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Smelting Plus
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Smelting Plus

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Crafting Improvments
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Instead of dumping all your weak armor, tankards, plates, goblets, and other useless things, Smelting Plus allows you to smelt those items back into ingots! FINALLY, a use for all those Dragur weapons lying around. Also, you can enjoy grabbing plates and goblets from the Jarl and melting them down into fine silver ingots.

It does much more than ingots, it allows you to get ingots, firewood, leather, and gems from various items. EVERY smeltable is listed down below.

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What Smelting Plus Does:

Smelting Plus adds many new crafting recipes in the game that allow you to get ingots from:

+ Iron, Steel, Leather, Imperial, SteelPlate, Scaled, Dwarven, Elven, LightElven, Orcish, Glass, and Ebony Armor
+ Iron, Steel, Imperial, Dwarven, Elven, Orcish, Glass, and Ebony Shields
+ Iron, Steel, Draugr, Imperial, Skyforge, Silver, Dwarven, Elven, Orcish, Glass, and Ebony Weapons
+ Iron, Steel, Draugr, Dwarven, Elven, Orcish, Glass, and Ebony Arrows
+ Useless miscellaneous items such as goblets, tankards, clothes irons, kettles, and MANY more

Note: You must have the Smithing Perk relative to the item being smelted.
(You want to smelt an Ebony Sword into ingots? You need 'Ebony Smithing')

Installation Instructions:

- Click 'Subscribe' (The Giant Green Button)
- Start up Skyrim as normal
- Click 'Data Files' (Wait for it to download)
- Make sure Smelting Plus.esp is checked

What perks do I need to smelt _____?

- Iron/Dragur/Silver/Jewelry/Leather Items (None)
- Steel/Scaled/SteelPlate/Skyforge Items (Steel Smithing)
- Elven Items (Elven Smithing)
- Glass Items (Glass Smithing)
- Dwarven Items (Dwarven Smithing)
- Orcish Items (Orcish Smithing)
- Ebony Items (Ebony Smithing)

What do I need to make _____ ingots?
(Arranged by # of Ingots)

>---[Crafted at Smelter]---<
Iron Ingots
(5 Ingots) = CastIronPot(Medium)
(4 Ingots) = Armor/Banded Armor
(3 Ingots) = Batteaxe, Boot, CastIronPot(Small), GreatSword, Helmet, Shield, BandedShield, Warhammer, Woodcutting Axes, Pickaxes
(2 Ingots) = Clothes Iron, Gauntlet, Kettle, Mace, Sword, WarAxe, Shovels
(1 Ingot) = Arrow(30), Dagger(2), Tankards(2), Tongs, Hammer, EmbalmingTools(3), Lanterns

Silver Ingots
(4 Ingots) = GreatSword
(2 Ingots) = Sword
(1 Ingot) = Bowls(2)[6Types], CandleSticks[4Types], Goblets[6Types], Plates(2)[3Types], Platters[3Types],
Bowls(2)[6Types], Jugs[6Type], Pot[4Type], Urn[1Type]

Steel Ingots (Requires 'Steel Smithing' Perk)
(5 Ingots) = DragurBattleAxe(HONED), GreatSword(HONED)
(4 Ingots) = SkyforgeBattlAxe, SteelArmor, DragurBow(Supple), DragurSword(HONED), DragurWarAxe(HONED),
SkyforgeGreatSword, ImperialArmor(HEAVY), SteelPlateArmor
(3 Ingots) = SteelBattleAxe, DragurBattleAxe, DragurGreatSword, SteelGreatSword, ImperialHelmet(HEAVY), SteelPlateBoots, ScaledArmor, SteelShield, SkyforgeSword, SkyforgeWarAxe, SkyforgeWarhammer
(2 Ingots) = SteelBootds,SteelShinBoots, DragurBow, DragurSword, DragurWarAxe, SteelGauntlets, SteelNordicGauntlets, SteelHelmet, ImperialBoots, ImperialGauntlets, ImperialHelmet, ImperialHelmet(OFFICER), ImperialSword, SteelMace, SteelPlateGauntlets, SteelPlateHelmet, ScaledBoots, SteelSword, SteelWarAxe
(1 Ingot) = Arrow(30), Dagger(2), SkyforgeDagger(2), DragurArrow(30), ScaledGauntlets, ScaledHelmet

Moonstone Ingots (Requires 'Elven Smithing' Perk)
(4 Ingots) = Shield
(3 Ingots) = Armor, Armor(GILDED), Armor(LIGHT)
(2 Ingots) = BattleAxe, Boots, Boots(LIGHT), Bow, GreatSword, Helmet, Helmet(LIGHT), Mace, WarHammer
(1 ingot) = Arrow(30), Dagger(2), Gauntlets, Gauntlets(LIGHT), Sword, WarAxe

Malachite Ingots (Requires 'Glass Smithing' Perk)
(4 Ingots) = Armor, Shield
(2 Ingots) = BattleAxe, Boots, Bow, GreatSword, Helmet, WarHammer
(1 Ingot) = Arrow(30), Dagger(2), Gauntlets, Mace, Sword, WarAxe

Orichalcum Ingots (Requires 'Orcish Smithing' Perk)
(3 Ingots) = Armor, BattleAxe, GreatSword, BattleAxe, Shield, WarHammer
(2 Ingots) = Boots, Bow, Gauntlets, Helmet, Mace, WarAxe
(1 Ingot) = Arrow(30), Dagger(2)

Dwarven Ingots (Requires 'Dwarven Smithing' Perk)
(3 Ingots) = Armor
(2 Ingots) = BattleAxe, Bow, GreatSword, Shield, WarHammer
(1 Ingot) = Arrow(30), Boots, Cup1, Cup2, Cup3, Dagger(2), Bowl, Fork, Gear, Gauntlets, Knife, Mace, Bowl2, Pot, Plate, Pot2, Spoon, Sword, Urn, WarAxe

Ebony Ingots (Requires 'Ebony Smithing' Perk)
(4 Ingots) = Armor
(3 Ingots) = BattleAxe, GreatSword, Shield, WarHammer
(2 Ingots) = Boots, Bow, Gauntlets, Helmet, Mace, Sword, WarAxe
(1 Ingot) = Arrow(30), Dagger(2)

(1 Piece) = (2) Wooden Plates/Bowls

Leather (Crafted at tanning rack)
(3 Leather) = Leather/Fur/Hide Armor
(2 Leather) = Leather/Fur/Hide Helmet
(1 Leather) = Leather/Fur/Hide Boots, Gauntlets

>----[Jewelry]----< (No Perks Required)

- Copper/Moonstone ---> MoonstoneIngot
- Copper/Onyx ---> CorundumIngot
- Copper/Ruby ---> Ruby
- Copper/Sapphire(2) ---> Sapphire
- Gold/Emerald ---> Emerald
- Gold/Ruby(2) ---> Ruby
- Jade/Emerald(2) ---> Emerald
- Jade/Sapphire ---> Sapphire
- Silver/Moonstone ---> 4 SilverIngot
- Silver/Sapphire ---> Sapphire
- Gold(2) ---> GoldIngot
- Gold/Diamond ---> Diamond(Flawless)
- Gold/Jeweled ---> 2 Amethysts(Flawless)
- Gold/Ruby ---> Ruby(Flawless)
- Silver(2) ---> SilverIngot
- Silver/Emerald ---> Emerald(Flawless)
- Silver/Jeweled ---> 2 Garnet(Flawless)
- Silver/Sapphire ---> Sapphire(Flawless)
- Gold(3) ---> GoldIngot
- Gold/Diamond ---> Diamond
- Gold/Emerald ---> Emerald
- Gold/Sapphire ---> Sapphire
- Silver(3) ---> SilverIngot
- Silver/Amethyst ---> Amethyst
- Silver/Garnet ---> Garnet
- Silver/Ruby ---> Ruby

Is this compatible with ______?

Smithing Plus adds numerous Smelting recipes for Items --> Ingots. Therefore, it will be compatible with any mod or any DLC. If there is a mod that it is NOT compatible with, leave a comment.

>----[Version 1.1]----< May 1st
- Leather armor can be ripped into leather @ tanning rack
- Fixed Ebony/Orcish Gauntlets
- Crafting recipes only show up if you have the required items (at smelter)
- You can NOT smelt an item you have equipped
- Dragur/Skyforge/Imperial ---> Steel Ingots
- Tongs/Hammers ---> Iron Ingots
- You get LESS ingots for SOME items
- 2 Daggers ----> 1 Ingot

>---[Version1.2]----< May 3rd
- Several Fixes
- Jewelry
- Embalming Tools
- More Plates/Goblets/Pots
- Less Ingots per Silver MISC items

>--[Version1.3]---< June 18
- Leather exploit fixed
- Can rip hide/fur armors
- Can "smelt" woodenplates/bowls into firewood
- Can smelt woodcutting axes/pickaxes into iron
- Can smelt lanterns/shovels into iron
+ UpcomingFeatures +
- Craft MORE wooden items into firewood (Bows, buckets)
Please leave a comment and give me feedback on what you like/dislike or what you want added/removed. Also, if you enjoy it, consider rating the mod and favoriting it!

>>> My Mods <<<
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Funkeln_Blitz Sep 15 @ 11:32am 
Incredibly useful.
prangleyjohn Aug 28 @ 6:06pm 
now you can have something to do when ya steal the kings silver wear yay thanks brah
[MG]brad7192 Aug 24 @ 6:18pm 
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Neptulon Aug 24 @ 1:27pm 
this means i can take all those dwemer cups instead of all those heavy pieces of scrap metal and i will be rich!
Wendersnaven Aug 3 @ 2:57pm 
I've tried several mods like this over the years. I'm sticking with this one as it is well done.

Firewood, dinnerware, hidden menu items to eliminate scrolling, and not smelting the armor you are currently wearing are the polish that set this mod above the many others in the Steam Workshop.

Suggestions- It would be nice to do something with baskets and buckets, but that's just more polish and completely unnecessary. I keep smelting my mining pick and woodaxe. Haven't made it to arcane blacksmithing, so I dunno if enchanting them will prevent this.

One improvement that I would find critically necessary is corrundium. It is pretty scarce in the game. Other smelters had Ancient Nordic items break down into that. The magical essence that holds the weapons (as well as their wielders) together would make sense to break down into the mysterious additive that is corrundium. Thanks again.
arthurcqueiroz Jul 22 @ 4:49pm 
Really useful, great job!
Creepwithpeeps Jul 8 @ 3:34pm 
I'm having problems. The data files doesn't say it's there, so I can't use it in-game. I followed your instructions on downloading it. I think it's because of my mod "SCM" (skyrim character manager). Can you maybe check the mod to see if it works with it? ( i think i got this mod from nexus)
Red Jay  [author] Jul 2 @ 8:56pm 
Yes it should be, although having both looks like it may open up some infinite gold exploits if you chose to abuse it.
But yes it will be compatible.
theyendwhy Jun 26 @ 10:44pm 
This mod saved a LOT of time when making hearthfire homes, which are ridiculously greedy for iron a quick trip to dungeons just saved me moneys and mining time.
CaptainNonsense Jun 23 @ 4:58am 
This mod is AWESOME! it brings even more immersion and realism into Skyrim! now i finally have a reason to loot plates from abandoned buildings! thanks Red Jay!