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Inspire Me: Point-and-Click adventure
Genre: Adventure, Puzzle
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Players: Single-player
Apr 28 @ 12:44pm
May 6 @ 12:46pm

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Playable demo has launched!
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Release date: Fall / Winter 2014
Hit the greatest minds with this point-and-click adventure. Travel in time to those unique moments and make sure things do happen.
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The story
Year 2043. Little Kelvin has been playing in his father's lab, even when he was told not to fool around the time machine. Now time is broken and world history is about to change forever… unless Kelvin goes back in time and helps re doing whatever he has undone, before Dr. Rubin arrives and finds the chaos!

The game will be released with 3 chapters, including Newton's, Beethoven's and Da Vinci's.
As you can imagine, Kelvin will have to inspire these geniuses to come up with some of their most outstanding creations.
Newton and gravity: Find a way to place Newton's head in the apple's falling path.
Beethoven and the 5th symphony: It is almost done but the perfect sound is missing, help him getting the note.
Da Vinci and the mona lisa: Make her laugh to allow Leonardo capture the smile that makes this one of the world's most cherished art pieces.

The gameplay
The goal of Inspire Me is to solve a series of puzzles and brain teasers. The puzzles are linked together by an overworld consisting of a traditional "point and click" adventure story.
The game will contain no dialogue either spoken or written. We will use a system of animated thought bubbles, to let you understand the character's feelings and responses.
The real challenge will be to solve the puzzles themselves.

What's coming
The game will start with three chapters, including Newton, Beethoven and Da Vinci.
We will add more chapters with historic characters whose contributions to science and art changed the world, depending on the funding.
Can you imagine inspiring Einstein to come up with the Theory of relativity?
Or Shakespeare, writing Romeo And Juliet?
Have you ever thought how did Tesla come up with the Alternating Current?
This is your chance to be there and inspire them all!
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Your genius
May 9 @ 2:43am
nice game
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Professor Miko Sep 8 @ 1:05pm 
Poor Newton......but this game looks really nice, I wanna buy it.
NASTYA140RUS Aug 31 @ 2:31am 
напиши этот коммент к 3 играм ,посмотри на потолок и загадай желание, то что ты хочешь получить,и сосчитай то 5. Потом загляни под стол, и это обязательно появится!!!!!! я ЗАГАДАЛ СЕНСОРНЫЙ ТЕЛЕФОН-ЧЕРЕЗ 5 СЕКУНД ПОЯВИЛСЯ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ЛЮДИ!!!!!!!!ЭТО РЕАЛЬНОЕ ЧУДО!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
gameus Aug 14 @ 11:58am 
I like it! voted
Moofmoofmoof Aug 5 @ 5:53pm 
looks really cool
bangbank99 Aug 5 @ 3:07am 
nice game i'll voted you i want this game can co-op if you can do it very good
i hope in futrue you can do that
Tom Jul 27 @ 2:30am 
Paladin82 Jul 16 @ 9:45pm 
Nice Day of the Tentacle feel you've created
Liluminai90 Jun 29 @ 9:22am 
Wow! Sieht richtig gut aus.
DR.E4M0R Jun 25 @ 2:42pm 
looks funny :-)
Not bad.