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Improved Dragon Loot
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Apr 28 @ 7:18am
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Improved Dragon Loot is a small mod which improves the dragon loot and the way you use it.

Now, instead of a bunch of bones, you will find REAL bones, like skulls or legs. Also, you will find Dragon Blood, which grants you a major fire protection. Of course, all of this can be sold to a fair price (we're speaking of legendary dragons bones!) or changed into some regular dragon bones at the blacksmith(under the misc section).

List of items :

-Dragon Leg ( Weight : 25 | Value : 850 | Dragon bones : 2 )

-Dragon Skull ( Weight : 40 | Value : 3000 | Dragon bones : 3 )

-Dragon Torso ( Weight : 65 | Value : 1600 | Dragon bones : 5 )

-Dragon Neck ( Weight : 10 | Value : 400 | Dragon bones : 1 )

-Dragon Blood (Effect : 40% Fire Resistance (300sec) | +20 Health (300sec))

Know bugs : When you throw a dragon part, it won't fall on the ground or move when you touch it, it is completely static, this bug can be used to make dragon part decorations for your home.
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°º¤øItsAnnyø¤º° Dec 6 @ 4:50am 
Metazolid Nov 11 @ 4:52am 
Thanks, I meant the texture file for the dragon skeleton. My old texture somehow sticked to the Loot Mod, even I had a new texture installed. But I fixed it :3
Valtharen  [author] Nov 11 @ 2:36am 
What do you mean ? It's located with the other mods in Computer>programes files(x86)>Steam>SteamApps>common>Skyrim>Data
Metazolid Nov 8 @ 7:50pm 
Where is the mod located? I need to fix some textures that are kinda stuck ._.
athesentinal Aug 3 @ 11:16am 
This comes in handy, especially the bit about improving your smithing, its very useful and the extra gold comes in real handy.

Kurt Rhinehart
SophiaMcCraft Jul 23 @ 4:14pm 
the idea of dagon parts as vantity would be cool
Rem_the_twilight Jun 23 @ 3:41am 
I want to make a necklace =D
Valtharen  [author] Jun 23 @ 3:06am 
Why teeth ? There is a whole skull. ^^
Rem_the_twilight Jun 23 @ 1:47am 
Nicely done, but no teeth?
Metazolid Jun 18 @ 4:17am 
That would be great. btw the bones are fitting perfectly in the environment of the game because they are static, so i wouldn't say that this is a bug ^^''