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MixMaster Online
May 1 @ 11:30pm

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Release date: 2011
What is MixMaster?
(The language of this game ins Portugues and have site/blog official in english version tutorials and guides.)
Mix Master is Free MMORPG pokemon style, that you can equip 3 pets to help you on various adventures or pvp mode.

Guides, tutorials, download:

Official Site or

What makes MixMaster different?

Distinct from other common MMORPG games, in Mix Master you can enjoy playing game with your own monster(Hench) which is a kind of pet raised by you and it grows more continuously. Mix Master is not a game aiming repeated hunting or simple level up. In Mix Master you do mix in order to grow up together with your subordinate monsters and to make them more powerful. Moreover, you can share game information with other gamers and co-operate with them by joining guild. No more monotonous MMORPG!!

The MixMaster

Welcome to MixMaster world, this game is a MMORPG that is diferent from the others because you can use 3 hench (Pet), they are pets that fight together with you.
Your Core (Hench) gain experience and level as you do, although you can't change your character class is possible to mix 2 of your Core to make one stronger.
As the name says to become stronger you can be the MixMaster that is the master in mix Core, the mixes has diferent levels and each level that you become Master you can mix easier, so if you mix so much you can success more often and get stronger Cores to you.
This game has a restrict area call than Free Battle Zone where players can fight with other player, Player Versus Player (PVP), so is not possible to be attacked around the world, that help the weak people to hunting and leveling easier.
Further the Free Battle Zone we have the Siegi Affair known as S.A., to join in S.A. is necessary to be in a guild and enroll to S.A.
Let start your adventure now, to help you we make a step by step below.
Step by Step

How i can play?

You need to register an account to play, if you don't find the link to register it's below:
Register from MixMaster on 77PB

After you make your register, you need to download the game in the 77pb website, if you don't find the link it's below.
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IreeCraft Jul 16 @ 9:23am 
It looks funny. Waiting for more languages as Spanish or French. Good luck!
Hope we could get the english version cause this would be a fun game.
| Hitokiri Battousai Jun 23 @ 6:27pm 
Demorou pra ser lançado na Steam, compraria com certeza!

MixMaster é um excelente jogo e aguardo ansioso para jogar com os amigos :]
JavSharklol Jun 20 @ 9:18pm 
Add This Please! And Give Me It
Drew Jun 9 @ 5:20pm 
IISkullsII Jun 7 @ 12:15pm 
I'm a little Confused, 'cause i already played it a long time ago, so like 1-2 Years.
And i've played it in english, so i can't uinderstand, why some person here are waiting.
EK | Itshyuga ☢ Jun 7 @ 9:44am 
the game looks funny i hope i can play it soon
kjm10911 Jun 7 @ 5:19am 
vote yes this game the shit
Fabricioms2 Jun 3 @ 7:00pm 
Eu iria escrever uma mensagem ou email particular, porém como não encontrei uma forma de fazer isto no site oficial, vou deixar aqui minhas impressões.

Muito me agrada o jogo, realmente tem potencial, principalmente por me lembrar de Digimon World 3 de Ps1, e como dito, ter o estilo de Pokémon que tantas pessoas gostam. Porém realmente é necessário ser um MMORPG ? Sinceramente prefiro que o jogo seja single-player, que tenha co-op e multiplayer como opcionais.

Votei e espero que o jogo seja aprovado.
Lierai Jun 1 @ 7:31am 
me lembra ragnarok