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By Locke
There are a lot of options when it comes to the vehicles in Super Toy Cars, from lumbering trucks to exotic sports cars. This guide will give you an overview on each one to help you figure out which car is for you.
Sputs Allroad

The first car you get. It's slow, but as a consequence of that not hard to drive. It can drift, but if drifting is your thing I'd recommend a car better built for it. Overall a very low-spec and middle of the road car.
Horns Ladybug

Much like the Allroad, the Ladybug isn't going to be winning any drag races, but it's an absolute joy to drive. It's much snappier than the Allroad and will do just about anything you want it to well. Not the best car at anything by far, but it is my favorite all 'round car in Class C. Very easy to drive and recommended for beginners.
Schneider Surfer

The Surfer is not a car for the faint of heart. It can get up a good head of steam if you give it long enough, but the acceleration is one of the most abysmal in the game. Not recommended for beginners, but for a change of pace or a challenge it can be fun to run around in (especially if you're a fan of the line of cars[] this is based on).
Shibuya WRC4

The first car you get that's really built for drifting. Much like other drifers, it can't beat the fastest cars in a fair race, but what's the fun in racing fair? Drift to build up that boost meter and you can easily be at the head of the pack. It's decent for Class C, but expect to need to upgrade to a faster car as you progress through the career mode. It's also a bit harder to handle than the other cars up till now, as it likes to slip in turns much more easily. Just remember that if you're always drifting, you won't have to worry about that.
Horns P100

Similar to the Surfer, the P100 is a beast, slow to pick up speed and hard to turn. It's somewhat more practical than the Surfer and has some nice styling itself, but the same caveat about experts and joyriders applies here.
Sputs Golem

I consider this the successor to the Ladybug. It doesn't really excel in any particular area compared to the more specialized vehicles, but it's easy to handle and performs competently in any situation. A good choice as you move up through the ranks.
Sputs Super Nine

One of the snappier cars on the road, the Super Nine zips off the starting line with both good acceleration and speed. It won't beat the masters of either category, but it should more than suffice amongst cars of its own class. It's a little hard to control, but it's a fun, wild ride. The alternate paint scheme is one of my favorites too.
Scoiattolo Veloce

The Veloce is one of the most squirrely cars I've driven, which is fitting I suppose because Scoiattolo means squirrel in Italian. Expect to be sliding around the course. It's a decent challenge of a drive.
Schneider Vyper

It's not impossible to drift in the Viper (in fact it's quite competent at it), but the Viper really shines when it comes to the more realistic driving style of racing lines and management of throttle, rather than just throwing yourself full speed into every corner and letting the drift carry you through. This is the car I used to get the Steady Driver achivemement, and it's a very good option for its style of racing once you've gotten some experience with lesser cars under your belt.
Schneider Panther

My personal favorite car. The Panther is, in my opinion, the best drifter in the game, with adequate speed and superb handling. Not the numeric stat, considering it's only 350, but there's no other car that feels quite so good in the corners. It's fast, but not so fast as to throw you into spins at the slighest provocation. Loose, but not so loose as to be uncontrollable. It's not as easy to drive as some other cars, but it's by no means difficult either.
Scoiattolo Estocada

With solid performance and stunning good looks, the Estocada is a force to be reckoned with the track. Much like the Ladybug or Golem it's very controllable, but naturally faster than either as befits its Class A ranking.
Horns Vantage

The Vantage is a true muscle car. It's not the fastest car out of the gate but it's still no slouch, and its top speed will leave everyone else firmly behind you. Steering is a little stiff, but it drifts well enough to compensate.
Shibuya Ninja

Despite the sleek exterior, the Ninja is not as nimble as the name would imply. In fact it has more in common with the Surfer and P100 than anything else. Expect slow acceleration and glacial turning with a high potential for speed if you can keep it going without interruption.
Scoiattolo Competizione

The Competizione will immediately take the lead and stay there. It handles and grips the road well, though it does have a tendency to snap out of drifts. This is a good car to get your feet wet in Class S.
Horns Hot Rod

The Hot Rod is a powerhouse of a car. Make no mistake: you will slip trying to take this car full speed around corners. Corners can be handled with drifting, but even smaller course corrections can start a slide, so it's best to learn how to manage a slip and get back straight. This car will demand the best of your drifting skills.
Formula 2500

With 2,499 more formulas than your average F1 car, the Formula 2500 is fast. Really fast. If you have the skill to handle it, this is pretty much the car to drive if you like driving realistically. If you don't, like me, this car will be a challenge to handle.
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