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Anonymous Messages: Origins
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English, German
Players: Single-player
May 2 @ 3:19pm
May 3 @ 11:20pm

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Release date: Sometime 2014
*** NOTE: Game Still in ALPHA Stage ***

>>> Are you able to figure out your Fate inside the Darkness <<<

You have been wandering around for a long time. There was something leading you here. Scratching the back of your head further inside until it reached your brain. It itches. Leaving you confused and scared of the truth that is about to reveal itself with each scratch like a message revealing important memories.

Anonymous Messages: Origins takes a different approach on the "collectable indie horror" by giving the player a purpose to unravel a story behind each message that has to be collected. Are you able to figure out your fate inside the darkness that is Anonymous Messages: Origins? With every cassette (Tape) you collect, a part of puzzle will be revealed leading to multiple possibilities at the ending.
  • Price: Totally FREE :)
  • Engine: Unity Engine
  • Release Date: sometime 2014
  • Voice Language: English
  • Subtitle Language: English - Arabic - German
  • Platforms: Mac - PC - Linux

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Doomed Marine Oct 20 @ 9:54am 
btw if you put achievments you have to one called "tree hugger" when the catch you.
Doomed Marine Oct 20 @ 9:53am 
Well i think this would cure my slow bowel movement.
RyanFive Sep 23 @ 8:18pm 
This game looks really good. I would love to play this game on my Youtube channel CJCogswell. I have sent a message to you threw your Facebook page, thanks.
Milenko Sep 21 @ 7:39pm 
Tree monster?! HELL YES!
cruzsal24 Sep 20 @ 12:10pm 
I love horror games! Upvote!
[CVN] Combat Yunica Aug 25 @ 9:29am 
Please make it at some price at least even if it is 1 cent
Pc Master Race Aug 22 @ 12:21pm 
what type of horror is this?a horror where the monster screams booglyboo every five secs(cough cough forgotten ones)the horror where the monster doesnt scream booglyboo and its phycological(yes ik i misspled dat) a horror wheres the monster does scream boooglyboo however it's still physoclogicial)or its very sespenful and the monster rarely screeam booglyoo
Majin_Freeze Aug 19 @ 1:01pm 
voted yes
Invisigoth Aug 17 @ 9:12pm 
Very Good!
Voted 'Yes'
[BlackXS] Aug 11 @ 12:17am 
i like this game, and very like horror game like this, voted YES!