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Genre: Action, Adventure
Platforms: PC, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
May 5, 2014 @ 10:52am
May 28, 2014 @ 11:26am
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Gamescom and Alpha Stage
Gamescom 2014
Three of our teammates are heading to Gamescom in Cologne, Germany to represent and spread the word on Otherworld! We won't have a booth, but we'll have a playable demo to test out. We're really looking forward to meeting fans and getting some feedback to improve.

Since we have no booth, you can contact us at: to schedule a place to meet, play the demo, and chat with us. To schedule, tell us when, where, and who you are, and we'll get back to you.

Alpha Build
We're now officially in Alpha build. We've introduced new weapons, an intro, a dialogue system, new biomes, interior spaces, quests, and we're wrapping up the first dungeon and boss.

Our latest biome concept soon to be implemented.

A concept for the interior of the first dungeon. We hope to have it implemented in time for Gamescom!

New Dev Video
Otherworld is currently a Work in Progress. We are implementing many mechanics, and we can't wait to share it with everyone soon!

Otherworld is an exploration procedural action-adventure game that takes place on an undiscovered alien world. You play as the Engineer who escapes from a large malfunctioning spaceship falling into Otherworld’s atmosphere. After crash landing, alone with no survivors, the Engineer explores, and uncovers a vast alien world, filled with civilizations, and a dark conspiracy. The player must learn to explore and understand the hostile alien world, and at the same time, find a way to go home. Otherworld will have action-adventure mechanics, such as crafting, combat, questing, and dungeon-crawling. The eventual goal of the player is to leave Otherworld by reaching a high level of technology, enough so to construct a powerful and efficient rocket.

Key Features:
  • Explore a procedurally generated world of alien biomes, dungeons, cities, villages, bandit camps, temples and ruins.
  • Fight in real-time combat against the native predators of Otherworld and other hostile enemies.
  • Craft and progress through tiers of technology, from wood and stone, to robotics, rocketry and bio-engineering.
  • Interact with the native race of Otherworld, the Cai, and discover their religions, cultures, history, factions, and quests. Befriend the natives, hire companions, or make foes.
  • Discover the hidden mysteries of the Foreigners, and their strange influence and presence on Otherworld.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Is there a download or demo I can play?
    -Not yet, but soon! We will definitely announce it, so keep on the lookout.

  2. Do you just walk around and kill things all day?!
    -You can. In Otherworld, we want to allow the player to decide his/her own path, or mode of playing. If the player desires, they can just walk around and explore, or steal objects from the homes of the alien natives, or craft many things, or choose to kill as many innocent creatures they find. However, Otherworld offers so much more--Otherworld will have a rich story to tell, with multiple branching paths and plots, as well as procedurally generated events.

  3. Why is there no sound? What is this, some sort of silent game?
    -We recently brought in our composer so at the moment there is no sound and music, but we have already begun working on it! Don't worry, you'll be blasted with death metal and screaming sound effects soon enough.

  4. Any chance of multiplayer or co-op?
    -At the moment, that is not our main goal, however, it is not ruled out. No matter what, Otherworld is largely a single-player experience.

  5. What's with the blue owls?
    -The Uzoo, as they are called, are our first implemented creature, and the spawn of Kevin, one of our artists and animator. He hopes to become Overlord of Otherworld with his legacy of owl-like creatures. Don't you worry--soon, the Uzoo Empire will fall, and Otherworld will be inhabited by many other kinds of animals and creatures.

  6. Um...Don't Starve clone?
    -Not exactly. Otherworld is not a survival game, and focuses more on exploration, combat, crafting, story, and creating an immersive/atmospheric experience. Otherworld's mechanics will emphasize exploring the world, interacting with it, and learning about it. It is less about survival, and more about discovery and narrative. There are no survival-like meters. However, this does not mean the world will be forgiving :)

  7. What engine is Otherworld made in?
    -Otherworld is made with C# and Monogame.

  8. Will there be a Mac version? What about PS Vita? Or 3DS, or PS4, Xbox One, SNES??
    -At the moment we aim to release Otherworld for PC and Linux. But who knows, maybe Otherworld will be released for other platforms. We will announce it if that is possible in the future.

  9. What languages will the game be released in?
    -Currently, Otherworld will be in English. Upon release, we will consider other languages.

  10. How can I get in contact with the team?
    -You can contact us via
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lammo95 Mar 21 @ 5:08pm 
uhuh uh uh
Grizzly the Bear with a melon Feb 21 @ 12:58pm 
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copy and paste this if you realy like it!!!
Lucrafter11 Jan 12 @ 10:45am 
You might say it at least looks a bit like Don't Starve from the trailer, but even if, I liked Don't Starve, and this game looks really awesome, so I'm really looking forward to play this game :)
Undead Bots Jan 4 @ 3:50pm 
This game looks awesome! i wish i could play it now! :)
THE_NOODLE_9000! Sep 27, 2014 @ 3:01am 
liking the art work
buddhadoglove Aug 20, 2014 @ 11:49am 
░█▀▀ ░█▀█ ░█ ░█▀▀
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[I]ndex Aug 18, 2014 @ 8:53am 
I like this game, it seem promising ... one thing that i quite disapointed that this game have no multiplay things ... Just amagin how success rust is as a survival game in multiplay. Interative with another player is a key point at the moment in a future ... so what ever you do pls consider my opinion. I looking forward to see your game... i'm not vote ...yet cos i'm out of it XD, but i watching this game with both my eyes :D
Nahuel_40000 Aug 9, 2014 @ 11:57am 
The art design looks amazing, I really hope you guys can take advantage of Gamescon to put the word out :)
Moosh Aug 1, 2014 @ 6:49am 
My dick is still hard because of this game.
Geozermer Jul 28, 2014 @ 1:40pm 
Wow! I really like the simplistic art style and concept of this game! I hope it is successful!