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Voyage to Farland
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Apr 28 @ 5:32pm
Aug 15 @ 8:09pm

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New trailer and screenshots for version 2.2.7 of Voyage to Farland!
Demo version of Voyage to Farland for Greenlight gamers!
Release date: Already available!
A cartoonish but hardcore graphical roguelike.

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Peculiar Games[]

Voyage to Farland is a cartoonish but hardcore graphical roguelike inspired by the more brutal Japanese Mystery Dungeon games (think Shiren the Wanderer...) with a little Earthbound vibe thrown in and an art style influenced by Ren & Stimpy.

You are a wandering adventurer looking for your kidnapped sister. But to find her, you'll have to fight waves of strange monsters possessing even stranger powers including surly Nosferatus, walking Van de Graaff generators, sadistic cats on Catapults, evil Toy Robots and a strange creature called the Maskcad that removes its mask and sickens your character with its horrific visage. And that's just to name a few.

Along the way you will unlock hidden dungeons, including The Vial Trial, The Bot Subplot, and the ominously named Path of No Return. And never fear, eventually you'll even make it to "Farland".

Key Features:
• starter dungeon and 4 unlockable themed dungeons
• 4 NPCs you can recruit to help you fight
• rescue codes to save and be saved by other players
• mod the game with your own sprite sheets!

Fun things you can do in Voyage to Farland:
• get a pet robot you can level up
• befriend an outcast monster that will help you fight
• take on the challenge of the Strategy Dungeon
• build weapon & shield enchantments and store gear in a warehouse

Technical Features:
  • game save upon exit (but being "permadeath", you'll have to start over when your character is defeated)
  • movement & animated sprites in all 8 directions instead of being restricted to the cardinal directions
  • all equipped weapons & shields show unique overlay animations

Yes, Voyage to Farland is a tough-as-nails graphical roguelike game. But what's a roguelike, you ask? Most of you know - but for those who don't, it's a notoriously challenging dungeon crawler role playing game.

Fair warning: this game is NOT a grindfest or a hack-n-slash game. It's turn-based and succeeding requires keen strategy and perseverance. But you're up to the task and you have what it takes to defeat the Spirit Witch and unlock the hardcore dungeon, The Path of No Return. If you make it to the end of THAT dungeon, a surprise is in store for you. Five themed dungeons. Tons of monster types with devious abilities. Voyage to Farland will keep you busy for months to come.

Let's Plays:

The definitive Guide to Not Dying for Voyage to Farland[]


"Noticeably more difficult than other genre entries I’ve experienced ... I still had fun with it" - Wraithkal review[]

"The graphics may look fun and cute, but don't let them fool you - this is as serious and deep of a roguelike as I've seen." - Charlie's POV review[]

System Requirements:

Java 1.6 runtime or newer
1.5GHz CPU
15MB disk space
Graphics card/chipset and driver supporting OpenGL
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Apr 30 @ 1:37pm
[D]eviant Art
Apr 30 @ 3:54am
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Jim of Oolacile Aug 15 @ 9:33pm 
artcepse  [author] Jul 31 @ 10:16am 
@Lubi, glad you like it! Tell your friends when you get a chance. :D
Lubi Jul 31 @ 10:11am 
looks like mystery dungeon torneko's big adventure. I love it
Psychopath Jul 25 @ 8:28am 
Effect conversion)) and magic atribute! +_+
UncleYar Jul 2 @ 9:08am 
I'm the last person to ask for "shiny", heck, I play Dwarf Fortress with ASCII tilesets. I do like a consistent, coherent art style though, and from the screenshots above, graphics so far look like a collage of images from different games.

As I said below though, if the game is deep and interesting, I'll probably play it anyways.
Flying Shisno Jul 1 @ 3:41pm 
Too many kids here complaining that Voyage to Farland isn't shiny enough. Voyage is a fun game, and that's all that should really matter. The 'shinies' are great and all, but if all you're looking for is a pretty face with no depth, then Steam Greenlight is the last place you should be looking.
artcepse  [author] Jul 1 @ 3:25pm 
@Seaspite, 16 bit graphics.
Seaspite Jul 1 @ 3:00pm 
I wouldn't buy this for PC. I spent a lot of money on my rig so I could handle something more powerful than 8-bit graphics. Might be something I would play on a tablet..
artcepse  [author] Jun 29 @ 7:15am 
@UncleYar, please look here[]

1) Added shadows.
2) Some monster sprites are complete redesigns, not just less pixelated.
3) Some were made sharper (e.g. Tinbot)
4) Some have added attack animations that weren't there before (i.e. Tinbot)
4) Tilesets were cleaned up, e.g. the warehouse, Training Dungeon, etc.
5) Particle effects for vanquished monsters.

If you can't see these improvements, I don't know what to tell you...

"Either way I'll judge this game by its gameplay."

Great to hear! Too many people have commented complaining about, well everything, but especially the graphics. To me that's a shallow view on video games.

Voyage to Farland strives for a balance: decent 16-bit animated graphics (many other roguelike games use static tiles) & deep gameplay (many games tagged as "roguelike" have nice graphics but vapid gameplay, and often aren't even true roguelike games).

So I'm happy that a few people are willing to look into the gameplay!
UncleYar Jun 28 @ 9:25pm 
Um, "enhancements" eh? You're not improving the artstyle at all, just making the same sprites but less pixelated. To be honest with a simple art style like this I'd rather have the pixels.

Either way I'll judge this game by its gameplay.