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Smelting Plus

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Smelting Plus

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Crafting Improvments
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SmeltingPlus is a balanced mod that allows you to smelt hundreds of items into raw materials, such as ingots, ores, Instead of dumping all your weak armor, tankards, plates, goblets, and other useless things, Smelting Plus allows you to smelt those items back into ingots! Finally, a use for all those Dragur weapons lying around. Also, you can enjoy grabbing plates and goblets from the Jarl and melting them down into fine silver ingots.

This includes all random dwarven items found in dungeons.

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- Smelting Plus is compatible with other mods and any DLC you may have

|>|>|>|>|>|>| IMPORTANT |<|<|<|<|<|<|
- Some items that are enchanted/stolen cannot be smelted
- Equipped items will not be smelted (what you are wearing is safe)
- Smelting recipes will not show up in the smelter unless you have the required item and perk
- You need Smithing perks to smelt most items
|>|>|>|>|>|>| IMPORTANT |<|<|<|<|<|<|

Please consider rating the mod and leaving a comment with feedback

- Iron Armor, Weapons, Arrows, Tankards, Kettles, Woodcutting Axes, Pickaxes, Clothes Irons, Banded Iron Armor, and other MISC items
>>> Does not require any perks

- Dragur Armor, Weapons, Arrows, and MISC items
>>> Does not require any perks

- Leather Armor and other MISC items
>>> Does not require any perks
>>> Must be crafted at a Tanning Rack

- Buckets, Baskets, Hunting Bows, Bowls, Plates, and other MISC items
>>> Does not require any perks

- Plates, Jugs, Bowls, Silverware, and other MISC items
>>> Does not require any perks

- Rings, Circlets, and Necklaces
>>> Does not require any perks

- Steel Armor, Weapons, Arrows, Imperial Armor/Weapons, and other MISC items
>>> Requires 'Steel Smithing' Perk to smelt

- Elven Armor, Weapons, Arrows, and other MISC items
>>> Requires 'Elven Smithing' Perk to smelt

- Glass Armor, Weapons, Arrows and other MISC items
>>> Requires 'Glass Smithing' Perk to smelt

- Dwarven Armor, Weapons, Arrows, and other MISC items
=== All Dwemer items that are found in dungeons can be smelted now ===
>>> Requires 'Dwarven Smithing' Perk to smelt

- Orcish Armor, Weapons, and Arrows
>>> Requires 'Orcish Smithing' Perk to smelt

- Ebony Armor, Weapons, and Arrows
>>> Requires 'Ebony Smithing' Perk to smelt

Leave any suggestions/problems you may have in the comments.

>>> My Mods <<<
Lightweight Ingredients
Lightweight Ingots/Ores
Crafting Plus

Currently Version 1.4

Version 1.5 (Planning Stage, not yet being developed)
- Smash skulls/bones into bonemeal
- Icon next to items that are smeltable
- *Quicksilver from Nordic items (or MISC)
- Smelt brooms into firewood
Suggest any ideas in the comments

* Starred items may or may not be included
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Dec 3, 2016 @ 4:36am
What items/features should we add to the mod?
Red Jay
Nov 9, 2016 @ 5:03pm
Bugs/Glitches General Help
Red Jay
May 28, 2014 @ 5:52pm
mod is for babies
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O/-|Vinz|-\O Feb 16 @ 11:13am 
Do mods that are labeled Cheats affect achievements?
kmac92497 Feb 15 @ 9:08am 
what does this go by in data files?
fishert2208901 Feb 1 @ 4:56am 
I love these mods, gives me an excuse to collect any random junk I find so I can get ingots so I can craft building materials and whatnot.
mrwinn Jan 16 @ 6:41am 
Elliott Jan 10 @ 9:52pm 
Does it increase your smithing?
NightHawk Jan 8 @ 7:58pm 
The mod works great. I love the benefits of being able to get rid of stolen items, that makes the benefit worthwhile.
jumarbye Jan 6 @ 6:57pm 
I love your mod - have been using it since I started modding! Thank you!
zangatti Jan 5 @ 10:17am 
I like this. The only thing I have a problem with is it allows you to smelt items marked as favorites. So, when I have my bow equipped, and want to smelt a glass sword into malachite, it usually chooses my secondary favorited weapon set glass shield >.<
chris_butler1983 Dec 6, 2016 @ 4:46pm 
Love the mod man, been using it for awhile but stumbled across a potentially game-breaking synergy last night between your smelting mod and Immersive Armors. It goes something like this:
Immersive Armors introduces craftable gold earrings and 1 set can be created with 1 gold bar.
They can in turn be smelted down thanks to Smelting Plus and 1 set of gold earrings yields 1 gold bar back which you can then turn right back around and make into another set of gold earrings and resmelt back into a gold bar over and over however long you please. It's not a huge issue for me, just something I thought you should be aware of. Would there be any way of tweaking things so that it would take 2 sets of gold earrings to make a gold bar at the smelter? That would re-establish the balance.
sdack Dec 2, 2016 @ 5:24am 
Great idea and very thoughtful to combine it with the skills. However, using NPCs, books and quests for the intro shots far over the intention of a smelting mod. Thumbs down, sorry.