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Gameplay Basics
By bacon
-WIP- Need a tutorial to understand where things are and what they do? This is focused on quickly giving an overview and cover the basic questions or things you should know from the start of the game. -Guide lacks complete graphics and layout.-

If this guide doesn't hold the answer you seek you may like to peruse the Official Game Manual and/or Bestiary, located in your Endless Legend installation folder.
FIDSI (Resources)
Each map tile can have one or several FIDSI resources availible. The tiles your city is built on is what is primarily recieved, and later on: worker numbers, and various city improvements to increase resources.

(Wheat) Food
Food is life, the more food produced the more workers in your city.

(Gears) Industry
Industry is used to build units and upgrades in your cities. The more workers you have assigned to industry, the more industry you produce; the less turns it takes to get your unit or upgrade.

(Dot Inside Circle) Dust
Basically the money of the game. Spent on retrofitting units, skipping the wait turns on build queue, etc.

(Atom Symbol) Science

(Purple Star) Influence
Needed for assimilation of Minor Factions and Empire Plan.
When you start a game, the faction (along with color) can differentiate the different players. Each of the four current factions play a little different. They all start with some "pre-research", what is truly unique between them is the starting traits. Starting traits are listed after the Faction description, for more detailed information a single faction dedicated guide should be consulted.

Broken Lords
A faction of knights and town-builders that exist only as energy / spirits wrapped in their great suits of armor. They are noble warriors and lords wearing the pristine, polished armor of chivalry and adhering to chivalric ideals even though they are immaterial and have lost their humanity.
  • Appetite for Dust: No food.
  • Dust Efficient: +1 on tiles with Dust
  • Dustborn: workers created from Dust
  • Dust Dependent: n/a (wip)
  • Start with Empire mint and Advanced armor researched.

A hive-people that survive by ingesting or converting others as they infect them with their plague, the Necrophages are scavengers and survivors. They would be similar to traditional zombie plagues, infected undead, etc., with a "Pirates of the Caribbean" kind of feel in that they are quite happy being what they are.
  • Recycling: +1 cadaver per killed unit / +1 Food stockpile per 8 cadavers recycling
  • Agriculturally Challenged: -1 on tiles with Food
  • Will of the Hive: +4 attack on declared war(s) on unit
  • Fast Epimorphosis: +5% health regeneration on empire
  • Cull the Herd: +2 Food per population per minor village pacified on controlled region on city
  • Pitiless: No peace / Alliance - No bribe / talk technologies -not currently implemented
  • Start with Necrodrone and Alchemist's Furnace researched.

The true origin of the Vaulters is lost even to themselves. Their history, as they teach it to their children, begins within a great, metal habitat lodged beneath the surface of Auriga. Naturally conservative and wary, the Vaulters have limited relationships with the other peoples of Auriga.
  • Holy Resource: define a Strategic resource as a holy resource, to be used as a booster. Allowing teleportation between cities, +200% Affinity Resource per turn during winter, -50% expansion disapproval.
  • Knack for Knowledge: +1 science on tiles with science
  • Start with Public Library and Open-pit mine researched.

Wild Walkers
A faction of creaters and builders, these peoples strive to bind rocks and trees into great living monuments. Their relationship with Dust is intense and dangerous; under its influence they can suddenly explode into berserker rages.
  • The Sharing: Fog of war indicators on nearby enemies.
  • Living Towns: +1 Industry on forest tiles.
  • Start with Seed Storage and Sewer system researched.
HUD Overview
Not in love with this section, it may end up removed. HUD is about the easiest thing to figure out... images might move to relevant sections.

Minor Factions
Minor factions can be found throughout the regions, you can assimilate a minor faction to get their bonus.








Sisters of Mercy


Luxury Resources
If you know the effects of any of the other bonuses feel free to share them, when I have time I'm working on a map to get all of them.

Luxury Resources can be activated by using x amount of your stockpile. Activate them on the Empire screen for the bonus. All bonuses stay active for 10 turns, specific bonus can be found below. The number used to activate the bonus is dependant on the number of towns: (t+1)*5, where t=# of towns. i.e. Starting at 10, and increasing by 5 for each additional town.

Tier I

Dye +50% Influence on city
Emerald +100% Dust bonus for trade routes on city
Gold --50% (Dust) from city upkeep
Spice +50% (food) on city
Wine +25 (approval) on city

Tier III

Blood Crystal +25% attack on unit
Grassilk +50% City defense cap on empire
Moonleaf +50% (Science) on city
Quicksilver +100% xp on unit
Titan Bones +50% (industry) on city

Tier IV

Dust Orchid +25% food, indus., dust and science on city
Dustwater +50% Dust on city
Hydromiel +4 Food bonus for trade routes on city
Pixie Blood +20% health regen on city
Redsang +100% XP on %UNITRANKHEROTITLE (i.e. heroes)
Strategic Resources
Strategic resources are used in weapon, armor and trinket creation to outfit your units and heroes. Each type of Strategic resource has different stats on the weapon/armor/trinket.

Tier I


Tier III


Tier IV

Empire Plan
Every 20 turns (starting at turn 20), you get to distribute an empire plan. Spending an amount of Influence depending on the number of cities, research tiers also open up higher bonuses on the plan.

In preparation for the empire plan the easiest way to be able to keep up with getting the modifiers you want is to move workers to influence on several or all of your cities. With more cities later on you can simply have one or several dedicated to influence and never worry about it.

On the screenshot, the bottom right "Influence Points" are the total I have, the center number is the total that the plan adds up to, if you go over the points you have the center will turn red. Just grab the smaller circles and drag them out to one of the intersections that you like the stats from.

If your empire plan is about to need redoing, wait until the turn after to settle a new city, this avoids the cost increase. i.e. settle on turn 21, 41, 61, 81, etc.
City Approval
WIP section, let me know if you have anything you want added. Images soonish possibly.

Keeping your cities approval high can be a tremendous boost, especially in the cities output.

Levels of Approval:

Fervent (80%+)
+30% Food on City
+30% Industry on City
(As Wildwalker, may be different for others)

Happy (60-80%)
+15% Food on City
+15% Industry on City

Content (40-60%)
*no effects

Unhappy (20-40%)
-20% Food on City
-20% Industry on City

Rebellion (0-20%)
-50% Food on City
-50% Industry on City

What Causes Decreases:
Borough Streets -10 on city, +15 with city levels.
  • Level 1: -10 happiness
  • Level 2: +5
  • Level 3: +20
  • Level 4: +35
  • etc.
  • (From initium's comment, June 3)

Expansion Disapproval (the more cities you have the greater this gets)


Anomoly Map Tile
+10, or rarely +20, including these somewhere in your city is a good idea. Ocassionally two are side by side as well.
Wine (Luxury Resource)
+25 Approval on Empire
Sewer System Research I
+25 Approval on City
Central Market Research III
+30 Approval on City
+10% Food on "Fervent" approval
+10% Dust on "Fervent" approval
Bread and Circuses Research III
-20% Expansion disapproval on city
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gasiousgiant Sep 1, 2015 @ 3:53pm 
Thank you for doing this.
GreyFerret Jan 20, 2015 @ 11:26am 
@andyinkuwait It's fine, it's part of the mechanics. You should have good happiness or Broken Lords can suffer big cost of dust buyouts.
andyinkuwait Dec 30, 2014 @ 9:38pm 
I'm getting reduced dust production as Broken Lords in unhappy cities. Any information on this?
Rei'No Otoko Dec 21, 2014 @ 7:42pm 
I'm asking that because I've built several seed stockpiles and they never seem to have anyway to use them, as a necro every 8 kills should add to the stockpile but I'm seeing zilch
Rei'No Otoko Dec 21, 2014 @ 7:39pm 
When do you get your first stockpile and how do you use them?
Bubby Sep 30, 2014 @ 10:06pm 
What are the victory types???
delta903 Sep 25, 2014 @ 2:38pm 
So two level 7 units beseiging a city will subtract 14 points from its defense value each turn the city is under Siege. Hope that helps.
delta903 Sep 25, 2014 @ 2:37pm 
When the enemy lays Siege to a city, they subtract their level in points from the city's defense value until it reaches 0. Then they start subtracting health from your defending units.
delta903 Sep 25, 2014 @ 2:35pm 
The city defense value just makes your troops in the city defend better. It offers no resistance to enemy forces on its own.
delta903 Sep 25, 2014 @ 2:30pm 
To give a minor faction what they asked for in a quest, you should just have to go back to the minor city and Parley with them again.