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String's Theory
Genre: Casual, Puzzle, Music
Platforms: PC, Mac
Players: Single-player
Apr 27 @ 2:10pm
Apr 29 @ 8:25am

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String's Theory in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese
You've played rhythm games, but have you ever really played a music game before?

String's Theory is an innovative new music game based on the science of ear training. As a player, your goal is simple: to find the Major, Minor, or Seventh chord hiding in a set of dissonant notes. Listen your way through more than 40 levels of ear-teasing puzzles, all while improving your ability to hear and understand music. Musicians, gamers and audiophiles alike will want to get their headphones ready.

We, the game's developers, are classifying this title as entercation. It's like edutainment, but not boring.

String's Theory will train your ability to....

* Recognize several types of chords by ear
* Differentiate between pitch and timbre
* Discern how chords are outlined in different musical genres
* Parse out which chords underlay a melody
* Learn the foundations of tonal music, and wield them to your own ends

Also, it's pretty fun.
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corax Sep 8 @ 3:01pm 
Maybe it will be perfect to learn chords.
woody759 Aug 7 @ 3:35am 
No thanks.
Lindion45 Aug 6 @ 2:31am 
I'm a musician and I don't understand what's going on.
beefyness Jul 19 @ 5:55pm 
I'm not musically inclined, but this is an awesome project that could help gain a better understanding for everyone
freekitae Jul 7 @ 4:01am 
although this seems difficult, i think that this game is a new form of games which are associated whis music. very interesting. it is good for you and me to release 'string's theory' in steam. i'll wait for your game.
Morbus47 Jul 6 @ 3:42pm 
All these shit games that belong as free web browser games are the reason Steam is going to shit, and you idiots are greenlighting them.
Sitka Jul 5 @ 11:28am 
Mais que raios de aplicação é essa? se isso fosse um mini-game para apalhos smartphones ou iphones ate que eu aceitava como uma ideia bacana de passar o tempo na fila de banco e aprender um pouco de acordes, mais pra disponibilizar isso aqui no steam ta forçando demais... não tem sentigo algum vc senta na frente do pc para ficar usando isso.. a ideia e maneira mais troquem de plataforme e partam para Androids ou Appless..
The Mechanic Jul 4 @ 2:47pm 
Interesting idea, but there are a few things wrong with it. One, it has nothing to do with String Theory. I get the relationship between the names, but you're implying something that's going to attract the wrong type of player. Two, it's two simple. It's practically a puzzle game. Introduce an element of action! Time the player, for all I care! I can easily see how this would become boring easily for most people.
͛̐͋ͧͯͯ҉̗̙͇̠͚̹ Jul 4 @ 8:02am 
First thought was about the M-theory, but then it seemd an obvious fuck
MilkyWhiteMK3 Jul 3 @ 5:26am 
this reminds me of an app i had on Ios. It was called "Fret Surfer". It was a great way to learn where notes are on your guitar. It had a speed challenge too. Im looking forward to this