...
Created by Blade x64
Blade Edition of the official de_aztec. This version attempts to balance Aztec while avoiding deviating too much from the original. Any testing and feedback would be appreciated.

-Added ramp from water to bridge
-Stairs now lead to side hall...
Created by SPiNM
GameBanana/CEVO CS:GO Mapping Contest 2014

A bomb defusal map just outside a city.
Abandoned industrial place.

All this is original work, i used parts of the lay-out of Cpl_Fire(1.6) but many things are different like timings, meetings points, ...
Created by Andre Valera
Top 10 Finalist for CEVO / Gamebanana mapping contest

Includes Bomb / Defuse and Deathmatch game modes.

Based on parts of the Brooklyn Naval Yard and the surrounding areas.
Created by Moo | CALR
Map Exclusive: Cyber Amateur League Reloaded[calreloaded.com]
Status: Public Testing

Take the old Mill, and make it new. Moo did exactly that, and more with this new rendition of Mill. The infamous CT sided map favorite...
Created by Alexadros2311
De_abbey is a bomb defuse map set in an mediterranean village. It has two bombsites, a partially destroyed abbey and lots of differences in height.
This map is made by Alexadros2311 for the GameBanana/CEVO Mapping Contest 2014.
GB version: http://csgo.g...
Created by Gooba
Defuse map made for the cevo/gamebanana mapping contest.


If you like the map vote for it here! http://cevo.com/custom/vote/cevo-gamebanana-csgo-mapping-contest/...
Created by TopHATTwaffle

Authorities have discovered Allied Distribution Company to be a front for smuggling explosives. The smugglers must now race against the clock to cover their tracks before the police can gat...
Created by Reydifox
GameBanana/CEVO CS:GO Mapping Contest 2014

About the idea, The final idea its abandoned old factory in jungle. Terrorist come over the river into small beach or waste back part of the factory. Into wate back part of the factory are input opened doors. ...
Created by Chefi-
Map for competitive and public gaming. (Version 3)

See detailed map review by the CEVO PRO's!

PART 1[www.twitch.tv] - First look
Created by Serialmapper
I created this map for competitive play (gamebanana CEVO 2014 mapping contest), and won the second place after the public voting.
The action takes place on a deserted fortress island. It features 2 bombsites and 36 spawnpoints. The map has a balanced lay...
Created by Puddy
Stakes are high when a hostage situation arises in a downtown skyscraper. The sleek and modern offices of a prestigious advertising agency will soon become a merciless battleground.

Agency is a hostage rescue map that focuses on indoor environments....
Created by BanJaxe
This is a work in progress, please leave any feedback you have or any bugs / exploits / glitches you find in the comments. Thanks!...
Created by Deh0lise
Do you like night fights but not to go blind? no problem, blue light for everyone! Don't let the night stop you!

This is new release updates the theme and layout of my old de_rails map.

Using an intense blue light instead of yellow and with some s...
Created by 3kliksphilip
A competitive map where CTs must protect the quaint little mountain town from an ever-growing corporate monster that's hiring terrorists to blow stuff up

Watch a trailer for the level here http://youtu.be/4hyzJN9xrdk

Check out the night version here!
Created by Kane
A brand new bomb defusal map set in a well known french city, with full original layout and content.
Anarchists are trying to blow up the metro. GIGN force has been deployed to prevent them from doing it !

The overall architecture is deeply inspired ...
Created by Mcsnoogies
Map made for the 2014 Cevo/GAMEBANANA CS:GO mapping contest.

Map by Mcsnoogies
This is my first map for any CounterStrike game.

Special thanks:
CrEaTiVe and S@ved Community
And everyone else who helped playtest and provided feed...
map Version de_prodigy_csgo_se competition

New entry and middle bunker...
Created by RA_oNeR
the map is for 34 players max
it is a remake of the pyramid cs map
have fun
beta status

Created by jebus
Set in a fictional Nuclear Power Plant, play as the GSG 9 Counter Terrorists or the Phoenix Connection as the Terrorists attempt to cause a NUCLEAR DISASTER by bombing a shipment of DEPLETED FUEL RODS(A) or the PRIMARY COOLING TOWER(B)

Created by SHinema❤
This map was created for the GameBanana/CEVO mapping competition 2014.
Is the link to the submission on Gamebanana. please leave any feedback it is always apreciated....
Created by H.Grunt
Remake of a classic map from CS 1.6.

CS:GO remake by H.Grunt
Original Version by TYR

March 25 major update:
-Smoother gameplay
-Major visual update
-Single rescue zone is at CT spawn now
-Upstairs areas moved closer to the ground
-Better radar, place na...
Created by PARTY MAN X
Remake of de_stadium_cz from Counter-Strike: Condition Zero.

Fight in the halls of a stadium while the terrorists try to bomb two high-profile concession stands!

Re-released as the first one was first released when the map was still a heavy work in pr...
Created by SkyDusH
Hello guys. I want to show you a remake of CS 1.6 map de_rats_1337.

But this one is more beautiful, there is more ways and secret tunnels.

PS: Its recommended to download this map from:
Because there is inclu...
Map ported from cs:s and edited by clangame.es...
Fact ClanGame
de_fact Map version for www.clangame.es...
Created by The Horse Strangler
Designed as a tight, fast paced defuse map, BlackGold is set on top of an off shore oilrig. Take the role of Terrorists who have snuck on board and are planning to destroy the oil drill and crane, or Play as the Counter Terrorists flown in to stop the des...
Created by Psy
Fight through a dilapidated shipping yard in this 12-player defusal map. (The map does support up to 32 players but was designed for 12 players or less)...
Dustec - Aztec/Dust2
Created by Secsci
The terrorists are tired of losing in Aztec so they've broken out of that map to this alternate universe. Unprepared, the terrorists decide that the Temple of A and the Trashbin of B are perfect targets. They scribble out some notes to get prepared for th...
Created by Alouette
Original map, textures, design by Skyle and Muldyer

Port to CSGO by Alouette

Rats map, defuse the bomb mode
up to 32 players

Bomb sites at cucumber and pan...
Created by TastySlopsicle
A fun, pink rats style map with support for Classic and Deathmatch. Originally created for CSS by some guy (also frequently used in Trouble in Terrorist Town). Re-created for CSGO by Kinderzimmer Community members (I have no affiliation with them. They're...
de_torn (based on the original cs map) current version de_torn_b2
Created by turnbullTeRRoR.gc
A remake of the classic 1.6 map. This current version de_torn_b5 is almost complete.

Based on original concept/layout map by Crinity and Madcross...
Created by Dreyzie
de_lumber takes place in a rundown lumber mill. The terrorists are seeking collection money from John Parker, owner of the mill. Destroying his only asset will surely get his attention.
Created by Wesley Snipes

Still in beta Still in beta Still in beta Still in beta Still in beta Still in beta
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